Top 10 The 21 Hotels

Top 10 The 21 Hotels


15 Reviews
Noguchi-Motomachi 2-18, Beppu, Oita, Japan
"The location is very good. From the gate on the north side of Beppu Station, it will take three minutes to walk in a row of high-class houses. Very lively. In fact, it is a Japanese-style single-family residential house transformation, with great quality and historical sense, and the courtyard environment is also very good. There are not many rooms, very quiet, management is very simple, the Japanese aunt's service is very warm and thoughtful, but will not be on call like the hotel service, call the management room no one... When I came, I was holding a Rugby World Cup. Aunt said that everyone is eating everywhere, and they don’t provide meals... So, there are no more than 2,500 meals a night, which is a bit expensive. The room environment and hot springs are great! I ordered a private soup, the pool was very clean and the water temperature was very comfortable. Soaked up in the morning and evening. I sneaked out of the public hot spring and looked at it. I felt that the open air was very good and very breathable. The interior was a bit stuffy."
"The hotel is great ~ the location is very close to JR, about 5 minutes walk. The service is also very good. It was a typhoon day. After spending a day in the hotel, the yard is very beautiful. The boss called a taxi when changing hotels."
"A shop for more than 80 years. Children are not allowed, the hotel is a pure Japanese restaurant and the soundproofing is not very good! There are not many rooms and the hot spring water is very good."
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22 Reviews
499-18 Oaza Kannawa, Beppu, Oita, Japan
"Used by 3 family members (2 adults and 5 year olds). Extra bed added (absolutely recommended). The facilities are clean and very nice. 13493265148 Meals are only available for afternoon tea and breakfast. It was a rare lineup and all were delicious. Most of the staff who serve customers are suitable for a first-class hotel. Many overseas people worked as staff, but everyone was very fluent in Japanese. Only unfortunate points from here. ・ The reservation details were misrepresented. ・ Check-in took more than 30 minutes. ・ It took about 3 hours for the luggage left at the entrance to arrive in the room. (There is an explanation that it was delivered to another room) ・ Some reception staff did not even look at each other. From the rank of the hotel, I was very disappointed because I expected the service. However, the people of Beppu (supper and sightseeing the next day) were all very kind, and I was able to clear up my depressed feelings."
"The hotel is halfway up the mountain. Be sure to stay on the side with the view. The ordinary intercontinental room is looking at the parking lot, and the balcony has no soaking pool. Booked a club room, you can see the sea view and most of the city, the balcony is soaked in hot springs, watching the spring smoke, very holiday-like. The hotel is very new and very design, with indoor and outdoor pools. There is not much to eat in the club lounge, there is afternoon tea, a bunch of desserts. In the evening, there is only a small plate of hot food for cocktail time. If you want to replace the dinner, it is a bit reluctant. Service is American-style enthusiasm plus Japanese-style attentiveness. Overall worth the night."
"The view was great and the food was good. However, the staff's response is not bad, but it is rather normal. It's a nice hotel, but it doesn't feel kind. It's natural that you are talking about the contents of your work manual, but I would like you to talk to more customers who are likely to be worried. Well, if it ends with something like this, maybe until then. Some customers come from far away, so if you respond insanely, you'll want to come again. The staff at the high-level hotel is insanely attentive."
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13 Reviews
5-32, Shoningahamacho,, Beppu, Oita, Japan
"1⃣️ Service: First class! In particular, the way to check in, first enter the store, please sit down, send desserts and juices, while enjoying the view. After completing the formalities, we led us into our room and detailed all the details. 2⃣️Transportation: Get off at Beppu University Station and walk to the hotel. There are buses to all the hells, and you can also go on foot. 3⃣️Travel: You can go to the building, and the feeling of Little Kyoto is great! 4 sip: Fengqi by people, can be booked in the hotel can also be 450 meters away from the 7 11 supermarket 5⃣️ Facilities: The balcony has a sea view, the hot springs are always soaking, and the beds are large and comfortable. There is a beautiful view of the sea terrace."
"I like it very much, up and down two floors, the upstairs living room can look directly at the sea, the bedroom is on the second floor, although it is two beds, it is easy to put together. On the first floor there is a semi-open-air hot spring pool and an indoor bubble pool. It is a family, and it is a new public hot spring in the sunny sea. It can also be used in the sunny sea."
"The upper and lower floors are very spacious. There are two private hot spring pools that are very private and comfortable. The breakfast is a very rich buffet, and the dinner is exquisite and delicious. There is a viewing balcony on the second floor to watch the sea and watch the sunset and sunrise."
