Top 10 Twin Towers Hotels

Top 10 Twin Towers Hotels


27 Reviews
1038 Canada Place Way, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
14.6km from Vancouver International Airport
610m from Waterfront Station
1.2km from Vancouver City Centre Station
580m from Burrard
630m from Waterfront
"There is no big problem except that the sheets are not clean. The view from the room is very good, the music in the room is very similar to that of MUJI, which makes people feel comfortable. There are many restaurants in the hotel downstairs. But if the people living in the city center try not to go out at night, I am going to the hotel with my mom that night, and I am scared by what a crazy woman is swearing!"
"Praise! Checkin mentioned the anniversary, and when I return to the house, I will see champagne and snacks. The service staff are very friendly; The second floor Botanist is a very chic restaurant, something delicious, stronger than the surrounding; there is a home ice cream shop on the corner of the first floor, always lined up"
"Hotel location is very good, in the morning to go out and walk a few steps is the seaside, the service is very good, because I have to leave Canada, there are coins in hand, too late, the front desk waiter patiently helped me count the money and changed the banknotes to me, I feel in my heart warm"
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25 Reviews
1128 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
14.0km from Vancouver International Airport
580m from Vancouver City Centre Station
1.1km from Waterfront Station
330m from Burrard
630m from Vancouver City Centre
"Hotel location is very good, downtown! There are also a lot of food around! I like it very much! Especially the pillows are very comfortable, sleep well, so I overslept, and there is no charge after the check-out time!"
"Good hotel, good location, go to Canada Square, gas town, walk, the staff is enthusiastic. The on-site restaurant is very general, but there are restaurants and supermarkets around."
"Usually come fine. The bathroom is a bit cold in winter. The room has no air-conditioned bathroom. The return air lingers in the shower and toilet. I personally feel a little bit cold. Shower room has no door."
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25 Reviews
5911 Minoru Blvd, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
6.3km from Vancouver International Airport
770m from Lansdowne Station
970m from Richmond- Brighouse
800m from Lansdowne
910m from Richmond–Brighouse
"Because I was going to Vancouver for a double test of nucleic acid and serum, I specially found a closer to the clinic. The staff were very enthusiastic and helped to print out the report, which was very helpful."
"There is a spider web in the corner. As shown in the figure, the drainage pipe is not well drained, the water is accumulated, and the kettle is not boiled. The overall feeling is equivalent to the domestic 2−3 star hotel. The cost is not low."
"With the domestic Hilton is completely two meanings, the order can not be retired on Ctrip can not retreat. The quilt is two sheets and one is not covered by the core, it feels weird."
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12 Reviews
1177 Melville Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
14.3km from Vancouver International Airport
800m from Vancouver City Centre Station
1.1km from Waterfront Station
320m from Burrard
810m from Granville
"The location of the hotel is very core, next to the trump building. The hotel service is very good, with luggage, the front desk is very warm, and also introduced us to Vancouver's play places and food. After communicating with the front desk, I also changed the room with a bathtub. The overall evaluation was very good. The room was very clean. The only thing that is not very good is that the hotel can only be valet parking, 45 knives after tax, others are good."
"Hotel location is good, one step away from shopping and restaurants in the city center, less than half an hour to the airport. The room is new and the bathroom is very large. The service attitude is first-class, from the front desk to the cleaning to the concierge are very polite, will stay here next time."
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Very Good
10 Reviews
7571 Westminster Highway, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
6.1km from Vancouver International Airport
620m from Richmond- Brighouse
700m from Lansdowne Station
570m from Richmond–Brighouse
1.0km from Lansdowne
610m from Lansdowne Station
"The hotel is located in the Richmond area, close to the airport, there are many good Chinese restaurants around, because this is a temporary room for colleagues, summer vacation season weekend Vancouver hotels are full, this price is good."
"Hotel location is good, very convenient, in the most concentrated Chinese food area, convenient to the airport, room equipment is a bit old, but the facilities are complete, Marriott's service has always been trustworthy."
"I really didn't have a good rest. It started in the morning, and the upstairs was beaten and beaten, and it continued all day! It’s like a decoration! Lived downstairs guests! I really can't stand it! Never live again!"
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19 Reviews
900 Canada Place Way, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
14.3km from Vancouver International Airport
430m from Waterfront Station
890m from Vancouver City Centre Station
460m from Waterfront
520m from Burrard
"The front desk lady is super good. I gave a corner room. Two large windows. The location is right next to the sea. It looks good at night. There is a free shuttle. It is very convenient to go to the suspension bridge park."
"In Vancouver downtown, the bay view room is near the sea, the pier, and there is a network of red sushi restaurants across the street. It is worth a visit."
"The location is very good, but some of the rooms are old and overall good."
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386 Reviews
3111 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
830m from Vancouver International Airport
4.9km from Templeton Station
6.4km from Marine Drive Station
740m from YVR–Airport
2.3km from Sea Island Centre
"The hotel is in the airport terminal, which is very convenient. It is also necessary to check the body temperature during the epidemic. Hotel staff also wear masks. You can order takeaway directly downstairs, which is very convenient. Richmond can send a lot of delicious food. Although the plane can be seen from the window, there is no noise at all. The toiletries are also very nice. Stayed for two nights and the experience was very good."
"It’s very convenient, you don’t have to leave the terminal. You don’t need to take off your luggage, just store it in the hotel warehouse, and you can check in easily. very good. The only unsatisfactory thing is that there is no mineral water and the refrigerator is not available. Not like a five-star hotel"
"During the epidemic, the hotel does not include breakfast, you can order food to your room. Ordering on the app rice ball🍙 will also be delivered to the hotel in 30-40 minutes. The hotel is upstairs in the departure hall. I checked my luggage and went back to the hotel to check out."
