Top 10 Wanstead Hotels

Top 10 Wanstead Hotels


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10 Trinity Square, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
10.8km from London City Airport
300m from Fenchurch Street Railway Station
1.1km from Cannon Street station
140m from Tower Hill
530m from Aldgate East
11.1km from London City Airport
980m from Cannon Street station
"The historic building renovation hotel can touch the history and feel the time and space. Next door to the hotel is the tower hill subway station, really isolated. Across the road from the Tower of London, you can walk to the river and walk to St. Paul's Church and the Millennium Bridge. This season is newly opened, the owners are Chinese, so there are more Chinese employees inside, and they attach great importance to Chinese guests. When I arrived, the doorman gave me the name "Mr xxx, welcome to..." when I opened the taxi door. I was pleasantly surprised and surprised. Jessie Xi, the Chinese reception manager, waited for me at the front desk early. After checking in, I took a trip in the hotel, introduced the history, functions and highlights of the hotel, and upgraded the room type. The Chinese restaurant inside is also famous for its deliciousness. This trip has lived in six 5-star hotels in London. This hotel is the most intimate and most valued guest. The focus is on, and the price is quite reasonable."
"Booked a deluxe room, the room is very large, the room in a hotel of the same price is quite large. The service attitude is very good. Very friendly to the Chinese. Welcome to see your car stopped and will run down to open the door for you. The front desk will see you come in and it will be Say hi all the way. After check-in, the person will lead you into the room. It feels good! highly recommended"
"The hotel is located in the bustling area of London, and the Tower Bridge is a five minute walk from the area. The hotel itself has a historical and cultural atmosphere, and the service level is good. There are Chinese restaurants and suites are particularly large. Don’t save money when you stay here, and you can’t pick anything wrong."
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12 Reviews
5 Fairmont Avenue, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
5.2km from Mile End
38.0km from Stratford
6.0km from London City Airport
2.7km from Limehouse Railway Station
3.7km from Royal Victoria Station
1.6km from Canary Wharf
3.3km from Canning Town
6.1km from London City Airport
1.3km from Canary Wharf
1.8km from Canning Town
"The geographical environment is beautiful and the transportation is convenient. It is a bit far from the city center. I have a lot of breakfast and I like it very much in the gym. There is also a free sauna, but girls are not convenient to use, because men and women mix steam room."
"Breakfast was ok. Hotel is good Ordered two orders and it didn't make me move things again to change the room. I also arranged a car to the airport, and finally caught up with the airport"
"15 minutes walk from the subway station, the environment is better, although it is to find a hotel for the concert, but the hotel is very good in all aspects, very satisfied"
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37 Reviews
150 Piccadilly, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
15.7km from London City Airport
2.3km from Victoria Station
2.7km from Victoria Railway Station
160m from Green Park
660m from Piccadilly Circus
16.0km from London City Airport
1.6km from Charing Cross Station
1.5km from Charing Cross Station
1.7km from Victoria Railway Station
"Very good stay experience, gorgeous and beautiful environment, thoughtful and welcoming service, impressive. The room is comfortable, the space is large and the light is good. The Liz restaurant is a Michelin star and the dining is exquisite and delicious. The breakfast buffet is very good and you can choose to add an English breakfast. Afternoon tea is very popular, there are 4 time options, all of which need to be booked, except for breakfast, you can wear some formal clothes. The hotel has prepared a "VIK" card for the children, a small gift, and can go to the restaurant to receive free ice cream, the children are very happy."
"I don't know if I lived in Liz in China. Anyway, I feel that Liz in London is not bad. The price is still very expensive. I don't know if it is because of Chinese people. I feel that the room type is the worst in the hotel! I don't know if it is because of the bad English, I feel that I feel cold and feel like I feel at home. (The service staff I met when I checked out was much better!)!"
