Top 10 Tongyuan Hotels

Top 10 Tongyuan Hotels


361 Reviews
8 Wenhua South Road, Lecong, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong Province, 528300, P.R. China., Foshan, Guangdong, China
18.6km from Shadi Airport
12.9km from Foshan Railway Station
200m from Dongping
1.9km from Shijilian
"The positive reviews inside are all written by the employees, right? The quality of the staff of the newly opened hotel is very average. Is the swimming pool on the 6th floor outsourced? Asked a few more questions. The attitude is very poor. It is also a five-star. The hot water in the shower room is not too cold or too hot. How difficult is it to adjust to a defective water heater system for cutting corners when it is suitable for decoration? I slept for a night. The fur on the carpet was terribly inferior, the clothes were covered with fur, and a lot of pigeon eyes were a group of workers with a salary of tens of thousands of dollars. What superiority do they have? The leader came to inspect a group of people blocking the door and not letting people stop to pick them up. Lao Tzu stayed at the door of the hotel and didn’t let him get on and off for a minute. Open a ball and the hotel was closed. The leader came to inspect, no exaggeration."
"Traveling on holidays with my family, the hotel added WeChat from the time the order was placed, and provided meticulous service throughout the whole process. Because I brought the children, I also provided the children with a separate toothbrush and shower gel for the children. I am very satisfied with the experience during the stay. At the same time, I would like to give a compliment to Nancy, the housekeeper who served the whole process. She is a very warm little beauty~"
"The breakfast is very exquisite and the whole is very clean and tidy. You can bring my baby. We will bring my baby to stay at the full moon. The parking lot is also free. The location is directly opposite to the Century Lotus Stadium in the new city. It is very quiet. Every staff is super warm and patient. My staff is Miss Nancy, the Northeast girl is too enthusiastic hahaha very caring I want to give her a 5-star praise haha"
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117 Reviews
Section B, No.6 Junling Road, Foshan, Guangdong, China
32.0km from Shadi Airport
8.0km from Beijiao Railway Station
12.9km from Guangzhou South Railway Station
"It is indeed a Marriott Boutique Hotel. I really like the creativity of Hong Kong designers. Everywhere I go, there are detailed designs. The balcony of the garden room is very relaxing. A cup of tea, a beam of light and a bird's song are very comfortable, and the sense of light and space is strong. With a soft and delicate feeling, the water quality of the swimming pool is good, there are not many types of breakfast, and the quality is good enough. Only the deluxe room has small windows and a sense of oppression. Others are very good. Especially like the reception service lady (Tammy), she has a serious work attitude, and can actively solve problems if there is a problem, and take the initiative to find a satisfactory way. Although it is a little episode, it is very nice to send me breakfast and Afternoon tea, the experience for two consecutive nights is generally good 👍"
"Not bad, I think it can"
"Still very good"
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7543 Reviews
No.127 North of Lingnan Avenue, Foshan, Guangdong, China
15.4km from Shadi Airport
9.6km from Foshan Railway Station
2.3km from Kuiqi Lu
4.3km from Lanshi
4.1km from Downtown
14.9km from Shadi Airport
10.1km from Foshan Railway Station
"Wife’s birthday decided to visit the surrounding area. After booking the room, she contacted the hotel. After talking to a manager at the front desk of the hotel, she enthusiastically arranged a room layout for her birthday and a birthday cake. Arrived at the hotel that afternoon. The most distinctive thing is that there is an aquarium in the hotel lobby. There are many fish in it. I believe it is very popular with families and children. Many people gathered around to take pictures. There are not many guests in line at the front desk, but it happened that a guest in front of us had a little time to do it. When we arrived at the front desk, the staff who helped us handle it was very polite and apologized first and said sorry to make us feel better after waiting. Praise this employee for a look at the famous brand called davin. The suffix is just trainee, and it is also a hilton. After the staff training is in place, the formalities are also very efficient. After taking the room card, I went to the room and found that there are surprises. The room has also been upgraded. It is a one-bedroom and one-living suite with welcome fruits and happy water. Thank you, Manager Chen. The service is very good. Thanks to the waiter who arranged the room and the handwritten small. The card is very heartwarming As for the room layout, I actually have a little suggestion. I personally feel that the bedroom desk next to the bathroom door feels a bit crowded. If it is replaced by a bedside table, the toffee chair on the other side of the window should be more comfortable. Of course, the hardware is no problem. Complete five-star international Produced by chain brands Thank you very much for the arrangement of this hotel. Highly recommended"
"During the summer vacation, I started the relaxation mode for young and old. The requirements: clean, bathtub, swimming pool, large and comfortable bed. The Foshan Hilton that I chose to live in meets these needs. The front desk service is very nice, and when we checked in, we directly upgraded to a deluxe twin room for free, and gave us a double breakfast. There is a big ocean pillar in the middle of the lobby. When I walked back at night, the child looked at the fish and said that the fish was asleep. The experience is very good, will come again next time."
