Top 10 Toyosu Hotels

Top 10 Toyosu Hotels


8 Reviews
3-13-1 Takanawa, Tokyo, Japan
13.1km from Haneda Airport
620m from JR Shinagawa Station
1.6km from Kita-shinagawa Railway Station
560m from Takanawadai
1.0km from Sengakuji
1.1km from JR Shinagawa Station
1.6km from Kita-Shinagawa Station
1.4km from Kita-Shinagawa Station
"A 16-room Japanese-style inn ("ryokan") located inside the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa.With our Japanese hospitality interwoven with access to nature and valuable cultural experiences, we will do everything to help each one of our customers have a stay that will remain in their hearts.When you first arrive, we welcome you in as you walk on a narrow path through the Japanese garden while enjoying the scent of rich blossoms of all the four seasons.Set in a prime location of Tokyo, Takanawa Hanakohro puts everything the city has to offer just outside your doorstep. The hotel offers guests a range of services and amenities designed to provide comfort and convenience. Facilities like 24-hour room service, free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour security, car power charging station, chapel are readily available for you to enjoy. All rooms are designed and decorated to make guests feel right at home, and all rooms come with television LCD/plasma screen, air purifier, clothes rack, coffee machine, complimentary tea. The hotel offers various recreational opportunities. Takanawa Hanakohro is an excellent choice from which to explore Tokyo or to simply relax and rejuvenate."
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198 Reviews
the otemachi tower 1-5-6 otemachi chiyoda-ku tokyo 100-0004 japan, Tokyo, Japan
22.6km from Haneda Airport
740m from JR Tokyo Station
1.1km from JR Kanda Station
50m from Otemachi
740m from Tokyo
"Environment, service, and sanitation are first-rate. I do n’t have to say the location. I really like the design of the room. It ’s the Japanese style I chose for breakfast. I did n’t have enough to eat. I used a bowl of porridge until afternoon tea. I had to make a reservation by the window in advance. Replaced with a jewelry box. One of the small improvements is that we can't check in at less than three o'clock when we check in. We recommend to go out and go around. In the winter, we wait outside at three o'clock as a first-class hotel and we have not arranged a warm and comfortable waiting area. The bed looks uneven from the surface. Uneven"
"A*** Tokyo, the world's first city in peace! The fourth generation of the fourth generation of the Tokyo hotel industry! Location financial district is convenient; entry is low-key, 3~5 personal services for up and down taxis, excellent; lobby domineering view is good; room 50 can only be said to be big in Tokyo; seeing is extremely simple and cold, strong sense of line But really not suitable for taking a baby to stay, too many corners are easy to bump! There is also a slightly expensive house price, couples come to check the card is OK, the family does not recommend [smirking] [smirking] [smirking]"
"Design minimalist style, like. Service attitude is good. The only dissatisfaction was the mattress, which actually collapsed in the middle, and it was uncomfortable to sleep. The service staff checked out early in the morning to ask how I slept. I said that the mattress was a bit collapsed. Her explanation might be soft, and I could n’t adapt . My own home is also a very soft mattress. Can't I tell the difference between soft and hard and collapse? Finally, I slept on the bay windowsill for one night"
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6 Reviews
1-9-10 Irifune, Tokyo, Japan
20.2km from Haneda Airport
400m from JR Hatchobori Station
1.6km from JR Yurakucho Station
400m from Hatchobori
600m from Shintomichō
1.6km from Yūrakuchō Station
1.5km from Yūrakuchō Station
"In order to meet the needs of long-dormitory guests, hotel MONday Apart Hacchobori has made every effort to provide them with a home-like experience. The interior is fully equipped with kitchen utensils such as IH cooking stove, microwave oven and rice cooker, and cleaning utensils such as washing machine (with drying function) and vacuum cleaner are also available. Located in the bustling area of Tokyo, the hotel is surrounded by a variety of sightseeing spots, as well as daily grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and other shopping destinations, making your life more convenient. May your stay at this hotel be a great memory. We sincerely look forward to your visit."
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76 Reviews
1-9-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
22.8km from Haneda Airport
900m from JR Kanda Station
1.1km from JR Tokyo Station
440m from Otemachi
910m from Kanda
"The hotel is located in the business building group. The design style is very unique. All natural materials such as logs and bamboo grass are used to create a very warm and cozy atmosphere. Although there is no beautiful and exquisite courtyard, it also gives people a feeling of being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hotels in Hoshino will never be disappointing! The service was also very attentive and meticulous. When we saw that we had a baby, we provided the baby's bathrobe and toothbrush the next day. The public tea bar on each floor offers tea and coffee snacks, etc., of good quality. Very warm is also equipped with some small toys to make the baby have fun! The tea bar offers a free light breakfast every day-2 rice balls, which tastes great! I hope to experience Hoshino in other areas next time."