"Beautiful hotel in a beautiful location , staff so welcoming before you even get inside they are outside smiling & welcoming you , doing what they can to assist you. Reception & concierge are fantastic , cases delivered to our room almost instantly. The bar restaurant & afternoon tea was 100/100 we will definitely be back , felt like home "
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72 Reviews
1C Portland Place, Regent Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
17.3km from London City Airport
2.0km from Euston Train Station
2.1km from Marylebone Station
400m from Oxford Circus
790m from Bond Street
17.0km from London City Airport
2.0km from Marylebone Station
2.2km from Euston Train Station
1.8km from Euston Train Station
1.9km from Marylebone Station
"Lang Ting's service is always in place My girl friend and I first chose Lang Ting in Shenzhen, and then went to Hong Kong and also chose Ting Sha Tsui. Up to now, I have also chosen to live in London. The best thing about this hotel brand is the intimate service as always, and the service attitude that began to settle in 1865. In general, Langham London is not as big as new domestic stores and new facilities. But this hotel embodies a long-established and noble hotel brand everywhere. Holidays overall clean and tidy Room service in place The smell is fragrant The main thing is that the location of this store is really good, just at the end of Regent Street, opposite the BBC."
"The hotel is in a good location, a few steps away from Regent Street, Oxford Street and Bond Street. The hotel is very historic, but the interior decoration is not old. The room should be relatively large in this location. The hotel service is very good. In place, afternoon tea is great (but my personal taste does not like traditional scones), breakfast is a bit simple, but the service is very good, I told the waiter that I don’t like English breakfast, I like pancake, the waiter immediately let The kitchen made a copy to me, the service really didn't say it, but it may also be that I was lucky enough to have no bad people and things. I recommend staying in general!"
"After choosing and choosing, I finally booked the trip to London in Langham. At Regent Street, next to the BBC, not far from the Queen's house, 6 or 7 minutes walk from Oxford Underground Station, is said to occupy the central axis of London. Although the hotel has a long history, the internal facilities and butler service are quite in place, and the details are very good. Breakfast and afternoon tea are very well known, and things are not too many, but the quality is quite good. If you can arrange a better floor and a room with a view, all this can be described as perfect."
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23 Reviews
Whitehall Place, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
14.2km from London City Airport
500m from Charing Cross Station
2.0km from London Waterloo Railway Station
270m from Embankment
330m from Charing Cross
14.6km from London City Airport
1.1km from Waterloo Station
"At the time of the check-in, I was recommended to upgrade the room. Many hotels had to add 100 pounds to the house without any problem. As a result, the next morning, the breakfast was served for another 75 pounds or not. It doesn't matter! From 11:20, someone came to the doorbell and said it was to view the mini bar,? ? Then I called and said that I can check out the front desk a little later and say no, well, I started to collect my luggage quickly. However, just after 12 o'clock, I came to pick up the doorbell. After a while, I came back and called the doorbell. 20 minutes out of the room, before calling to remind. Such a hotel will never go back to live!"
"The hotel is a pleasant surprise, the location is excellent, especially the inside of the SPA (absolutely going) without massage to the pool is definitely more than any five-star hotel in the city of London. The breakfast is very delicious (something is not as good as those in Asia, but it is of quality (the variety is actually rich in European hotels; and the seasons are one level). Generally, the room cannot accommodate an extra bed, and the width is not enough. However, the big bed in the big bed room is very wide, I think it is more than 2 meters."
"The health of this hotel is simply inexplicable. It is twice as expensive as usual. Living in such a room, the good mood for the new year is gone! The bathroom heater was all gray, and the towels were unbearable. The most incomprehensible thing was that the cotton balls were moldy. The Chinese reception at the front desk was neither warm nor cold, but it was better to say something like gold than to a little blond girl who was enthusiastic and helpful. It is commendable for the afternoon tea in the hotel. The taste of the sandwich Sikang is very good. There are enough desserts with good taste. The staff are very nice."
