Top 10 Xinjiekou Hotels

Top 10 Xinjiekou Hotels


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Intersection of Wangchunmen Street and Kaiyuan Avenue, Luoyang, Henan, China
16.5km from Beijiao Airport
4.4km from Luoyang Longmen Railway Station
8.5km from Guanlin Railway Station
2.0km from Downtown
8.4km from Guanlin Railway Station
"Location: In Luolong District, there are many administrative units nearby. Those who have not bought food, it is estimated that eating nearby will take more than 20 minutes. It is relatively close to the Longmen Grottoes and Guanlin Temple. If you go to the city and walk about 10 minutes from the bus stop, you can take the 49th road. Price: During the May 1st period, the price/performance ratio is relatively high, and it is a relatively clean and compact type. Breakfast: There are not many types, there are at least 4 kinds of stir-fried dishes, fruits, porridge, and staple foods. But there is bread, no coffee, no bacon or grilled sausage, and the wooden method makes sandwiches, which is not perfect. In addition, breakfast starts at 7 o'clock, which is a bit late for tourist cities."
"The stay is very good. First, get the room card in two minutes and check out in one minute. Second, toothbrushes and poker cards can be delivered to the room quickly. Third, the next day I was playing outside because of traffic jams and worried that I would not be able to return to the hotel before 12 o'clock. After contacting, I promised to be a little bit better. In short, the service is very user-friendly."
"It is a very old star hotel, and the price of more than 200 is reasonable. The hardware facilities are upgraded to smart, but the decoration style feels too cost-conscious. The bathroom floor and wall surface feels like a composite floor made of anti-corrosion and waterproof material. I am really worried. It will not last long, lack of design sense, and fail. The restaurant seats are crowded and lacks a sense of design, especially the dining location in the middle is too close to pass, and the breakfast dishes are not rich (just in time for the meeting, many dishes have bottomed out)"
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No.1 Dongshan Avenue, Luoyang, Henan, China
26.3km from Beijiao Airport
9.0km from Luoyang Longmen Railway Station
11.1km from Guanlin Railway Station
9.8km from Downtown
"This hotel is an old country hotel, has received Chinese and foreign leaders, first-class service, and promised services. Providing a free pick-up and drop-off service, you need to make an appointment in advance. I am at the Longmen High-speed Railway Station in Luoyang at 8:00 pm, and I am still waiting for the cards to be greeted. The little girl picking up the station is very enthusiastic and has a lot of information. Free Herbal Sets, free tea vouchers, free one-hour table tennis, and free fruit snacks are all enjoyed. The hotel is separated from the white garden by a wall. It has a water pavilion and a quiet environment. The small platform on the top of the building can see the Longmen Grottoes on the opposite bank. Because it was built on the mountain, there is a free battery car up and down the mountain, starting at 7:30. Next to the mountain is the shuttle bus to the entrance of the scenic spot, 10 yuan once, and it takes 15 minutes to walk. Booked a big bed room, one person lived too much, the room has hot spring water, and aromatherapy. Breakfast is OK, there are fried poached eggs, maybe I am not very demanding, not very concerned about eating. This is the closest five-star hotel to the Longmen Grottoes. It can avoid the crowds when you play early. It can be said that this is the best service hotel I have booked."
"Come to Longmen Grottoes, the first Dongshan Hotel! The only hotel in the scenic area, many national leaders have stayed. First of all, the location is superior, standing on the hotel platform, across the river to see the caves. The mountains are densely planted, and the temperature is five or six degrees lower than the mountain! Secondly, the service is warm and thoughtful. Stay at the hotel and drive up the mountain! The hotel sightseeing battery car can take guests to the foot of the mountain, and the scenic spot battery car passes through the bridge into the scenic spot. After the tour, you can pick up the hotel bus at the foot of the mountain. Free drinks, fruit and snacks are available at the hotel. Third, the facilities are complete. The hotel has indoor and outdoor pools! Tennis, KTV and other entertainment facilities! Fourth, the restaurant is delicious. Having breakfast and dinner at the hotel. Breakfast is a buffet, both Chinese and Western food, the mother drank two bowls of mutton soup, Hu spicy soup is not bad. Other fried dumplings, braised pork feet, marinated chicken feet, big ribs, etc. are delicious. At dinner, I ordered the chrysanthemum scallions in the Luoyang water table (the name was forgotten) and the noodles. Especially garlic doll dishes are delicious!"
