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Very Good
14 Reviews
8490 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, California, United States
"Strong Negative reviews Lodging coffee at the bar for the first time in a hotel is charged for poor visibility. The top-level open-air leisure space actually requires tickets. The hotel also charges a fee, and will not stay again in the future. "Hello, regarding this bill, the hotel told us that US $ 42.72 is a mini bar purchase, US $ 33.85 is a destination fee, and 183.85 is a pre-authorization. It is deducted from your pre-authorization when you leave the hotel. ,please check.""
"Hotel room space can also be very good location to go to popular attractions not far from the hotel looks like just opened the lobby is still renovated now got a temporary lobby parking fee for one night 46 US dollars service staff is very warm in all aspects except our room air conditioning is really It’s too noisy, I don’t know if it’s the same as our room."
"For me who come to LA mainly for shopping, the location is very, very, very good! The hotel is just off Sunset Boulevard, the central area of West Hollywood, just a few streets to the melrose, rodeo drive and other pedestrian streets."
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12 Reviews
9040 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, California, United States
"I could NOT have been happier with my recent stay at the West Hollywood Edition. I stay at hotels constantly all over the globe, and this experience with the hotel staff may have been my best ever. I took my 3 brothers, with the intention to really impress them and show them a great time. It was my oldest bros birthday, and the reuniting of another brother. Let’s just say the hotel over delivered! Hotel: The hotel is immaculate, down to every detail. Even though we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, they were able to give you a truly incredible experience. While the drinks at the hotel are a bit pricey, they are truly amazing drinks. Killer bartenders! Atmosphere at the hotel in general is perfect for impressing your friends or family. Staff: Adam Ponce: Adam played a key role working with me in advance of our trip. He ensured that we were taken care of. He was extremely helpful in providing information on the hotel. I cannot thank him enough. Ashley at the front desk: Ashley is an absolute JOY, and is such a cool person. As soon as I arrived at the front desk I knew I was working with a true hospitality expert. She made sure I was completely happy with my stay in every way. I am so grateful for her. Hannah Maloney: here is a hospitality professional who goes WAY above the call of duty to deliver an absolutely unforgettable experience to her guests. What she did for my brothers and I will go down in history as one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a hotel. I‘ll leave it as a surprise in case it happens for you :) but seriously - what a gem of a person!! The West Hollywood Edition is extremely lucky to have her. Cole at the Pool: fantastic server who brought us amazing drink after amazing drink and always made sure we were fully taken care of. He gave my brother an incredible birthday shot while we were at the pool which was just one more example of going above and beyond the call of duty. Very thankful for his service! All in all an amazing experience that we will never forget! Thank you to the staff, and let me know if there is anything else I can do in the future."
"As a Marriott Bonvoy Titanium, I have stayed at nearly-every brand within Marriott, but this was my first time staying at an Edition property. I was excited to try it, as Editions are not normally in cities where I travel. I had high expectations, and I was not disappointed! The hotel is gorgeous - from the lobby to the rooms to the pool deck. It immediately felt like home, and the wonderful staff were so friendly and gracious. The reception staff would always say "hi", phone calls to guest care were welcomed and accommodating and the staff at the pool were incredibly attentive. I was really impressed, as it seemed to me that this staff are under great leadership. I got a status upgrade to a suite, so I don't know what the regular rooms are like. But I can say that these rooms have a very modern, clean style. The bed was so comfortable. The bathroom was amazing with a big shower and separate tub. And we were given so much free water, we were well-hydrated. And in this time of Covid, I really appreciated how spotless this hotel was, mask-wearing was a must and plenty of hand sanitizing wipes were available. The location of the hotel is perfectly-situated to walk anywhere in West Hollywood. We only used Uber when we were in a rush. This hotel is expensive, but will be at the top of my list for my next trip to this area."
"I stayed Premier Terrace Suite room. The room has a great bathroom with a gorgeous bathtub. I was able to see the very nice Los Angeles city view from the bathtub. I used it three times during my stay. It is very very nice. I'm Japanese and I imagined Japanese Onsen and soaked leisurely and relieved my lots of fatigue. And I'd like to let you know that the bath salt which was prepared in the bathroom had a really nice and rich smell. I really love it. In addition, I was so exciting for the nice view from the pool and I had lots of relaxation time. In the morning, I had a very nice breakfast. It was very delicious. It was decorated by lots of fruits and served with very rich tasty maple syrup. I fully charged my energy and enjoyed my best birthday, and I definitely stay at your hotel again next year and I'd like to stay in a different room next time. Thank you so much for all EDITION staff, and all Marriott team members. I really appreciate your hospitality."