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152 Reviews
31 St Thomas Street, Southwark, Greater London, United Kingdom
11.0km from Mile End
30.0km from Stratford
13.4km from London City Airport
200m from London Bridge Train Railway Station
1.1km from Cannon Street station
200m from London Bridge
710m from Borough
"Come to attend the graduation ceremony. The family has a fun trip. I did n’t say anything about living in the fragment building. The service was great. The three people stayed in the hotel at night (although we do n’t need it). All the toothbrushes and slippers were prepared for three people. It ’s intimate! The location is also very good. The black line and gray line of the subway are just downstairs. Various buses and southeast lines of the south train line don't want to leave."
"Checked in for the fourth time ~ The rooms allocated to the same room type seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Fortunately, the next day, the lady at the front desk changed to another room. It ’s better. Service is full marks. At the checkout, more than one hundred pounds of consumption were added to the bill. After checking, the excess amount was removed. It is recommended that you check the order when you check out."
"A hotel worth staying in London! The view is very good, the rooms are large, and the quality of equipment and supplies is worthy of the standard of a five-star hotel! The hotel is very new and there is a subway station downstairs. There is a Boluo market next door, many special snacks, black caviar from a seafood restaurant is recommended, and the price is super high!"
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76 Reviews
2 Whitehall Court, London, SW1A 2EJ, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
14.5km from London City Airport
470m from Charing Cross Station
1.1km from Waterloo Station
240m from Embankment
300m from Charing Cross
14.8km from London City Airport
"The location of the hotel is really good. It is on the Thames River, and No. 10 Downing Street is behind it. The safety is definitely not to be said, and the surrounding environment is also very outstanding. You can see the London Eye directly from the room you booked, but the hotel itself has a sense of age. The balcony is a bit depressing because the railing is too low and the windows cannot be fully opened. It’s really a pleasant surprise to have a hot water bottle in the hotel’s supporting facilities. There are matching slippers, shampoo and conditioner. Blue is shampoo and white is conditioner. Very old and cheap shampoo. Dry. No toothbrush or shower gel. A deposit of 60 pounds is required for check-in, and all expenses during the check-in process will be deducted from the deposit. I drank two bottles of water and ate a breakfast which cost 23 pounds. Breakfast should be 17 pounds. Breakfast is normal. You can try English breakfast. There are two stalls to communicate with the front desk during meal time (7:30 and 10:00). There are not many places to have breakfast in the surrounding area, and you have to walk a distance. There is no hall from the nearest pret. Eating is embarrassing. It’s actually very safe to walk around at night. It’s a good choice to go to see Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Wake up the next morning and make an appointment in advance to see Van Gogh Monet in the National Gallery. The hotel is very close to the attractions in the city center. It is recommended to walk in Chinatown and Regent Street. The taxi is all one-way and it will be very slow."
"Compared to hotels with vintage years, when I checked in, I said that my order could not be found, and I waited at the front desk for at least half an hour, saying that the agent did not send the order to them, but when I called Ctrip, Ctrip said it had a record, The hotel front desk said that they did not receive the confirmation email. Generally speaking, with that kind of polite smile, there is still a gap with the later stay in pullman"
"The receptionist was very enthusiastic and friendly. The girls and the manager who received us on the front desk also thanked them very much and gave us a satisfactory room. The room was free to eat. The downtown hotel environment was good and it opened again the next day. Two rooms, next time I come to London"
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51 Reviews
336-337 The Strand, City of Westminster, Greater London, United Kingdom
14.1km from London City Airport
630m from Charing Cross Station
1.1km from Waterloo Station
460m from Temple
540m from Covent Garden
14.2km from London City Airport
640m from Charing Cross Station
"After I went to Finland with my friends, I came to London to do something alone to see my friends and school. This hotel is located at the corner of a road junction, parking is not convenient. Very cool hotel, a bit like W but not so night club feel, the bed was comfortable and clean. The indoor temperature is just average, the air-conditioning will turn off by itself, maybe I won't make it. There was sound on the TV, but it was gone the next day. The location is good, not far from several subway stations, just a few minutes walk to the Thames. Close to the covent garden, 15 minutes walk to Chinatown. If you like to watch musical, this place is perfect, next to mama Mia and Lion King, les miserables are in Chinatown. When I checked-in, I was upsell to a high-rise with a terrace, and I could see the London Eye. Actually not very cost-effective, but because I spend a lot of time in the hotel this time, okay. I do n’t order breakfast. The continental buffet is 19 pounds. If you eat hot food, such as omelette, it is 33 pounds. When you check out, pay attention to the bill. Someone in my room has charged 60 pounds. I checked the bill and found that my name was not me. anyway, contrast Savoy diagonally opposite, completely different styles, you can also try. One more thing, I walk 5 minutes from my friend's house, so I still like it."
