Top 10 Villager Hotels

Top 10 Villager Hotels


12 Reviews
Priestfield Road, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
"The hotel was converted from a private villa of the old duke hundreds of years ago. The room is small, there is no way to an extra bed, but the environment is very good. The large lawn at the entrance of the hotel is a golf course. The hotel also has a lot of peacocks flying around, and there is a yellow, black and two cows in the cattle farm. Children are more happy to play inside. A lot of people also came to have afternoon tea, and I also booked a private room where the Queen was said to have had afternoon tea. In short, staying here is quite leisurely, and taxis to Edinburgh city centre are less than 10 minutes away."
"The check-in was very comfortable and the service was very good. The suitcase code of the day was forgotten. The younger brother at the front desk patiently ran two times and tried to help us open! The hotel is very beautiful and has an English manor! But to get used to the inconvenience caused by old-fashioned objects, the faucet of the washstand is separated from cold water and hot water, which is a little inconvenient. Free bed for us, breakfast is more traditional English, but very nutritious! Afternoon tea can also be experienced!"
"The best hotel I have ever stayed at, the price is absolutely good, the breakfast is delicious, including the Scottish cuisine haggis, the daily chocolate biscuits (free) in the room, the normal hotel, put two bottles of water is good, the water of the glass bottle 4 The bottle is small, and the 2 bottles are full of sincerity. There are 3 peacocks in the hotel yard that can be fed, which is very flattering. The waiters are dressed in Scottish dresses, very polite and courteous."
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21 Reviews
20 North Bridge, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
"The location is very good, it is convenient for trains, airplanes, buses and nights without worrying about going back late or going out at any time. The only thing to pay attention to is to ask for several floors, usually the fourth floor is the first floor of the old town street. It is three floors that are close to the train station, and are ordered four floors or more. Recently, the bridge is under construction. I felt that the room was covered with things like blankets and gray. The decoration style is awesome, and it was changed from the previous Scottish newspaper industry. Like the bar downstairs, a cup of coffee is not too expensive every night, 6-7.5 fat. There is also the indifferent face in the front desk of the store. We are unhappy about changing sheets and checking out one hour late. One is insisting that if you stay for two nights, you will not change sheets. I knocked on the table and said that we want Stayed for three nights, the second is that the small blood stains that are not cleaned are not mine. The third is to change the sheets and the difference is important? The man who was stunned immediately closed his mouth. Check-out is generally 11 o'clock, most people are not mentally prepared at this time."
"Breakfast at the hotel is good and the concierge service is warm and attentive. The decoration style in the room is elegant and exquisite, and there is no problem in living with children. The hotel's front desk is on the fourth floor of the road opposite the train station. There is no problem taking the elevator. It is actually very tiring to climb up."
"The breakfast at the hotel is very good, the amount is too much, the hotel is also very good, big, new and clean, the location is also very good next to the train station, the attraction is also very convenient, many shops in Edinburgh closed at 5 o'clock, It is too early, the price is not too expensive in the UK! Recommended"
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85 Reviews
38 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
"Very disappointed with our stay here we were moved rooms as the toilet wasn’t working but it took an hour to move us , the new room was clean and had no dressing gowns , we didn’t realise this till the morning as we were wanting to go straight out . The breakfast took over 20 mins to be served to us and wasn’t very warm The decor of the hotel was very nice and the beds very comfortable , but we were woken up by house keeping at 9 when we complained at reception they said it was because the system hadn’t changed our rooms and house keeping thought it was empty We didn’t get to use the spa as we ran out of time due to breakfast taking so long The hotel did look beautiful but the rooms were a bit of a disappointment "
"The hotel is very well decorated, the family likes it, the garden restaurant is outstanding and the breakfast is rich. The city of Edinburgh is small and the hotel is a little far from the old town attractions, but it is also acceptable. I can see Edinburgh Castle in the room, very nice"
"Super five-star service. The uncle who helped 拎 luggage introduced the various configurations of the hotel warmly. Ask me if I am Chinese or not. It ’s the 70th anniversary of the National Day. Breakfast is varied but tastes average The room is not very big Five-star experience"
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50 Reviews
1 Princes Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
"A total of two rooms and four rooms were booked, and the overall performance in all aspects was very good. The layout of the rooms is reasonable, even the smallest classic room does not feel cramped. In particular, the bathroom has a separate dressing table and a large mirror, which is well received. The location is very good, Edinburgh's main attractions are within 15 minutes of walking (of course, Edinburgh attractions are already very concentrated). The public space is beautiful and elegant, and the service is warm and in place. The only minor problem was that when I checked out on the first trip, I was given a £103.5 bill, a £3.5 mini bar and a £100 reservation for the restaurant (we didn’t open the mini at all, nor booked it. Restaurant), after arguing for some reason, the front desk said that it might be wrong. Although the bill was cancelled, it was inevitable that it was unpleasant and destroyed the perfect experience of the whole stay."