"Very happy parent-child trip, Hilton, Foshan, the configuration of five-star hotel, the most happy is to meet the hotel manager Alice at the time of check-in, see the free upgraded room with the child, and send a breakfast, and when you check out, because the child fell asleep. Help with late check out, very good service, hotel environment is super good, children are very happy in the pool, the big fish tank when you enter the door is also pleasantly surprised"
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三连直街28号之一, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
29.4km from Shadi Airport
6.9km from Guangzhou Railway Station
700m from Changshou Lu
14.8km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
820m from Ruyifang
"The SN Homestay was recently opened in 2019, making it a fantastic choice for those staying in Guangzhou. Traveling to the hotel is easy with Guangzhou Railway Station located approximately 7km away and Shadi Airport roughly 29km away. In addition, Changshou Lu Metro Station is just a short walk away. There's plenty to do nearby, with Xiguan Dazhaimen, Guangzhou Lichee Bay Cruise and Lychee Bay all within a short distance. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel. For those driving themselves, parking is provided on site. "
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7548 Reviews
No.1 South Shamian Street, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
24.3km from Shadi Airport
7.1km from Guangzhou Railway Station
660m from Huangsha
13.2km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
930m from Cultural Park
11.8km from Downtown
24.7km from Shadi Airport
12.3km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
"I stayed at the White Swan this time because I wanted to take a break. I booked a luxurious river-view room with a chair facing the Pearl River. While enjoying the scenery, listening to music and drinking coffee, I really enjoyed it. The rooms are very comfortable. The air-conditioning system is quiet and the temperature is good. The bathroom is large and simple. The bathtub faces the Pearl River and is isolated from the toilet. In the evening, savor the European architecture at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century in the sand, although a bit of a sense of passage of time, it is full of unlimited energy. The white swan's tall lobby, comfortable rooms and the quality of service are worthy of giving👍"
"The White Swan Hotel is a veritable five-star hotel in Guangzhou. Tea and dinner taste great. The 60-square-meter room has reasonable design and practical space. There are a lot of drinks and drinks for happy hour in the executive lounge. The swimming pool is quite big, the gym is divided into two floors, and there is a hot spring pool in the locker room. The scenery in the room is excellent, last time Wangjiang saw the city this time. The caring lobby manager also delivered fruit. Everything is very satisfied, five-star praise."