"The hotel is very tall, the decoration style is Japanese design, you have to take off your shoes on the first floor, all of them are tatami floor, the only thing is that the room is very dark, a bit depressing, the first: long strip; the second: color It's dark; third: the surrounding area may be blocked by high-rise buildings, and the sun can't get in; the facade is very beautiful but it is dark too much, which also causes the room to have a very dark tone. I like the bright and spacious sunlight. I didn't come to clean the room on the first day. Maybe we were in the room. At least we had to ask us about it. The quilt didn't change for a few days. I don't understand!"
"From the first time you check in, you can feel detailed and amazing. After slippers in the lobby on the first floor, the mobile environment throughout the hotel is Japanese-style tatami, very comfortable Check-in is handled directly at the check-in floor, and the shared space on each floor also gives a high level of comfort Needless to say the comfort of the room, Hoshino's reputation has always been very good, and it is a bit regrettable to only stay for one night Next time you visit Tokyo, you should continue to choose this hotel"
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12 Reviews
4-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
22.7km from Haneda Airport
670m from JR Yotsuya Station
3.5km from JR Shimbashi Station
520m from Kōjimachi
670m from Yotsuya
1.7km from Shinanomachi Station
"The highlight of the hotel is a small courtyard with hundreds of years of history, a small waterfall and a nice view. There is a Japanese-style breakfast and a buffet. There is a good restaurant on the first floor of the hotel. There is a good Kobe beef and pine yak that can be fed or sukiyaki."
"Everything is great! The various grades are obviously higher than the main last time! The courtyard is as beautiful as ever!"
"It is not a suite at all, it is a standard room. Breakfast is average, the surroundings are quite quiet, but there is a distance from the business district, and it takes ten minutes to go out at night."
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31 Reviews
1-2-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
22.4km from Haneda Airport
1.1km from JR Kanda Station
1.2km from JR Tokyo Station
500m from Otemachi
790m from Takebashi
"Stayed for 5 nights for change of scenery working from home. The property is absolutely stunning - the city view with Sky Tree in the not so distant background is breathtaking as well as the beautifully designed and appointed room, including the bathroom with a soaking tub overlooking the city through the floor to ceiling glass window. Unfortunately the service isn’t aligned with the four seasons standard or the beauty of the property - the best thing the staff does is to apologize profusely when something goes wrong - and a lot of things went wrong - something happened everyday that made me question whether I was saying at the Four Seasons. I had a disappointing experience at the Four Seasons in Kyoto a few years back (which I understood to be a problem based on the fact that the Kyoto property isn’t actually operated by the Four Seasons) and I suppose the disappointment this time was magnified by the fact that I stayed for 5 nights and service didn’t get better. I’ve never stayed at a hotel anywhere in the world (let alone at Four Seasons in other locations) where I could not get through to room service on the phone - the phone will just ring and ring and eventually I would get rolled over to the hotel operator who apologizes profusely and says the line is busy so someone will call me back - this is at 6:00 am or 2:30 pm or 5:30 pm - every single time. The chat function on the tablet is convenient except that whoever is responding is not necessarily someone who knows the subject matter so I got a run around about having a cocktail delivered to my room which ended with the best line of my stay - “please go to the bar - it opens at 5:00 pm.” Room service forgot to bring a glass of ice when asked for, forgot to bring soy sauce with Japanese breakfast (absolute necessity), served flat champagne one time and then served the wrong brand at another time. Again, they apologize profusely but it’s not something I expect at the Four Seasons. Another thing was that I was told that I will get housekeeping every 3 days due to safety measures (unless requested) which was fine by me except that when I came back from my walk on Day 2, housekeeping was in my room which freaked me out because I had left my valuables wide open in the room as I was not expecting anyone to enter. It’s Japan so theft is rare, but it’s all about feeling secure during my stay and how my expectations (based on the info they gave me) were betrayed. When I said to the nice lady I thought that cleaning was tomorrow since it’s every 3 days, she apologized and said she didn’t know because she’s new. Nothing was stolen but it was odd to come back to a half-cleaned room (I asked her and her colleague to leave as I did not want to share the same space) and to find someone in my room when I was rightfully not expecting anyone. Since I do not dine indoors at a restaurant during the pandemic, I ordered everything via room service. Quality of food is actually quite good - especially"
"I had a precious experience and felt warmth in everybody's hearts from the entrance to the guest room at FOUR SEASONS HOTEL TOKYO AT OTEMACHI. FOUR SEASONS OTEMACHI was opened in this difficult situations, but they seemed to have been making amazing hotel without any compromises. I could see warm hospitality and various commitments to quality everywhere. By the way, I really like pajamas !! Very comfortable !! Then my room was immaculate and very beautiful. This would not have been possible without everybody's talent and effort. I hope many guests all over the world will stay at FOUR SEASONS HOTEL TOKYO AT OTEMACHI in the near future !! I will never forget Tokyo Skytree I saw from my room. Thank you very much for giving me a memorable stay."