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16 Reviews
Honome 1 Kumi, Beppu, Oita, Japan
"It takes about ten minutes to walk to the bus terminal and the nearest convenience store. The hotel is very close to Baichi Hot Spring, about a three-minute walk, which is very convenient. The cleanliness of the hotel is very high, and the rooms are large. There is an indoor hot spring and an outdoor hot spring in the room. However, there should be some additives in the hot spring, and the family members have a little allergies after soaking. In addition, the hotel also has a family hot spring, the hot spring is very large, the environment is also good. The staff were enthusiastic and courteous. Because we lost a piece of hand luggage on the bus, the staff not only helped us call to find it, but also taught us how to claim it, which really helped us a lot. The meal is exquisite, but the taste is average, and everyone may have different tastes. Probably because I have stayed in a lot of hot spring hotels, in contrast I think the price of this one is relatively high."
"The breakfast and dinner are all served in the room, the waiter's grandmother will come together to eat, and the bed will be served at night. There are very few rooms in the whole hotel. In the evening, you can go to the soup, just a soup. If you go in and lock the door, others will not go in. The room is very big and very Japanese."
"Dinner is delicious, breakfast is good, the quilt is a bit small. The service is especially special! Help us take pictures and make people feel friendly. It is very close to the iron wheel station, and it is opposite to the opposite direction."
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10 Reviews
Shin-Beppu 4, Beppu, Oita, Japan
"We love everything! The room was great! The location isn't hard to find at all! Just 3mins walk from bus station. There's small supermarket near the hotel and a small mall around the corner! The staffs were nice and kind. It was better than what we've expected! We even got free room upgrade thank to the check-in staff🙏🏻💕"
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10 Reviews
11-18 Shoninhonmachi, Beppu, Oita, Japan
"Stayed here twice for a couple of nights and very much enjoyed it, the property is really well designed and definitely at the luxury end of the market at a good price point. Although modern style it is very much Japanese style and maintains all the Ryokan elements you would expect such as the slippers, yukata, and the onsen, not to mention the mind-blowing multi-course Kaiseki meal in the evening. The rooms are very plush, tatami style and very muted and warm inside with an excellent outdoor private onsen bath overlooking the Japanese garden, a great place to enjoy a whiskey and relax. The breakfast in an impressive and large Japanese style and also they have great juices and free low espresso coffee. The evening course meal of kaiseki was sensational and we had the Fugu main fish course and Wagyu beef shabu which was out of this world. The drinks selection was also great, good range of local Shoju, Sake and other Liquors, we tasted a lot of Shoju and a fair bit of Yamazaki and Hibiki Whiskey all of which was stellar. Great place for romantic couples or groups and Beppu has plenty to do both day and night if you are interested in great food and drinks. Staff very helpful and English is spoken to a fairly good degree, will definitely be back here soon."
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97 Reviews
6-24 Shoningahama-cho, Beppu, Oita, Japan
"From the Hakata Hakata, take the Shinkansen to Kokura for an hour, and from Kokura, take the express train to Beppu Station in Beppu for an hour. (I didn't know that JR also went directly to Hakata Station when I came back) Check-in recommended in the little red book-の の の-晴 海 SHIOSAI-NO-YADO SAIKAI. The hotel has just been renovated. The rooms are large and equipped with basic baths. The main selling point is facing the sea (Pacific) soaking in hot springs. The rooms also have wooden rafters. The three buildings are empty の, sunny の and sea の. There is an indoor hot spring bath on the eighth floor of Qingnodong, and an open-air bath on the first floor of Hainodong (Figure 1). The hotel has two Japanese restaurants and a Western breakfast room. Breakfast is 6: 30-9: 00, and a full Western breakfast is available. Let us satisfy those who like oatmeal, yogurt and omelette for breakfast. Hotel services are generally okay, check-in does not require check-in at the front desk, waiting on the sofa for service staff to come forward to serve. It is our little Indian brother who pronounces Japanese in English, which really makes me incomprehensible. One free welcome drink. The staff will deliver your luggage directly to the room. But the service content needs to be improved: First, the hotel does not have a limo to and from the station. Second, there is no ice water or free drinks in the hot spring area or rest area. Third, you need to walk outside the service area before washing to drink ice water. (Chinese ordinary baths are equipped with water dispensers). Fourth, the hot spring service area provides a lot of comics, but unfortunately it is all Japanese, and you can only guess at the pictures! After bathing in the hot springs, I feel soft and hungry. The hotel is across from KFC. Beppu is small, and taxis generally cost around 1,000 yen. Very cheap!"