"I rarely write reviews. This time I really want to support the old five-star hotel in Guangzhou. As an old five-star hotel, the environment is very clean and reassuring, and it maintains the usual service standards of old hotels. The service is very attentive and attentive. Double room, triple occupancy, take the initiative to help fill slippers, dental appliances, etc., very carefully to help arrange high-rise river-view rooms, so that residents can get the best experience"
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2926 Reviews
No.3 Hebin South Road, Foshan, Guangdong, China
16.2km from Shadi Airport
12.6km from Foshan Railway Station
11.2km from Downtown
15.7km from Shadi Airport
13.1km from Foshan Railway Station
"Recently, the epidemic cannot be played outside the province, so I chose Sofitel Foshan. In fact, as soon as I entered this hotel, I was surprised by this full sense of design. I have stayed in many hotels, but the owner can put so much effort in selecting materials and design, Foshan Louvre is the first. When I checked in, I was told by the front desk that takeaways could not be brought into the room. In fact, I really agree with this idea. Don't make the room smell like takeaways. After all, the rooms here are as perfect as a model room. Finally, I would like to thank Manager Alice for the arrangement, which made me a little more fond of this hotel."
"I often come to this hotel to check in because it is very convenient. There are Singapore and Japanese restaurants that I like very much nearby. It is also very convenient to eat. The room is very high, at least four or five meters, so you will not feel depressed to enter. The decoration is also very distinctive. I like the furniture inside. It has a good texture to the touch and is comfortable to sit on. It is indeed a leading furniture manufacturer. Finally, I am very grateful to Manager Alice for his attentive service. I bought two boxes of moon cakes when I left. The packaging is super beautiful~"
"The hotel is very beautiful, and the furniture is authentic with a sense of design. You can buy the ones you like. It is worth mentioning that there is a design of punching in and taking photos with Internet celebrities, and the balcony is beautiful. The shrimp dumplings and cucumber skins at the Cantonese restaurant on the 7th floor are very delicious. The green tea biscuits and roasted pumpkin for breakfast are delicious things that you can't eat outside. 【Gourmet Forest Restaurant】"
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1810 Reviews
No.20 East Denghu Road, Foshan, Guangdong, China
11.2km from Shadi Airport
6.8km from Foshan Railway Station
960m from Qiandenghu Lake
2.3km from Leigang
7.3km from Downtown
8.9km from Foshan Railway Station
"The first time I stayed at this hotel, the handsome concierge greeted me warmly. The lady at the front desk javing was very kind. The hotel guest relations manager mavis prepared the room for me in advance. The door was carefully decorated by Lily, Pan Zhijie and Zhang Huayu from the housekeeping department. In the "Go Home" room, you can have a panoramic view of Qiandeng Lake, and the night view of Qiandeng Lake is more suitable for red wine [wit]. The 36th floor is the executive lounge. Find a place by the window to have a cup of coffee and small snacks. Listen to soothing music. The afternoon is very relaxing and comfortable. The services of Wendy and Kancy are also very warm. There is an outdoor swimming pool on the fourth floor of the hotel. , It’s best to take a swim in the hot summer [呲牙]. There are still many choices for breakfast in the hotel, and the waiter in the restaurant can call out my last name. It feels very kind. There are several shopping malls around the hotel, shopping is also very convenient, overall it is very good, it is a good place for business or leisure [强]!"
"This is the first time I have come to this hotel near Qiandeng Lake. I came here to experience it. The location is good, the transportation is convenient, the shopping is convenient, and the room view is good. The hotel facilities are complete, and the waiters are warm and caring. After check-in, the customer service manager CC asked me whether I was satisfied with my stay. The hotel staff Finley not only helped with the late check-out, but also invited me to the InterContinental Club to experience afternoon tea. The club environment was quiet and the service was attentive. Soti, who helped with the check-out invoicing, was very enthusiastic and helped me answer some questions about the hotel. This hotel is pretty good, I will come again next time if I have a chance."