"As we arrived, we immediately attended and greeted with a warm welcoming smile. We proceed to the reception for check-in. The lady, name: Cara (she is a Korean). Who assist us to ensure everything is in order and well. The housekeeping staffs were very kind and fast in delivering our request. I would like to thank Kana san too, from the pool/fitness reception staff, she is very nice and helpful. All in all the staff did amazing job throughout our stay. Superb! We truly enjoyed the luxury five star,exploring the restaurants, bar and the outstanding spa, fitness, pool experience. The design was modern and stylish, I love every thoughtful details that contribute to the level of service provided at a fabulous property. We will certainly come back."
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143 Reviews
Tokyo Midtown 9-7-1 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
21.4km from Haneda Airport
3.2km from JR Shimbashi Station
3.4km from JR Harajuku Station
830m from Nogizaka
940m from Roppongi
"The hotel has a parking lot with a paid 6000 yen a day. There is no limit on the number of entrances and exits. You can drive directly to the entrance of the first floor of the hotel. There is a valet parking service. The time is 24 hours after the time you first stopped. Hours, if it is slightly more than it is necessary to add fees, it is quite expensive, please pay attention. The hotel is located in the mid-town of Roppongi, the high-end CBD is bustling, and there are many shops and restaurants around. The hotel is directly connected to the mall, so I basically don't eat the hotel's breakfast in Japan, because there are too many choices outside. This time I live on the 48th floor, the view is superb, and I can take a bird's eye view of Tokyo. After getting up in the morning, I went to the gym on the 46th floor. The gym provided towels, bananas and bottled water, and the equipment was also relatively high-end. Looking at the view from the window, the feeling of exercise is great. Hotel room facilities may look older than the newly opened five-star hotel in the country, but after all, it is the Ritz, not going to be bad. I am very satisfied with the attitude and quality of the service staff. I am very happy to help them make some reservations. I have almost never had my own luggage and like this service."
"The service was very good, the check-in encountered a little problem, and the solution was very satisfactory. B1 Unicom Food Street, convenient and delicious. The scenery is absolutely great! The scenery is absolutely great! There are Don Quix in the vicinity, there are 7-11. Take a taxi from Tokyo Station to the hotel for 2,200 yen. Take the subway to change trains in Shinjuku. After the rain, drive to the beautiful rainbow. Really happy! Will stay."
"The scenery is invincible, and the service is good. There are no shortcomings. Maybe the standard is improved by the good service hotel. It feels a little bit less in place, but overall it is very satisfactory. This is the most expensive place to live in Japan. A hotel, of course, is also because of the New Year's relationship. It was originally aimed at the landscape. Other small defects can be ignored. It's worth the price."
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16 Reviews
2-10-4 Toranomon, Tokyo, Japan
20.6km from Haneda Airport
2.0km from JR Shimbashi Station
3.2km from JR Yurakucho Station
540m from Kamiyacho
700m from Roppongi-Itchōme
3.2km from Yūrakuchō Station
1.7km from JR Shimbashi Station
"The room was originally booked because of the price reduction, but was very pleasantly surprised when I arrived. The room was very noble Japanese style. The old hotel was south wing. The Okura Tokyo opened in mid-September 2019. The room view is in the photo. A little distance, but the environment is very elegant. The design of the room is very stylish, and many of them are collectible designs. Examples are also included before and after the cloakroom opens. The cuisine in the hotel is also one of the best restaurants in Tokyo. One is called nobu and the other is Yamayama (don't remember). The experience is very good and I will come back again."
