TOP 10 Tongling Hotels


1356 Reviews
No.716 Beijing West Road, Tongling, Anhui, China
47.5km from Jiuhuashan Airport
6.5km from Tongling Railway Station
"Hotel location is good, in the new city, surrounded by Baida, Wanda, there are many snack bars, Walnut is opposite the hotel, not far from the train station, the traffic is super convenient, the hotel facilities are new, the layout is also good, Wet and dry separation, the toilet and the bathroom are separated in two areas, it is great, I live in the big bed room, the floor-to-ceiling windows have a good view, I can see the sunset is beautiful in the evening, the price is very high, the overall is great, the room is very big, Very comfortable! ! Breakfast is also good, the variety of patterns is quite a lot, better than some international links, and finally say that the price is really high"
"Hotel location is good, there are many shopping and dining outlets around, only ten minutes walk from the patio lake scenic area, the room is spacious, there is a bathtub and shower room, shampoo and shower gel are Hermès brand, wet and dry separation, bedding dry and hygienic, fitness can To the opposite side of the Jinji bird, you can swim, the front desk service is very good, the breakfast is full and delicious, the buffet is also very good, the price is affordable, the room rate is around 350, the low can reach 300 yuan. Check in again, next time to Tongling preferred. "
"We had a great time but however met some few Staff who treated us poorly. The aunts doing the cleaning made us feel horrible. Everytime, they see us, they will run to hide in the home. They made us felt like we carried the virus to come infect them. This is unprofessional because we found it difficult to communicate with them for a need. However, the Staff of the restaurant were very kind to us .Breakfast was great, Rich with Lots of variety too. Rooms clean and beds comfortable."
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1892 Reviews
West Section of Jianshe East Road, Tongling, Anhui, China
47.7km from Jiuhuashan Airport
9.3km from Tongling Railway Station
"It is only at 9 o'clock in the evening to get to the hotel. The front desk can handle the speed. It is also free to upgrade the style of the music room and guide the location of the swimming pool. It is quite good. The hotel was large and could not be found at the beginning. Later, the service staff guided it to find it. The room is also very large, the pillow can be replaced, and the opinion card can be filled in. It seems that the hotel management is in place. There are many varieties of breakfast and the taste is good, very good. When I left in the morning, I saw an old train-renovated bar at the entrance of the hotel. It was very special. I regretted not having a drink last night. I will have the opportunity to go again next time."
"The hotel is very large, the breakfast is rich, the parking lot is very large, the hotel staff is very warm and service, the location is good in the Jiangnan Cultural Park, and there is a folk culture village nearby. Opposite is the Patio Lake Scenic Area. There is a bar made of abandoned trains in front of it, which is very characteristic and historical. Suitable for family and family travel."
"Check-in is the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are two moon cakes in the room, and the heart is good. The breakfast is rich, and there are some. The room type is not recommended to book a business lake view double bed (on the 1st floor, not so much as the lake view is a lotus fish pond), basically every room has a balcony, the high-level view will be better, the pool continues to be some people, small Point, gym no one in the morning."
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1046 Reviews
Near South Section of Guanhu Avenue (Building 11, Jinghuwan, Jiangnan Culture Park), Tongling, Anhui, China
47.1km from Jiuhuashan Airport
9.2km from Tongling Railway Station
"The hotel was booked on Ctrip. Because I have come to Tongling many times, I feel that the hotel in the area around the Patio Lake is very comfortable. On the one hand is the patio lake with mountains and waters, and on the other is the food and humanities of Jiangnan Cultural Park and Baidou Star City. Breath, but after living in several hotels, to be honest, it is better to be the Morper Garden Hotel, close to the Patio Lake, the 4th floor can provide a panoramic view of the lake, the 5th floor also has a viewing platform, the ground parking is very convenient, room facilities The layout is very delicate, especially the bathroom design, everything is perfect, the front desk service is very good, an ID card is all fixed, there is no cumbersome photo, check the number of people like the account, a few meal coupons, both annoying and wasting time. I have lived in a lot of four-star and five-star hotels, but I have been talking to the Mobo Garden Hotel. The variety is rich and the characteristics of local Huizhou cuisine are very special for the passengers, depending on the guests as relatives! This is the way for Anhui people to treat themselves! I hope to keep it forever! Slightly dissatisfied is that the bed, bed, bed is 10 cm narrow, people who sleep in Wu, may be afraid to fall underground, and the room hardware facilities are a little mismatched, if you can adjust, it is perfect, first-class hotel!"
"The government has appointed conferences, reception hotels, surrounding hotels and cinemas. There is a road across the lake from the Patio Lake. At this time of the day, it is very pleasant to go to the lake at night. Hotel service is good, welcome fruit and drinks are prepared in the room. The fly in the ointment is that this time is a landscape suite, only one window facing the patio lake, and the air conditioning in the room is not variable frequency, frequent start, a bit noisy."