"The location is very good, the train station elevator is just across the road. Upgraded the room for free, the breakfast was delicious, the service was attentive, there was floor heating, and the shampoo was unexpectedly useful! The most satisfying residence in the UK. I went to Aunt Rowling's room to check in. Unfortunately, someone moved in ..."
"It should be the best hotel in Edinburgh, it is deserved to be famous, the train station is out, the main city can go anywhere, 552 is the room where JK Rowling lived. It's hard to decide. Everything else is great. I saw the fireworks at the closing of the Edinburgh Festival."
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10 Reviews
7 Rothesay Terrace, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
"We stayed here some time ago, and had no hestitation in booking it again for our visit to Edinburgh. It really is a beautiful place to stay; the rooms are lovely as are the common areas. Everywhere is very clean and well kept. The first time we came here, we had a suite which was huge, with two bathrooms, a full sized dining table, and two TVs! This time we had a 'normal' room, which although, as expected, was smaller, was still a lovely size, with a big bed, a couch, and a small table with chairs. There is a fridge and microwave in the room as well as crockery and cutlery, so you can eat in if you just need to heat your food. You can order meals to eat in your room (breakfast and dinner) which comes from the sister hotel nearby. The bathroom was gorgeous, with a bath and separate shower. The service was absolutely super - friendly and efficient. It's a wee bit of a walk from Princes street, but we enjoyed being slightly out of the city centre. Very grand for a reasonable price."
"We stayed here for two nights, we just had a standard suite but it was massive - bathroom absolutely huge too with a spa bath and shower. Staff were great. It was my birthday during our stay and I came back that evening to a card and a voucher for a free drink in the bar, really nice touch. Breakfast is delivered to your room, there’s a great selection to pick from and it’s lovely to sit in front of the window overlooking the city rather than having to get ready to go down to breakfast! Parking is great, little difficult to find at first but there’s plenty of space out the front of the hotel to quickly pop in and ask. Given the price other hotels charge for a car park, this place is ridiculous value for money with parking included. 10 minute walk to the city centre/castle etc as well as plenty of restaurants just around the corner. "
"This is the second time we have stayed in this hotel, we thought our room last time was impressive, but suite five is beyond words!! We had our toddler with us for this visit and the rooms are so big I could t find the cot when we first arrived! Like everyone, the cooked breakfast was a miss, but the room service continental breakfast was still superb and would not put us off coming. Fantastic customer service from everyone we came into contact with - would return immediately "
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33 Reviews
Princes Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
5.1km from East Nanjing Road
"The hotel rooms are very nice, the retro feel and the design is very good. It is recommended to come to Edinburgh, you can try it. The service is also very good, the front desk staff are very warm and there is a grandfather wearing a Scottish skirt. Very enthusiastic and also voluntarily said that you can take a photo and take the initiative to take the box. It was raining when we stayed, and we went to the front desk and borrowed an umbrella~ Book in Ctrip in advance, just say your last name. Quick search~ When I booked, I just started to watch more than 1,000. The second time I saw it was more than 600, and the price rose very scary. The restaurant is also very nice, but there is nothing to eat in order to catch the trip. So if you have time, try it, but put apples and lemonade at the door~"
"Just on the edge of the castle, the location is very good. But the room for me is not facing the street, the advantage is quiet, but at the same time I can't see the scenery outside the window. The decoration style girlfriend likes it very much. The hotel has a history of more than 100 years, the floor is very good, there is parking place, but it is quite expensive for £25 a night. There is also a gym and swimming pool."
