Top 10 TIMES CLUB Hotels

Top 10 TIMES CLUB Hotels


855 Reviews
No.115 Zhengde Street (Golden Phoenix Commercial Plaza), Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China
49.4km from Shadi Airport
11.8km from Sihui Railway Station
"Come to the racing track with your husband! I used to live at Yuekai, and Yuekai has been an isolation hotel for COVID-19, so it has not yet opened for business! So this time I chose Golden Phoenix! The hotel environment is not bad, parking is convenient (there are surface parking lots and underground parking lots, parking spaces are still enough! If you stay, it is free, just scan the code at the front desk and leave) The room is also very clean (it was noted that a non-smoking room was required, and the hotel also arranged a non-smoking room) toiletries are available! The hotel is a buffet breakfast. There are western food (bread, coffee, etc.) and Chinese food (soup powder, porridge, whole grains, soy milk, etc.). I personally think it is good. Service attitude~ Forget about breakfast time and breakfast floor, call to ask the front desk, the front desk is a bit impatient~ Overall, I am satisfied. My husband should come to live here next time he plays!"
"The location of the hotel is good, the parking lot is very convenient, and there is no parking procedure, just walk directly, check in is fast, the hotel is good, but the room is too small for bathing water, it is inconvenient to take a bath, the water is really small and pitiful. The bed is still very comfortable to sleep, the air conditioner is very powerful, the room has no peculiar smell, and the lack of slippers for bathing is not enough. The soundproofing of the room is quite good, the room is relatively wide, and the price is satisfactory. WiFi is not stable and the speed is slow. This is currently in high demand and should be paid attention to."
"The general is so-so, the price is not high, and the general is okay, a bit expensive. But there is no better hotel, I will come to stay next time I come, quickly take it away! Okay!"
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7 Reviews
佛山三水区云东海山水庄园138号, Foshan, Guangdong, China
37.7km from Shadi Airport
11.6km from Sanshui Railway Station
"This hotel offers a pleasant stay in Foshan for those traveling for business or leisure. From the hotel, Sanshui South Railway Station is approximately 17km away. This hotel makes a great place to kick back and relax after a long day of sightseeing. "
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Very Good
735 Reviews
No.55 Middle Bo'ai Road, Foshan, Guangdong, China
12.8km from Shadi Airport
7.1km from Foshan West Railway Station
"I booked a deluxe double room! !! Maybe because it was booked by Ctrip, the hotel arranged for me a room with irregular corners and anises, which was very awkward to use. The writing desk is very short, with the back facing the TV and the air conditioner blowing directly against the pillow. There is no special coffee table with a tea cup and a kettle, the tea cup is placed on a writing desk, and the boiling kettle is in the toilet. There is no small sofa, coffee table or chaise longue, bed end stool and so on as shown in the sample picture. There was only one chair in the room, and there was no place to sit when someone came. The TV can only watch analog TV programs full of snowflakes, which is the effect of the 1990s. The program is a 4: 3 signal source. The TV is extremely uncomfortable! !! I can't connect the WIFI in the room. I can't find a socket on both sides of the bed. My mobile phone can only be charged at the far end. In general, the room facilities are aging, dilapidated and inconvenient to use. In other respects, parking can easily be made underground. Eating around is convenient and there are many restaurants and restaurants. The breakfast at this hotel is pretty good and quite satisfactory. I also bought a western restaurant buffet dinner, which is ok. I would have stayed for another night because I felt the price was not high and the room was seriously out of stock. When the room occupancy rate was not high that day, I felt discriminated against and arranged the worst room type for me. So I would rather have trouble move to another hotel. As a frequent business traveler, I will come back for dinner later, but will not stay again. In addition, I would like to greet the front desk man who arranged the room for me. I hope you will be treated like this when you go out. And the waitress at the front desk, I asked you the problem of poor TV set, you answered that all my rooms are the same. After I read other customers' comments, the pictures clearly show that other rooms can receive digital signals. The TV shows are in 16: 9 format and are full screen and full screen. How does your waiter train? ?"