"The hotel is very good. If the room allows you to recommend a 180 square meter suite, it is really beautiful. We just didn't book a room on the weekend. We booked this 100-flat suite and it was very satisfying. The waiters were also nice, the first floor. The cafeteria is also great, the hotel guests can also offer 10 discounts, because everything is great and stayed for another night the next day, and Amway gave the Zhejiang friends."
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66 Reviews
Near Huyu Expressway (Yeshan Timberland), Tongling, Anhui, China
58.7km from Jiuhuashan Airport
11.0km from Tongling North Railway Station
"Breakfast is good, there is an additional charge, the hotel location is OK. The environment is very good, it is also more suitable for bringing children to play, that is, the amusement facilities are less. Parking is free and convenient"
"The environment is good, the room facilities are old, and the room rate does not include breakfast, the breakfast is good, they are all farmhouse ingredients, and the moon cake is also delivered."
"The internal facilities construction plan is not bad, the landscaping is very beautiful."
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746 Reviews
18F, Darunfa Apartment Building, Yaohan Plaza, Tongling, Anhui, China
48.3km from Jiuhuashan Airport
8.0km from Tongling Railway Station
"(First, let me feel that I am dissatisfied with the horror! Watching TV upstairs, I didn’t hear knocking on the door downstairs, I don’t know if the waiter sent the fruit, I heard the preparations go on. The waiter opened the door by himself and the hotel was opened directly. It’s really terrifying, I pulled the door chain, or I expected the waiter to come in directly! I hope the hotel will strengthen management and communication, even if you send fruit, talk to the guests! Thank you! Really other are very good! Too much!) A penthouse room view and large floor-to-ceiling windows are really fantastic. The corner of the stairs is a great room with a high mirror design. There is also a sound in the morning. I listened to it for a long time. The hair dryer is the only thing I have to live in so many hotels. The home style of Philips is not the kind of small hair dryer. The hotel details are still there, but there are still some deficiencies and areas that need improvement. The room is a little low. So I feel a little depressed. The hotel only gives a pair of slippers... Thin cotton tow or bathing, I forgot... There is no trash can on the bed upstairs, throwing things and going to the toilet to throw. I have lived in this small duplex in other cities. This price is not high, but I can still experience the large floor-to-ceiling windows!"
"This hotel on the upstairs of RT-Mart is suitable for the travel needs of our returning home. Duplex or LOFT is worth mentioning, the same space, the upper and lower living areas do not interfere with each other, very good. The upper floor height is estimated to be 2 meters 3, and I am not so depressed. The hotel lobby is on the 18th floor. The front desk lady is extremely enthusiastic, guides the seat, takes the drink to the children, helps the luggage to get on the elevator, and feels very comfortable. To put forward two opinions, the elevator from the parking garage to the lobby on the 18th floor is too rough, completely renovated the elevator level, and a small fan in the corner screams, seriously affecting the first impression. In addition, if you have a small refrigerator in the hotel room, there is no place for drinks and delicate fruits. In general, satisfied, next time I will choose Yuan Yi!"
"The hotel is really good. I am very afraid that the hotel is old and poor, but the worry of entering the door is gone. Health is really good, service is also very good, although the service does not have the professionalism of a five-star hotel, but it is really warm and simple. The breakfast also felt acceptable and not so bad. There is also an air purifier and Bluetooth stereo in the room. The only thing that is lacking is the Wi-Fi signal, which is really bad, and there are curtains in the room. It would be better if it could be shaded more. I will choose here next time."
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24 Reviews
No.197 Tongdu Avenue, Tongling, Anhui, China
44.7km from Jiuhuashan Airport
5.9km from Tongling Railway Station
"The Jinfeng Hotel is one of the newest hotels in Tongling, having been renovated in 2018. Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 6km from Tongling Railway Station and 45km from Jiuhuashan Airport. With multiple attractions nearby including Tongling Botanical Garden, Tonglingluosi Mountain and Feiyueda Theater, guests will find plenty to keep themselves occupied. When guests have some time on their hands they can make use of the onsite facilities. This Tongling hotel features parking on site. "
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1223 Reviews
No.2888 Cuihu 2nd Road, Shicheng Avenue, Tongling, Anhui, China
48.9km from Jiuhuashan Airport
7.9km from Tongling Railway Station
"The overall service attitude and housing experience were poor. From the beginning, I did not see any staff guidance. Until I went to the front desk, the two staff members at the front desk did not volunteer and provide services, but talked about their personal affairs. I took the initiative to say that Ctrip had booked and provided my ID card. After printing the check-in information sheet on the computer, the staff went directly to the counter and kept chatting. After I got out of the elevator, I found out that my room was at the end of the corridor. Is all the rooms booked on Ctrip arranged at the end? Sleeping at night, the door can not be locked, the bathroom seal is bad, the ground is all water after the shower. In the middle of the night, the room had a strange noise. I went down from the bed, turned on the light, and opened all the cabinets in the house. I looked at the curtains and checked it carefully before I dared to fall asleep."