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11 Reviews
7551 Westminster Highway, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
6.3km from Vancouver International Airport
720m from Lansdowne Station
940m from Richmond- Brighouse
750m from Lansdowne
890m from Richmond–Brighouse
"The service didn't have to be said, all the staff were very welcoming. The location is very good, there is a large shopping mall downstairs, and eating around is very convenient. The airport shuttle is very convenient, and the driver is quite kind. The shortcomings may be that the hotel is a bit old and the balcony door cannot be closed in place. I do n’t know why this is not the case. The air conditioner in the house is always on. It is not a noise, but it is a sound that cannot be ignored."
"The hotel for the elderly was in a good location, but the third-party agent did not transfer the money to the hotel in time, which made the two elderly people hard to do more than 12:00 at night. Ctrip helped me to think that I had to solve the problem with another prepayment. The old man’s inability to stay. This Ctrip customer service is still good, has been eager to help my continuous agents and hotels. But sincerely recommend changing to an agent, this is too bad."
"The hotel room is relatively large. It is very convenient to eat Chinese food nearby. It can be parked overnight. The service attitude is very good. Near the airport, there is a shuttle bus to the airport every half hour, about 15 minutes."
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10 Reviews
845 Hornby Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
13.9km from Vancouver International Airport
470m from Vancouver City Centre Station
1.1km from Waterfront Station
510m from Burrard
520m from Vancouver City Centre
"This time at Ctrip.com, this hotel first encountered the problem of Ctrip's promotion of Chinese services and found that there was no Chinese service at all. After communicating with Ctrip, it helped to provide a temporary solution. I did not expect that there was another unpleasant episode during the check-out at the hotel. After the check-in, the front desk did not take the initiative to give me an accommodation bill. To be honest, I did n’t remember to ask, or another guest found that his bill was wrong. It was there that I remembered that I should also take a look at my bill. As a result, there was an error in printing, and I charged 44.47 more for parking. I felt wrong even though my English was not good. They immediately took back the bill and tore it off. They recalculated and printed it out, and then came back. They only returned me 35 yuan and asked why it was not returned in full. Then the front desk tore the bill back again. Then recalculate and print it out correctly. I was very unhappy with their inattentive service. The end result was that they wrote this small note to me, and apologized and explained it. To be honest, I apologize for their apology. I really regret it. I booked this hotel on Ctrip. Ctrip introduced that there is Chinese service. In fact, they did not provide any Chinese service at all. The latter mistake led me to this so-called five-star Wedgewood leisure hotel with ancient European tradition Wedgewood Hotel feels very bad, this is the only regret in my Canadian trip [naughty]"
"This is a wonderful hotel, the decor is beautiful and elegant and Sophisticated. The spa is beautiful and I had a wonderful massage by Lauren , I slept so well after it. The food is wonderful and a beautiful menu catering for all needs. The rooms are comfortable and relaxing and clean The biggest positive though are all the staff, they are so accommodating, are genuinely wonderful and they give that personal touch of excellent service, they make this charming hotel even more charming again I was staying for 3 nights and then was checked into another hotel for 2 nights and even though the other hotel was nice , I changed my mind and went back to the Wedgewood Hotel. This hotel is definitely worth visiting and I can truly say that I will be staying here every time I visit Vancouver Well done to all the team that work in this hotel 💫 Amazing Jackie "
"Our room 901 was so comfortable with a view of Robson square and city views. The Wedgewood doorman ( from Newfoundland) is best described as the “quintessential ambassador” for both The Wedgewood and Vancouver!! The hotel’s central location let us enjoy a walk to Stanley Park and an evening stroll to see St. Paul’s Christmas Lights of Hope. The lobby put us in the Christmas spirit as it was nicely decorated while maintaining a homey feel....complete with a roaring fireplace that actually gave off heat."
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79 Reviews
Suite 300-999 Canada Place, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
14.2km from Vancouver International Airport
370m from Waterfront Station
830m from Vancouver City Centre Station
390m from Waterfront
390m from Waterfront
"The location is excellent, the airport can come by subway and then take two steps. Just upstairs in the cruise terminal, it is very convenient to take a cruise and watch the leap in Canada. I arrived at 11 o'clock and let me stay. This is very good. The room is at the corner, so it is very big. Although the city view is booked, it is actually watching the sea. It is just on the floor of the terrace. There are some shelters outside the window. I feel that it is completely acceptable. Closer to the patio door, people can hear the door closing when they enter and exit, but the terrace is not open in the morning and at night, so it does not affect sleep. Sit on the terrace and it is very comfortable to blow. The swimming pool is small and can be played for children. There is also a bath in the warm pool, which is even smaller. Downstairs Starbucks can buy breakfast, local tyrants can also eat the hotel. I took a few steps and went to eat the pancakes, which was super delicious. The hotel can send the baggage to the cruise for free, and you need to print the baggage in advance. This was originally a very good additional service. As a result, the phone used to tell me that the baggage was coming soon. The first time was 1 hour. I was still waiting to go out for breakfast. It was really tormented."
"The location of the hotel doesn’t have to say, it’s super awesome 👍🏼 Hapy during the Spring Festival 🎁 The current price is super surprise, but the low price is also low service... There is no daily room service, the wine glasses in the room, etc. are replaced with disposable, mini The bar is empty, and the restaurant downstairs is not all open, hey, it won't be possible during the epidemic! It’s snowing in the second day of the second day of the year ❄️ can be regarded as a New Year’s surprise!"
"A little expensive, but located in the city center, by the sea. The scenery is very beautiful and easy to go anywhere. Although the facilities are a bit old, the waiters are really attentive. I forgot to give a tip in the first few days, but later felt that such an intimate cleaning had to be tipped. Put up two photos of sunrise in the morning. Overall, value for money."
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