"The location is very good and the design is great. My double room, the front desk said that it was not big enough to bring the children, so I upgraded the extra bed. When I went in, I was shocked that the room was very big and the bed was big enough for the children. Why do you have to have an extra bed? . . Asked if there is a package for breakfast, the answer is vague, it seems to be a single point, so I have no choice. The baggage was transported a little slow, and one of the elevators in the middle was broken and it was not repaired. There are other people's consumption and signature on the checkout bill, and I wrote my room number. I don't think the hotel has checked it carefully. So if I have 100 points, I think the designer can get 70 points. The service is polite and lengthy. Hope can be improved, after all, the price is high."
"The hotel lobby smells particularly good, and when we go at Christmas, a huge Christmas tree is projected on the wall, which has a festive atmosphere. There are drinks while waiting. The restaurant on the top floor is also great and worth spending. Hotel location is also very convenient, very good ~"
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190 Reviews
252 High Holborn, London, Camden, Greater London, United Kingdom
28.0km from Stratford
14.5km from London City Airport
1.7km from Charing Cross Station
1.9km from Euston Train Station
170m from Holborn
520m from Chancery Lane
14.7km from London City Airport
1.7km from Euston Train Station
1.7km from London Blackfriars Station
150m from Holborn
500m from Chancery Lane
1.6km from Charing Cross Station
1.9km from London Blackfriars Station
"The second time I stayed, it was obvious that the room was much older after a year and a half ... the service of the smile service was not as good as before, and breakfast was required (casual dress). Pay attention to the female colleague at the front desk, swiping the pre-authorization to say 100 pounds, and at the same time swiped two pre-authorizations of 100 pounds! When I saw the bank prompt, I thought it was a duplicate message, and I found out that it was 200 pounds, and the most troublesome thing was that when the UnionPay channel was cancelled, the settlement was very slow and slow, and automatic cancellation would have to wait for one month!"
"The location was good and stayed for four nights. The front desk suggested that we pay to upgrade the room. I declined, so I checked in to the room. I do n’t know if the room was bad or bad. It ’s very frustrating. The average price is more than 4000. It feels worth 800 yuan. I had to call the front desk and added 400 pounds to a 4 night family room. Everything feels lucky to be rich. If we didn't add 400 pounds to become a family room, then our magnificent 4 nights would be very lost. Breakfast was good, and I was lucky to see the dog from Scotland. The two babies were very happy."
"During the Spring Festival, a family of three on a trip to London, Fancy Rose Hotel can give children free extra bed and breakfast treatment. Staying for eight nights in a row, the overall feeling is cost-effective. Very close to the subway station, easy to travel. Go to the British Museum, National Gallery, Chinatown, Trafalgar Square, within a half-hour walk. Breakfast was particularly good, set menu but with a lot of choices."
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10 Reviews
20 -21 Newman Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
16.3km from London City Airport
1.7km from Euston Train Station
2.4km from St Pancras Railway Station
430m from Tottenham Court Road
550m from Goodge Street
16.4km from London City Airport
2.1km from Euston Train Station
1.6km from Charing Cross Station
1.6km from Euston Train Station
"Unusual hotel, the design is very unique and a bit pleasant. The breakfast was very good, although not a buffet, but the quality was very high, better than a five-star hotel. The room is not very big, but the decoration is very beautiful and very comfortable"
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