"Hotel location is very good to find, parking lot location is very convenient, parking is convenient, a good place for family travel! Overall, the environment is very good, very gas, the road is also very clean, the reception staff at the hotel is very warm, the smile is very sweet and sweet. The room is large, the bathroom is clean, the shower water pressure is large enough, the light is very good, the air is fresh, the environment is beautiful, and it is quiet."
"perfect. Lived very well, just arrived at the Mid-Autumn Festival, also sent moon cakes. I don’t know if I’m not eating, I haven’t eaten yet, let’s say the shortcomings, the water is a bit small. The surrounding environment is also very quiet and the overall satisfaction. Will stay next time."
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1415 Reviews
No.290 Beijing West Road, Tongling, Anhui, China
48.0km from Jiuhuashan Airport
7.0km from Tongling Railway Station
"I went to Tongling and booked this hotel in Ctrip. I didn't expect such a price to enjoy the four-star service. First, the room is spacious, the layout is reasonable, and the simple and hygienic has the feeling of farming. Second, the shower room is self-contained. And the amount of water is very large, the bath is very comfortable; three: dry meals are very rich, all kinds of tastes meet different people early; four: the room also delivers fruit, things are small, but very warm; the service of the main station is also very warm. In short, to Tongling this hotel is my only choice"
"The view is very beautiful, the bed is comfortable, the central air conditioner is too hot, but the service staff is really good, the waiter wearing the blue and black suit on the 11th floor is very good, I deposited the frozen goods on the 11th floor cafeteria, she is very warm Help me move in and out, forty pounds, just to see the kitchen behind the restaurant, really clean and tidy, management is in place, praise"
"The rooms are large and extra spacious. The furniture and appliances are very new. Every time you go to Tongling Tianzhu Hotel, it is the first, unless there is no time for the day, no room to go to other hotels! The breakfast variety is less, and the children love the yogurt juice. I think yogurt juice is the minimum in the buffet? The breakfast buffet needs to be improved. Everything else is fine!"
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109 Reviews
Room 1901-1912, 19F, North Building, Shuangxing International, No.188 Middle Section of Huaihe Avenue, Tongling, Anhui, China
44.3km from Jiuhuashan Airport
6.4km from Tongling Railway Station
"Very satisfied, the hotel location is very good to find, the check-in procedure is also fast, the room design is really good-looking, really good-looking, really good-looking, important things to say three times! Downstairs is the snack street commercial street, suitable for dating! ! ! ! Bring the object here to empty yourself, lie in bed and watch the clouds! The most important thing is that there is a projector! ! ! ! ! But I hope that the boss can give us a discount for the price."
"The environment is not bad, that is, the sanitation is not very good, the toilet paper basket and paper towels, the shower room and the plastic skin with soap, the standard of overtime charges is quite high. Location is not very easy to find"
"The hotel is fully equipped, the duplex style is suitable for young people, the location of the hotel is special, it is a bit difficult to find, the sound insulation effect is general, the overall is good, suitable for couples. Look at the picture"
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4186 Reviews
1F, Wantai Huifu Plaza, near intersection of Shicheng Road and Cuihu First Road, Tongling, Anhui, China
47.8km from Jiuhuashan Airport
7.2km from Tongling Railway Station
"The first time I came to Tongling, the hotel was booked temporarily. I found a place close to Wanda for the convenience of dining. I thought it would be no problem to have a late night snack around. Consider the more prosperous area, the estimated hotel may be general, worry about Ctrip information and Hotel information is inconsistently booked and there is no room to call the hotel to determine, answer the phone, the little brother is very enthusiastic and patiently explained my doubts, and finally consider it is a small break, then try it.. Staying in a good feeling, the overall style of the hotel is simple The environment is clean and intelligent. It is very suitable for leisure and travel. It is a pity that the water system is not good. After the shower, the bottom of the bath is still dry. The toilet exhaust system switch does not know whether it is automatic or not. I have never felt the exhaust! Breakfast is quite good, this price is still early to enjoy the tender home..."
"It was a hotel that I saw on I saw that I had booked it. I really lived up to the point. The hotel room was very clean and tidy. It was very intelligent. The hotel also had fruit delivery, very intimate, good front desk service, very gentle talking. The hotel breakfast is also very good. Will be preferred next time"
"Hotel location is very good, there are underground and underground parking lots, eating, drinking and having fun are very convenient, opposite the RT-Mart supermarket, there are a lot of shopping mall Yaohan, there are many large and small restaurants nearby, really good!"
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