"I have stayed at the Intercontinental Foshan Poly Hotel for many days. The hotel is well-equipped with all kinds of food and beverages in the fitness center. On the day of check-in, the room was specially decorated. Thanks to the care of Wang Lili and Zhang Huayu, the room managers, the clean and tidy room was very comfortable. Especially, I contacted my professional butler colleague Soti before check-in. From check-in to check-out, the active and enthusiastic service attitude made us feel very caring and the service was very good! The service staff of the executive lounge are also very attentive. Next time I come to Foshan, I will still live here. 【Mercure Lakeside】 🚗 Transportation: 🔔Service:"
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534 Reviews
No.22 Dongping Road, Foshan, Guangdong, China
18.2km from Shadi Airport
10.7km from Foshan Railway Station
7.8km from Downtown
16.1km from Shadi Airport
10.5km from Foshan Railway Station
"Children took the children out of the house to play, and the friend recommended the Golden Dragon Hotel, and booked the room on Ctrip. When I arrived at the hotel, the front desk sisters watched us with the children and recommended us the newly launched parent-child theme room. We also enthusiastically took us one by one to visit. Finally, we chose the theme of the big-mouthed monkey and made up at the front desk. The difference is checked in. The children were very happy. They went crazy when they entered the room. They didn't want to go out to play hahaha the next day. The hotel is very luxurious, the room is quite new, there are special children's toiletries and children's slippers. When they are gone, they all take it away. The children especially like their bathrobes. They also bought them and took them away. The waiter also Kindly remind us that the small gifts of our bags can be taken away, it is really worth it. And their buffet breakfast must be praised, three people eat super full, no need to eat at noon. After the children went back, they still remembered to wait for her birthday and then took her to experience the theme room of the little yellow duck. In short, the friend really did not recommend the wrong, must give a five-star praise!"
"I went to Foshan, Guangdong for a few days, and waited until late at night to check in at the hotel. I glanced at the door and the hotel lobby was magnificent and luxurious. The front desk staff had a good service attitude, and the tea was poured into the water. Check-in It is also very fast. Speaking of the hotel room, I booked a deluxe king room, it really is very luxurious, the room size is very large, have lived in so many hotels, this price and the location has such a large area is still very rare, sleep very much Cozy. The breakfast at the hotel is also very good. It is a Western-style buffet with a wide variety of tastes. Hotel overall praise, recommended stay!"
"I have lived several times, every time I feel very good, the front desk service is very good, sometimes I will give a free upgrade, the room is very spacious and the light is sufficient. The breakfast buffet is also very rich, looking very appetizing and the taste is excellent. The hotel is said to be the most expensive one in the surrounding area. The surrounding facilities are also very adequate. Many customers and friends are recommended to come and stay, and will continue to support it in the future."
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838 Reviews
No.11 Wenhua Road, Foshan, Guangdong, China
28.3km from Shadi Airport
22.5km from Shunde Railway Station
23.4km from Downtown
27.3km from Shadi Airport
"I am a person who has high requirements for the hotel environment and location. I passed by on a business trip and compared several hotels. I booked this hotel with the mentality of giving it a try. It greatly exceeded my expectations. The lady in the lobby gave a gentle reception arrangement , The waiter will greet you friendly and take care of the guests carefully."
"It’s a wonderful experience. Except for the time spent looking for parking spaces, I found that I didn’t see the sign on the right side of the hotel. When you come over, pay more attention to the sign of the underground parking lot. Everything else is fine. , The hotel room facilities are well maintained, quite new"
"The hotel has convenient transportation, the rooms are clean and tidy, the check-in experience is very good, the staff of the hotel have a good service attitude, call to say more mineral water, it will be delivered in less than 10 minutes, and the price is good."
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3009 Reviews
"The Hampton by Hilton Guangzhou Dongxiaonan is one of the newest hotels in Guangzhou, having opened in 2019. Transportation around the city is also convenient, with Shixi Metro Station within walking distance. Seeing Guangzhou's sights from this hotel is easy with Shangyong Fruit Tree Park, Chenliji Zhongyao Museum and O2park Chuangke Park all close by. At the end of a busy day, travelers can unwind and relax in the hotel or go out and enjoy the city. This Guangzhou hotel features parking on site. Our guests consider this hotel to have excellent service. For guests traveling on business, this hotel is consistently one of the most popular choices. "
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