"First of all, the location of the hotel is very good, it is about 2 kilometers from the castle, and on the most prosperous street of Edinburgh It looks very old outside the hotel, but there is no doorman on the doorstep Room check-in experience is average, can not experience the feeling of being served The corridor smells heavy, and the hotel is a bit old The room was clean but small. It is recommended to travel in the morning, couples should book a bed and breakfast"
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5 Reviews
3 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
"From the start of booking until the last moment we left the hotel, 21212 have been an absolute pleasure. I would like to thank Katie for her offer of room service when it became obvious that the restaurants and bars would be closed across the city during our stay. It was for my 40th birthday and I felt that my whole stay was very luxurious. 21212 is such a stunning grand building, well placed for exploring the city, places just behind Calton Hill. Our room (room 1) was absolutely stunning. The huge bathroom (the biggest hotel bathroom I've ever seen) was my highlight with a huge egg bath and heated flooring. The view over the city to the Firth of Forth is breathtaking. The food which we had served in our room was just amazing - I'm vegetarian and I had a barley risotto and pasta. But the dishes themselves were stunning and I can't wait to come back and try the restaurant. I had a chocolate and apricot brulee each night as it was the best dessert I've ever had. I enjoyed breakfast - in particular the muesli. It was a quiet stay with the restaurant closed and only 4 rooms in the hotel, but we loved it and will return."
"Like all of the previous reviews, we found the bedroom beautifully decorated and spacious. The location is fantastic for walking into town and easy to find. Masks were worn in the public areas of the hotel and we felt safe. We very much enjoyed the restaurant, which I have written about in a separate review. However, we didn’t find that the hotel service was in-line with previous 5-star experiences. We actually felt rather uncomfortable. One of the staff members made us feel like a burden, sounding exasperated when we asked for tea even though the welcome letter encourages guests to call to ask for drinks. Worth noting that eating in the bedrooms is frowned upon - The advice from the hotel says no takeaways (which I understand) but when we ate a simple cold salad in the room we were told “don’t get any on the soft furnishings” which I felt was exceptionally rude! Finally a heads up that metered parking outside the hotel is up to 4 hours only, so you’ll need to use the Qpark up the road. It’s easy to find, but due to current renovations there are very few spaces and it’s expensive."
"My husband and I stayed in a most sumptuous room at 21212. It was perhaps the fourth time we’ve visited and as always we had a fabulous experience at this delightful ’restaurant with rooms’. All staff are so pleasant, humorous and keen to please. The bedroom and quality bathroom were immaculately clean as was all other areas of the building. Our room had a great view towards the river Forth but it was hard to get out of such a comfy bed to enjoy it! Going back again for sure."
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28 Reviews
1 Festival Square, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
"Absolutely beautiful hotel, perfect room, spacious, modern & great design. Nice view of castle and Edinburgh. We used the One Spa also which was absolutely incredible!! Beautiful, clean stunning spa. Every area of the spa was first class. Breakfast was outstanding 👌🏻 we also ate tea my meal was lovely! I had the chicken with mushrooms and hollandaise sauce 10 out of 10! Overall would highly recommend and can’t wait to go back 😍"
"After watching a lot of hotels, the hotel's executive floor was finally confirmed and the landscape room was upgraded. Sitting on the sofa in the room, the back of Edinburgh is clearly visible. There are free happy hours and snacks, but there are many types of wine to drink. Because it's raining and jet lag, eating a snack is enough. The location is good, not far to Edinburgh and then going back from downtown. It's basically wherever you go."