"The hotel is located in the center of Shishan Town. It is a 30-minute drive from Foshan West Railway Station. It is a relatively high-level five-star hotel in the town. Let's talk about the cleanliness of the room first. The room is quite clean overall and the bed is very comfortable. The first drawback is that there can be some stains on it. The room equipment is also quite complete. Basically all five-star equipment is available, including safes, refrigerators, etc. The electrical system in the room is also sufficient, and the wireless network is very smooth. The most special and good place is that the beds are very Comfortable, so I have a very comfortable sleep. The design placed in the room is also luxurious and generous. The best design is that the bathtub can look out the window, and you can take a bath while looking at the scenery outside the window. The window design is very good, basically the entire wall is made of glass. The field of view is very wide, so the view of this room is very good, you can see Nanhai Park and some distant views. As for the facilities in the hotel, just like the restaurant and western restaurant, the restaurant is very large, you can drink morning tea and dinner. As for the surrounding environment of the hotel, it is close to Nanhai Park and there are many restaurants nearby, but it is a little far away from the shopping center, about half a kilometer, so shopping is a bit inconvenient, but the hotel is relatively quiet. I personally think that this hotel is also very ideal, because the overall quality of the hotel is good, and the hotel staff service is also good. Basically, it doesn't take long to get a room. I ’m going to the hotel this time because the New Year ’s time is cheaper, but if you go to Shishan Town and want to find a higher quality hotel, this one is a good choice. As for breakfast this hotel also It is very rich."
"This price is near the price is very high, I booked the room does not include breakfast. I bought two breakfast vouchers at the front desk. 68 very cost-effective. Lots of people. The last time I came to eat, I thought the breakfast was good. I also feel good that I have earned a hahaha. There is a parking lot. The hotel's parking lot is free of charge. Other hotels are charged. The room is quite large and spacious and clean, especially the bed! !! Very comfortable! The little brother and sister service at the front desk is very good and the service is very good. The aunts in the room have a good affinity. In short, I am very satisfied with this stay and will come to this place next time! !!"
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Very Good
999 Reviews
No.2, Green Lake Villa, Foshan, Guangdong, China
33.4km from Shadi Airport
5.3km from Sanshui Railway Station
"One superior twin bed, one accessible twin room, Ctrip communicates with the hotel in advance because the full guest is only accessible. The barrier-free room is slightly smaller, and there is no door in the bathroom. The disadvantage is that there is no door, which causes the water in the shower room to overflow the toilet and the washroom, and it is difficult to drain. The east building is close to the swimming pool, and the swimming pool on the first floor can be lowered from the 3rd floor. The swimming pool is relatively large. Behind the lobby is the hot springs. The quality of the hot springs is OK, but it is a bit of a hassle to walk in the bathrobes."
"There are many kinds of breakfast, bread, meat, powder, sweet potato, corn, fruit, milk, coffee, eggs, etc., which is rich in soy milk and milk is not hot! The room is big enough, the health is good, the service is good, the pool has 2 big, very comfortable. The equipment in the hot spring area is a bit broken, there is not much open, the pool area should be opened more!"
"I only booked one night, but I can see that the price is relatively good after I stayed. It is worth staying for one night in terms of hygiene and diet (thus I continued for another night)! The most satisfying thing is: there is a green lake nearby, there is fresh air in the mountains, and the walks are great, and will come again next time!"
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988 Reviews
No.61 Middle Bo'ai Road, Shishan, Foshan, Guangdong, China
14.8km from Shadi Airport
9.3km from Foshan West Railway Station
"Almost all the hotels near Shishan have stayed at Ramada in terms of service and decoration. Although it has been renovated for many years, the carpet looks quite clean. The floor-to-ceiling windows have a super good view. There are no tall buildings nearby and will not block the sun. Shopping malls have supermarkets, restaurants, and various small shops are very convenient. Very convenient to reach without leaving the hotel The hotel room is big enough to wash dry and wet separately, very quiet at night, can sleep well, the lotion provided by the hotel smells good, the breakfast is ok, but some dishes are not supplemented in time"
"The room is spacious, and a sky tennis court is seen outside the window. Cold weather is suitable for turning on the heating in the room. When I was hungry, I ate Xianhezhuang hot pot in the mall downstairs, and went shopping in Uniqlo to buy clothes. The bookstore on the 6th floor was all available. The breakfast at the hotel was rushed and there was no fine food, but there were many kinds. By the way, I found that the clothes were leaking in the room after I checked out and went home. I called the lady at the front desk and told us to send it back. Thanks!"
"The breakfast is good. We are traveling by two elderly people. We started from Chencun, Shunde and wanted to visit the Foshan Botanical Garden. The plan is to feel tired after the bus transfer, and enjoy the benefits provided by the state for the elderly to travel for free. So booked this hotel before going out. Very leisurely visited the botanical garden, returned to the hotel to rest, and spent a while in the surrounding area the next day before ending the trip. The hotel is nice, the surroundings are quite prosperous."