"The renovated Hotel Okura was a surprise in Tokyo this time! This time I stayed in the Okura Heritage, the service and facilities were excellent! No wonder Jobs liked Tokyo Okura so much during his lifetime! Generally, hotel hardware can be used up with money. However, services and software can only reach this level through years of accumulation. All the packages of Heritage are better than after Aman Tokyo, and the service is intimate and convincing! Be sure to stay next time you come to Tokyo!"
"We were two big and two small, booked two rooms and stayed for 7 nights. Actually one room is enough. Two beds can be put together, big! The hotel deserves to be up-to-date, the service is good, and the breakfast is good. Convenient everywhere. A convenience store is just a few minutes walk away."
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39 Reviews
Pacific Century Place 1-11-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
21.2km from Haneda Airport
580m from JR Yurakucho Station
720m from JR Tokyo Station
430m from Kyobashi
510m from Ginza-itchōme
580m from Yūrakuchō Station
"The hotel is next to the train track and you can hear the sound of trains entering and leaving the station. If the nervous guests do not need to live. The hotel is small, there is no swimming pool, there is a small hot spring pool, the area is estimated to be about 6 square meters. The rooms are warmly furnished and the mattresses are soft and hard. The hotel service is good and the surroundings are very convenient. 500 meters to Ginza. There is a lot of food under the hotel. Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building outside 200 also eats a lot, I recommend Amu Dandan, the meat is delicious and spicy! There is sushi & # 127843; on the fifth floor. There is a BMW cafe outside the hotel, rare to see"
"The location is right next to Tokyo Station, it is very convenient to travel, and it is only ten minutes walk to Ginza. As always, the Japanese thoughtful service was great. ——Comment from Qunar.com The staff will take the initiative to ask you about your itinerary and will always take you to the airport bus. The rooms are large and well-equipped, and the details are thoughtful. Also, the bed is too comfortable ..."
"The location of the hotel is superb, and the room of 40 square meters is estimated to be luxurious in downtown Tokyo. Although I was next to the Tokyo Station, the soundproofing was good and there was basically no noise. The hotel can provide a pick-up service from the station. The breakfast is very general, more than 300 yuan, there is nothing to eat too much."
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255 Reviews
1-8-1 Shimo Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
23.4km from Haneda Airport
450m from JR Meguro Station
820m from Fudo-mae Station
460m from Meguro
1.6km from Shirokanedai
820m from Fudomae Station
1.2km from Gotanda
"First impression of the hotel is amazing 1. Location: The hotel is located in Meguro district, very close to Meguro Station. It is convenient to get to Shibuya, Shinjuku, Daikanyama, Harajuku by a few subway stops. There is 711 and drug store near the hotel, which is very convenient. It's not far from Haneda Airport. It costs 8,000 yen by taxi, which takes about half an hour. 2. Hotel decoration: completely Japanese style, very delicate decoration. In particular, the public toilets on the ground floor of the hotel are like a gallery. The room was spacious and the bathroom was oversized. There is also a special cloakroom. 3. The service was good and the waiters were very patient and polite. At check-in at about 7pm, the front desk took us directly to the executive lounge on the top floor, while checking in, we enjoyed free afternoon tea ☕️ Macaron, plum wine, sake, and some other snacks, soft drinks . It only took a little longer to check in, it took about half an hour, but I was okay while waiting for food. Check out was fast. Free wine tasting is available from 8 to 10 pm. Although there are not many types of breakfast, the taste is very good. The hotel has parking."
"At check-in, it was crowded and immediately took me to the lounge. Check-in at the lounge took a while, but it was good because I was having afternoon tea. The bell who guided me to the room also taught me how to use the room. He explained the paintings on the floor, and I thought it was unique to Gajoen. I was worried that there was hair and dust in the bathtub when I entered the room, but I was able to wash it off immediately. So I solved it myself. However, I thought it was not a luxury hotel. I was a little worried that I couldn't carry my luggage to the entrance at check-out and there was no room service. , Other services were so good and comfortable that I didn't really care."
"I live in a high-rise apartment in Tokyo. This time, I chose this because the room is more important than the scenery. The inside of the building is large and clean and bright, but there is no glare and the calm air of Japanese style is comfortable. It was an image of a wedding hall since I was young, but the image changed when I stayed for the first time. The breakfast in the large room was delicious. (I was disappointed with the cold bread...) If I have the opportunity again, I would definitely like to stay alone."
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