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Very Good
19 Reviews
1020 N San Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood, California, United States
"Breakfast buffet is actually not bad, you can also add a single point, the bread quality is very good, salad, salmon sashimi, cereal and so on and milk, I think the girl's stomach is generally not enough, but it is more monotonous for the Chinese, Because I prefer to eat Western-style breakfast, do not like to eat fritters, soy milk, porridge, so I feel pretty good, the room is quite large, the front desk is very handsome, the hotel is basically no black people, anyway, the aunts who cleaned our room are very long. A correct white man, a restaurant waiter is a mixed-race black girl, haha, pretty good-looking. It seems to be renovated, looking at the new facilities."
"There are not many types of breakfast, but the quality is good and the fruit is very good. There are a lot of parking lots around the hotel, but there are all kinds of parking required, otherwise they will be towed away or punished. If you are on the safe side, stop the hotel, although expensive."
"The room is very large, the partition is very reasonable, and the rooms in other hotels in Los Angeles are mostly, and there are more foods around. They also prepare the children's gadgets intimately and are suitable for traveling with children."
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5 Reviews
8358 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, California, United States
"My husband and I just wrapped up a weekend staycation at our favorite hotel. We have taken stay at home orders very seriously and essentially haven’t left the house in four months. We heard, unsurprisingly, that The Sunset Tower had put in place many protections to welcome customers back. admittedly, we were a little nervous but decided to take a leap and book a room. Upon arriving, we realized all our anxiety was for not. Every precaution has been taken by management, from plexiglass barriers, mask mandates, digital menus etc. And that was just in the common area! Our room had a safety seal on the door letting us know it had been fully sanitized, and the room was SPOTLESS. You can tell that the housekeeping team takes a ton of pride in keeping everyone safe, because we certainly felt at ease. If two neurotic new yorkers can check into a hotel during a global pandemic and forget about the troubles of the world for a weekend, you can too. I think Sunset Tower is the only place I’ve seen that’s gotten everything 100% right. This is our home away from home and we are so happy to be back. Thank you to Jeff and the entire staff for providing us with a much needed sense of normalcy, if only for a brief period of time."
"I have stayed at the sunset tower hotel more than 100 times. It’s definitely not the newest and most up to date hotel to stay at in LA. Their rates are high and amenities are totally outdated compared to the competition. I have so many newer hotels to choose from that have the same or lower rates. However, i always return to the sunset tower because of their friendly staff and service. The front desk staff has always gone above and beyond to make sure I am accommodated and feel valued. Anna, Angie, and Stephen are all phenomenal. Because I stay there so much They gave me an “insider guest” status which gives me special perks. In Sum, I return because the staff makes me feel valued and they treat me like family. My most recent stAy was much different. In a matter of two months (since my last time to visit) 70% of the hotel staff is new. And, it doesn’t have the same homey feel it used to have. There is a new front desk manager Mia who has the most annoying voice and says NO to me before I even make a request. She is completely negative and very unprofessional. She made inappropriate remarks to me about how much money I spent shopping And where I get my money from. She asked me about who pays my cellphone bill because of the name that pops on the caller Id when I call the hotel. I never see her talking to any guests or helping resolve front desk problems. Anna, Angie, and Stephen do all of the work and really go above and beyond to make sure guests are satisfied. When Mia is at the front desk she just sits in the corner and plays with the computer. She doesn’t interact with guests And definitely does not help. The housekeeping is horrible now too. They don’t even clean they only make the bed. And, they threw out a bag full of new Erewon groceries that I bought earlier in the day. They spilt my nature bisse face serum and when I mentioned it to Mia she said to send her the info so they could reimburse me for it. When I sent her the info regarding the face serum she said “wow that’s expensive” making me feel uncomfortable about how much my face serum costs. In sum, Mia sucks so bad that I don’t think I will return to the Sunset tower next time I’m in Los Angeles."
"My girlfriend and I are both fascinated with old Hollywood history. And in a city that will so often pave over its history for something new and shiny, but lacking the unique character that some of us crave, the Sunset Tower is among one of those last bastions of real authentic Old Hollywood elegance infused with all of the contemporary amenities that modern life requires. It was a true pleasure to get to experience this place."
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18 Reviews
627 N. La Peer Drive, West Hollywood, California, United States
"When I was inexplicably leaving the store, I said that I had to accept Amenity Fee. It seemed to be 30 knives. I didn’t explain anything when I first checked in. I don't know if the corresponding cost is a disposable toothbrush. There are drinks and snacks in the room, but there are no prices. The hotel is relatively new, so health is OK. But the price is relatively low cost. Not recommended to stay! Can't talk about any good experience"
"In the absence of any notification, the credit card deposit was directly deducted. When I found out that I was deducted, I asked the hotel to know that the original deduction was a "resort fee"! It’s just a mystery. If you pay a vacation fee, you should tell the guest at the beginning. Not on the bill, it doesn't show no mention, direct deduction! Not recommended at all!"