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205 Reviews
No.57 Middle Bo'ai Road, Foshan, Guangdong, China
13.8km from Shadi Airport
8.3km from Foshan West Railway Station
"The front desk service is meticulous and serious, with a perfect smile. Ample parking spaces. Breakfast is ok. The room facilities are very surprising, suitable for both business trips and family trips. I have stayed in all four-star hotels and above in Shishan Town (because of the work relationship requires frequent business trips to Shishan Town), the most recommended is Element. Will stay again next time I go."
"The room I booked was very strange at the beginning. The room was connected to the next room, and there was a door in between (•́ὤ•̀) I was sour, and the voices of the next room could be heard. , I told the front desk later that the service at the front desk was okay, so I changed my room right away, I felt that the room after the change was pretty good, overall it was good"
"Quiet environment, good hygiene, simple facilities, suitable for business travel. The windows of the room cannot be opened by itself, the air conditioner cannot be started, and the stay is a bit stuffy. You need to enter a password to call the front desk, and there is no guide on the password in the room"
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417 Reviews
Bo'ai Road, Foshan, Guangdong, China
13.9km from Shadi Airport
8.4km from Foshan West Railway Station
"Generally speaking, it is very general and will not consider living in the future. The parking lot is very spacious and there are many parking spaces. The elevator enters the lobby. You cannot reach other floors without a room card. It is safer. There is an elevator with poor air conditioning effect. The front desk staff is quite good in my overall experience, although there is one when checking out The girl’s voice seemed to squeeze out of her throat... The worst of entering the room, the smell is too high, I quickly opened the window to ventilate, the door closer is not easy to use, can’t stop it, I brought the dog , I didn’t stay in the house for long, and I just stayed for one night, too lazy to look for things, and the bad reviews I saw before booking the room, the service was very slow, the air-conditioning was poor, it’s true, it’s too difficult to be satisfied, it’s too much trouble. There is a smell, I brought a lot of perfume and sprayed it, which is considered to cover the smell. The room lighting is dim, especially the sanitary napkins, so dark, can the waiter do a good job of hygiene? No, the hair on the ground and water stains are disgusting. I think it’s unnecessary to make a changing pad for the dog. There is booger on the wallpaper, the hair dryer is dirty and broken, the remote control is really disgusting, and the towels are all tattered and thin. The pillowcases are thin, with pilling and stains, and they are almost worn out. The electric curtains are the same as other guests’ comments. They are not controlled. The basin is leaking. It almost wronged my dog. The room is generally stinky. Poor! The corridor is dark and dark, like a haunted house. There were no guests after 7:30 for breakfast. At this time, the waiter came to take the temperature, huh? I didn’t have it when I checked in... I don’t know what it means. Even if there are only two chefs in the restaurant, the bowls are broken. The food is international hotel fee standard. Although it is not rich, it basically has everything. Where The confidence that came here is advertised as four stars, and Four stars is only four... The room is poorly maintained, and there are countless points. The only thanks to the little brother at the front desk, I need a bottle of water, and no one will deliver it for more than ten minutes. He can't stand it anymore and help me pick it up. Isn't such a hotel and such a good staff staying here? By the way, the female guard in the lobby, the cleaning brother seemed to owe him millions, knocked on the door and scared me almost to carry it, I replied, and they didn't say anything at all. It was a maddening stay!! !!Finally, thanks for the hotel policy for bringing pets, but I won’t come next time, goodbye!"
"The location of the hotel is very good. It is close to the government. The surrounding environment is good. The hotel has been open for many years. The facilities are a bit old but the sanitation is not bad. The staff of the hotel are very nice and responsive. Not a few days, there are too many people in the elevator, the public areas and the interior of the room are very quiet The fly in the ointment is the smell of the carpet in the corridor, the occasional bath water in the afternoon is not hot enough, and there are too few TV stations"
"This trip overturned my impression of Aloft. After two days of staying, I felt I had no rest. 1. The corridor lights are too dim and a bit scary. 2. The air conditioner is not cool, but the hotel chef is really responsible and repaired the air conditioner. I am still satisfied with this service. Third, health is honest. 4. There are many unreasonable facilities in this aspect. The vanity can't use a hair dryer to blow your hair, and the hair dryer is not easy to use. It took us several times to change our head. 5. The hotel changed us to Element (a hotel under Aloft). To be honest, it was pretty average. I won’t comment more specifically, The final experience was really average, I'm sorry for this four-star. I will not choose Aloft and Element for my next trip."