"I stayed in two rooms for two nights, one was 128 square meters of morning fog, and the other was 80 square meters on the same building on the third floor (with open-air bath). The service is great, and when the Chinese front desk is available in various hotels in Kyushu for 20 days, the Chinese waiters are the most professional and friendly (others are very common to fellow citizens, maybe related to the epidemic?) Invincible sea views, the public hot spring on the ground floor is very comfortable, and the breakfast is also Yes, the dinner is medium to high, the service is above standard everywhere, and there are various staff who can speak English fluently. It is an evocative journey. The bus downstairs is more convenient, and the KFC service on the opposite side is amazing (to the touch, and the sigh). Hope to have the opportunity to go back to check in, when everything returns to normal. Oita is a sister city in Wuhan. I donated a lot of masks and I could n’t buy them locally. Thank you for your hardship. (It is learned that we can't buy masks. The front desk gave us two of our work masks. Actually, they don't have many of them!)"
"We arrived at Beppu at noon, and then took the hand-drawn map and bought the 8 hell coupon (must buy it first) at the information station inside the station. After watching the blood hell, it took 16 to reach the hotel. Each train Timetable must be accurate, missed half an hour. Maybe the expectations of Qinghai are too high, but the service is average. The invincible sea view is beautiful. The hotel has an outdoor hot spring on the first floor of the new building and an indoor hot spring on the eighth floor of Haizhidong. They are separate for men and women. Ordered for dinner check-in, because there is really nothing around, there is only one kfc. Japanese cuisine and seafood cuisine are separated from two restaurants. We ordered seafood cuisine bamboo and tsubaki. The price difference is 3,000 yen. There is actually no difference. Bamboo is beef, tsubaki is pork belly, and the taste is OK. The breakfast was western style, very satisfied, and finally we could have some bread, fruit, juice, salad and omelette ..., oh."
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0 Reviews
Hotta 6 sets, Beppu, Oita, Japan
"“Galleria Midohara” is located on a hill overlooking Beppu, and you can enjoy the hot springs of Hotta Onsen, which is a slightly acidic hypotonic high hot spring and sulfur spring in each room. There are 35 guest rooms with a natural hot spring and an open-air bath. A restaurant and bar space serving grilled dishes are on site, and the terrace in the lobby offers a spectacular view of Beppu Bay. We also plan to install artworks created exclusively for this hotel in various locations throughout the facility."
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29 Reviews
kitahama,3-8-7, Beppu, Oita, Japan
"Ten minutes from Beppu Station, the south exit of Beppu Station is straight to the Beppu Tower and it is very easy to find. Because I have lived in the style room two days before the trip, I chose the Western-style sea view room. The room size is very large. The window looks out to the sea, but it is called the sea. Then you need to focus on the food here! It may be that the hot spring hotel that I have stayed in is the most luxurious in the restaurant, and the dishes are not the same every day. Look at the pictures and feel it! A table for one person can not be placed on a table, each menu is a main course, lobster flavor soup lobster sashimi king crab legs and beef iron plate thick duck breast big fish head feel light this meal is worth the accommodation fee Now! The aunt who served the dinner was also super cute. Ctrip has only three diamonds, it deserves a higher score!"
"It’s really a good hotel, the room is open to the sea, dry and wet separation; Every day, the room is prepared with a pot of snacks and ice and hot water. Staying in the Japanese-style room for 2 nights with breakfast, different foods every day, and the style is very delicate and looks very appetizing. At the time of check-in, I will give you some time to eat, of course, at the latest time 8:30 😝 The hotel has its own parking lot, which is very convenient, but it is necessary to put the key to the front desk, and sometimes it is convenient for the staff to adjust the moving car; Before leaving the house, I have to leave the room key at the front desk. The sign on the key (room number) is too big to be taken out to avoid losing."
"It belongs to the old Japanese hotel, and the location of the hotel is also very good. In the Japanese-style rooms, the facilities are relatively old, especially the shower head has a low water output, and the whole room is clean and tidy. Scheduled dinner, breakfast, standard Japanese dining, very rich, make up for the disappointment of the hotel because the facilities are really old, the hotel service staff is aging, the service is very good, dinner in the room, dinner service staff Come to tatami. However, the air conditioner in the Japanese-style room is directly blown to the sleeping position, which is very uncomfortable. The 6-storey open-air bath is very comfortable and quiet. In terms of 10 points, the service is full, the food and beverage is perfect, and the hotel facilities are 6 points."
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5 Reviews
4-2 Kannawahigashi, Beppu, Oita, Japan
"Enjoy our limited edition kotatsu rooms until March 15th! We've refurbished our mist sauna, a favorite with the ladies!"
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