"Especially good location at melrose Ave. is the maxfield big collection store bape acne Crowe heart these street cards room thanks to the new facility"
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14 Reviews
733 North West Knoll Drive, West Hollywood, California, United States
"Hotel location is general, travel car rental or Uber is better, stayed for four nights, the first night of the deduction of 400 knife pre-authorization, was informed, the second and third night respectively deducted me 35 and 250 knives, is Did not say, the hotel front desk can not find out why the deduction, only contact with the bank overnight, for a long time, the room service also stole a new doll with a tag? I also thought it was rubbish, but it was really unhappy anyway."
"The hotel is located in a quiet neighborhood. It is convenient to eat around. There is a great day in the room. The room is very big. The bed is very comfortable. Welcome drink is the best one to stay in these days."
"The location is good, the community is clean and tidy, and there are many good restaurants within a 10 minute walk. The room is large, with a microwave, kitchen utensils, very convenient."
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15 Reviews
1000 Westmount Drive, West Hollywood, California, United States
"The first time I go to LA to play here, the location is good, it is convenient to taxi from Universal Studios and Beverly Hills, more than 20 minutes. You can walk to Melrose Avenue, there is a shake shack next to the hotel, it is delicious. The decor is good and the rooms are large. Toiletries and slippers are provided."
"The hotel is located in a residential area, relatively safe, the surrounding environment is very good, the hotel itself is a good room, is a small suite, very warm, the only disadvantage is that there is no room on the other floor, valet parking is more expensive, you have to tip ."
"Wow! This little boutique is a golden find. The rooms are as beautiful as they are in the picture. The rooftop is stunning!! Yes, I would recommend with confidence! "
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14 Reviews
8400 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, California, United States
"The front desk staff at the hotel had a good attitude. The deposit was immediately refunded after check-out. Other hotels booked this time said that they wait 5-7 working days. The breakfast is better than the comments I saw before. The sausages have a good taste. Bread Milk Oatmeal Juice Fruit Yogurt. The location of the room was almost at the end of the walkway on the first floor. There is also an air-conditioning vent above the stairs. The room is not very soundproof. Overall it is also in line with expectations."
"Breakfast is very rich, hot water, hot coffee, luxurious interior decoration, dry and wet separation in the bathroom, especially clean, wake up, the garden outside the house is especially beautiful, and the swimming pool."
"This hotel has a good service attitude, good location, convenient transportation and shopping. The room has the decoration smell, the room facilities are general, the decoration is good, the room is big."
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Very Good
10 Reviews
8462 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, California, United States
"Had the pleasure of staying at The Grafton last weekend as our base for running the LA Marathon. After a weary 12 hr flight and commute from LAX. To be greeted by such customer service excellence from Ed at reception was a pleasure. In fact, every single member of staff were a delight, something we are not used to in the UK. Christopher behind the bar was a brilliant conversationalist, second only to his Margarita making skills. The hotel itself is perfectly presented. My only slight criticism would be the noise level. I was in room 120- next to the service room. It was slightly noisy in the morning, through no fault of the staff, just a proximity issue. The room was plentiful in size, particularly when you are accustomed to London shoe boxes. The location is just perfect, easy walking distance to Saddle Ranch, Sunset Tower and Chateau Marmont. If you are thinking of a good base for your LA / Hollywood base, then you’ve just found it."
"My wife and I had a last minute trip to Hollywood and found this place. We liked the location, pictures and reviews so we booked. When we arrived we were upgraded to a poolside room which was great. The hotel was clean and very "HOLLYWOOD". Our room was small and the bathroom was small but everything we needed. Being able to walk out of our room right onto the pool deck was nice. The bed was really comfortable. lots of seating in the room, Breakfast was good and included in our room rate. The room had a safe for keeping your valuables. They have a bar and live music on weekends. The hotel staff were great and always willing to help. My only complaint was that we never had wash cloths in our room after housekeeping was there and a couple times when we called and asked for some we were told they did not have any clean and they would get us some " tomorrow". We also did not have our in room robes, we called and asked to get some brought to us on our first day and we never received them. I think this hotel was a great bargain seeing the price of other hotels in the area."
"Three lifelong friends took a trip to LA and staid at the Grafton on Sunset. The rooms were clean and exactly what we needed for our mini get away. The room came with a mini fridge, clean towels, even hand soap dispenser (don’t like the bar soap). Since we all came from out of town we contacted Edwin for recommendations. All of his recommendations were spot on and we had the best time. Edwin was there for us whenever we needed anything and accommodated us every step of the way. The staff was very helpful a d friendly as well, being woman traveling we felt safe and secure. We highly recommend staying here the location was perfect and was walking distance from food, drinks and fun!"
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11 Reviews
8585 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, California, United States
"Very good hotel, very close to Hollywood, there is a restaurant supermarket next to it, the price is reasonable"
"Really love this hotel The suites are really big enough The beds are soft The surroundings are good"
"Not ideal, the location is OK, the sights are very close, it is a taste, the carpet seems to have been used for decades"
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