"Because of the children, there is a pool and Sheraton. In fact, the pool is open from 3 to 5 pm. As a tourist, this is definitely still outside, so there is no time to go swimming. Always set up an apartment with a cheap price and a kitchen. The room is really not worth it. It is not recommended. Still better than the Scottish fate near the train station"
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Very Good
23 Reviews
19 - 21 George Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
"The hotel is newly renovated and the facilities are relatively new. Good location, easy to walk to city. The bedding was comfortable, but the double bed was a bit small. The little brother at the door greeted him in a Scottish skirt with special enthusiasm. I almost forgot something when I checked out today. Fortunately, they reminded me to help me find the bag, but I didn't lose it. Breakfast is just a regular English breakfast, nothing special."
"Location and service were excellent. The hotel staff are very kind, the room facilities are clean and welcoming, the toilets are large, and there are many free Scottish biscuits in the rooms for guests to taste. Breakfast In addition to the buffet, you can also order fresh breakfast on the menu, which are all very delicious. Overall, the cp value is quite high, highly recommended!"
"The bathroom is especially special! The location is very good, it is very convenient to go anywhere, the breakfast is generally the same, but the food is still no problem. The type of breakfast is as big as the counter in the picture, you can also add some food. Parking at the door, the cost is unknown"
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19 Reviews
6 Market Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
"I must say this is the most desirable hotel I have stayed in three times in Edinburgh! It's very close to the train station. There is no need to climb the stairs after leaving the station. It's very easy to find. Reception is on the seventh floor. Every staff is very friendly. The main thing is that the decoration of the room is really great. The solid wood and warm light are super healing. The provided shampoo conditioner shower gel moisturizer is very good, the hair dryer is dyson, as well as a handheld iron and straight hair stick, it may be noted that the hotel does not provide disposable toothpaste and toothbrush. Breakfast can be ordered on the morning of the day, 15 pounds per person, there are many delicious types, there seems to be afternoon tea. I have booked hotels many times with Ctrip. For the first time, I have lived in this hotel. The idea that I must let more people see the hotel is really good value for me."
"For a traveler who does not speak English, this hotel is really good. The location of the hotel is at the exit of the train station and the lobby is on the 7th floor. You just need to learn a sentence (I do not speak English) and pass the passport to the staff directly. Good handling, the room is also very good, the bedroom and bathroom are separated, which is equivalent to two rooms. There is an elevator directly to the ground in the train station, and you do n’t need to climb the stairs with a large suitcase. of. In addition to the room, there are many snacks that should be charged. The front desk will charge a deposit when checking in, and just swipe the credit card."
"The location is very good, right out of Waverley Station. When arriving at the hotel, the staff was very kind and would ask if you want a glass of champagne. Secondly, the hotel is within walking distance of major tourist streets, Royal Mile, Princes Street, and George Street. There is capsule coffee in the hotel room, and the drinks are free. I stayed for three days. After the drink, I will add it for free. Although the hotel breakfast has not changed, it tastes good. Edinburgh is worth watching slowly. The pace is slower than the city. People are more relaxed and like to chat. Will come again next time, live here."
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Top 10 Villager Hotels & Weather

Aug 6, 2021
14 ~ 19℃
Aug 6, 2021
14℃ / 19℃
Aug 7, 2021
14℃ / 18℃
Aug 8, 2021
13℃ / 19℃
Aug 9, 2021
12℃ / 20℃
Aug 10, 2021
0℃ / 0℃
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Edinburgh
Aug 5, 2021 Edinburgh Weather:Sunny, Humidity:0%, Sunrise/Sunset:05:22/21:15
With the coming of spring in April and May, the air turns warm and comfortable. Comparatively, not many tourists are here during this period of time. It is appropriate to wear T shirts and pants in their summer, which lasts from June to August. During this period, Edinburgh celebrates 4 international festivals; namely International art Festival, Fringe festival, Military Tattoo and Book Festival. Most tourists come during this period and the hotel rates are high. Edinburgh’s autumn is from mid-August to September and it is cooler, so do remember your light jacket. From October to March comes the long winter where the temperature could go down to around -5℃. It is strongly suggested that you bring along winter clothing.
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