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Very Good
269 Reviews
Xianhu Nature Resort (Xianhu Dujiaqu), Danzao Town, Foshan, Guangdong, China
22.9km from Shadi Airport
16.7km from Sanshui South Railway Station
"The hotel is a bit old and the food is the most crazy. On a National Day trip, the hotel said that it had been packaged for a group meal, and said that there was no food. Called out to find the farm 🤦🏽‍♀️ But it was not stated when I checked in, I could only go to the nearby Huayu Lake to eat , But Huayuhu said that a reservation is needed. Later, it took two and a half minutes to get a seat. Breakfast is said to end at 10 o'clock, but the cups are used up before 9 o'clock. There are not many styles to eat, and there are many empty plates. Many of them have to be self-service and have to fry eggs. In terms of play, it's okay. Huayu Lake has many facilities suitable for children to play. But the hotel’s swimming pool has a short opening time, from 3:30 pm to 8 pm. I went to Huayu Lake in the afternoon. It was troublesome to have dinner at night. I returned to the hotel at 8 o’clock, so I couldn’t enjoy it. The hotel’s children’s playground is closed and locked from morning to night. There is a deserted artificial beach outside the hotel. It is estimated to be unmaintained and grassy. The stay was OK, the bed was big, the sofa smelled a bit, and there was no bathtub. There is no hotel introduction and parking lot. Picture 1 is the beach outside the hotel, Picture 2.3 is Huayu Lake, Picture 4.5.6 is breakfast"
"This was a business trip and stayed one night at the hotel. The room comes with a buffet breakfast. This time, the barbecued pork with lotus root and dumplings, fried dumplings, corn slices, bread, osmanthus cakes, fried rice, fried noodles, watermelon, milk porridge, ham and honeycomb cakes are enough. The environment is instantly enhanced by the terrace next to the room. As it is a weekday stay, there are not many guests, and it feels very quiet and comfortable. Dinner is in the Chinese restaurant, where there is also morning tea. I talked to the waiter and learned that the morning tea is full on weekends. Nearby residents will go there, and it is estimated that the product is good. Try it next time!"
"The place for business is near, so I choose to live here. The breakfast buffet is rich in variety and tastes. The rooms are clean and well maintained. The hotel is located next to Xianhu, surrounded by ecological environment. I walk up the road in the morning and see layers of "xianqi", haha, negative oxygen ions It's full, free online bookings, and free bicycle ball games. You can also fish by the lake. It's really nice here. Next time bring your family to play."
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3575 Reviews
Xindongli Plaza, No.8 Xiqing Avenue, Foshan, Guangdong, China
32.3km from Shadi Airport
4.4km from Sanshui Railway Station
"First of all, the hotel is not particularly friendly to trams, and no charging piles have been found in the ground parking lot. There are charging piles on the ground floor. Fast charge, but parking spaces are limited. It takes a long, long way to get to the hotel elevator underground parking lot. The signs are not clear and it is difficult to find the hotel entrance. In the negative 1 floor parking lot, there is no entrance to the hotel at all. You need to walk to the negative 2 floor H area to find the hotel elevator. The front desk is not friendly at all. Check in was very unkind. The service is almost no. I ordered a toothbrush at 9 o'clock in the morning and delivered it for almost half an hour. Overall, the express hotel is okay overall."
"The hotel is generally good, with many Foshan elements in the decoration. The breakfast is authentic and delicious in Cantonese. The parking lot is shared with the shopping mall. It is recommended that the parking lot can be set up with hotel dedicated parking spaces. The hotel facility said that there is a children's playground. I didn't know until I asked about it. The picture on Ctrip is a children's playground in the mall next to it. The hotel only has a small Lego room in the restaurant. Feedback to Ctrip Ctrip deleted the photos. The shower water is not hot enough at about 10:30 in the evening, and it is not hot until the hottest."
"I came to Sanshui on a business trip with the leader. It was the first time I came to Sanshui, and the impression was very good. The breakfast is great, quite characteristic of Cantonese 😄. The surrounding environment of the hotel is very good, the room facilities are advanced and comfortable to live in. Especially for hot water, the amount of water is sufficient. The clerk was attentive and patient, and praised one."
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490 Reviews
"The Sanshui Garden Hotel (Foshan Sanshui Huayuan Jiudian) is located in Sanshui's city center Sanshui, close to Baiyun Airport and only 30 minutes drive from downtown Guangzhou and 20 minutes from Foshan. On offer are various sizes of suites and apartments, offering Chinese and Western cuisines, a banquet hall, an outdoor pub and 35 deluxe VIP rooms. The conference center is equipped with first-class facilities, ready for holding various activities. There is a sauna, a spa and a fitness center available for one’s leisure time as well. "
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