"The hotel is located in the Longmen Grottoes. The environment is so beautiful, it is very rich early, the front desk service is very intimate, and it is served with snacks, fruit bowls and beer drinks. The facilities are old and the bathroom is small. It is said that it will be renovated this winter. There is a problem with eating. There are no restaurants for a few kilometers and you can only eat at the hotel. However, the hotel meals are expensive and the volume is quite large. Single tourists can only spend more money to buy dishes that they can't eat. They have to throw away half of them. It is recommended to add small portions of vegetables. There is also Luoyang is very wet, sweating when going out, it is recommended that the hotel set up a washing machine, get a self-service laundry room, can not spend a few dollars"
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Southwest of intersection of Wangcheng Avenue and Kaiyuan Avenue (Guobao Building), Luoyang, Henan, China
17.2km from Beijiao Airport
4.9km from Luoyang Longmen Railway Station
8.4km from Guanlin Railway Station
2.2km from Downtown
"All 5 points, I feel it is low. This Burr doesn't seem to have a star rating, but I think it is better than the five-star hotels I have stayed at. The enthusiasm of the staff is thoughtful, natural and heartfelt. There is no habit of looking at famous brands, not remembering the name of a (should be) female executive at the front desk, and she should praise her well. The design of the hotel is also my favorite. The details and color are excellent. The materials are all low-key luxury. The toilet is INAX and the shower is Braun. They are high-end brands that are not so popular. The design is a little Shanghai-like, but has its own style, not copying JAYA. A lot of photos were taken, but unfortunately only 9 were allowed. The hotel thoughtfully helped me to rise to a luxurious double bed room, opposite to a book room, elegant style, full of cultural atmosphere. I usually don't dine in the hotel, but the excellent impression left from the front desk to the room made me feel confident in everything in this hotel, so I decided to dine at Lixuan on the 6th floor at night, and it did not disappoint me. Lixuan is a Cantonese restaurant, and breakfast is also here. The category is not assorted, but it is not vulgar. In the end, it's about price. The price is not high, and the drinks and snacks in the room are free. The illy capsule coffee machine and soda are all good. Traveling by car all the way, the hotels in Yan'an and Linfen, the price is not cheaper, where the price of Borui is definitely good value, the price is super high. Later in Luoyang, I will not go to search for other good hotels, this platinum Swiss is enough. We also strongly recommend everyone to choose."
"The last time I went to Luoyang was Christine, and the service was much better than many five-star hotels. This time the National Treasure Borui Hotel was better than Christine. The smile of the hotel staff was sincere and caring, especially to praise Liu Yuyuan. Supervisor, good-natured, seeing the children brought, upgraded the luxurious standard room with bathtub for free, seeing no masks when going out, immediately took the n95 masks, seeing the big ones, people feel warm! The hotel's hardware facilities are also great, the rooms are spacious, the shower room is large and luxurious, the central air conditioning works well and is quiet (standard for a good five-star hotel), the bedding is also good, the hardware and software are moderate, the hotel has a bookstore, style It's a bit like a net red bookstore, and there is a mini movie bar, a good place for children. The hotel has convenient transportation and parking, there are no traffic jams to Longmen Grottoes and White Horse Temple, and there are also large shopping centers within 3 kilometers. In short, it is worth recommending, I hope the hotel is getting better and better!"
"We got out of the plane and the hotel staff had a special car waiting outside. When we arrived at the hotel, hot tea and snacks were delivered. From the moment we got off the plane to check-in, some people helped us with luggage and delivered it to the room. It feels like home, the room facilities are very new, equipped with electric curtains and electric toilets, the hotel opened in 19, each room is equipped with an air purifier, both heating and cooling, there are free drinks and fruit snacks every day, also sent The children ’s small gift shows that the hotel is very attentive, the buffet breakfast is basically there, Xiao Tang at the front desk, Fifi, a beautiful woman in a light blue suit, and Korean executives are all nice, and the hotel has a mini theater , I like the bookstore on the 5th floor of the hotel, very warm. The hotel is next to the stadium, there are several big shopping malls nearby, and a taxi to Longmen Grottoes costs 21 yuan. All in all good."
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No.76 Jinguyuan Road, Luoyang, Henan, China
10.6km from Beijiao Airport
1.1km from Luoyang Railway Station
11.7km from Guanlin Railway Station
1.5km from Jiefang Road
2.0km from Zhouwangcheng Square
"Come to Luoyang to play in the late autumn and early winter, staying at Ramada, I feel warm and comfortable. Hardware: Braun's bathroom; Cetis's hair dryer and kettle (I like this kettle, I plan to buy one later); personal care products are all available; mattresses and sofas are also very thick and comfortable, I don’t look at any brand; mini; The drinks in the refrigerator are free, and the Minute Maid source endorsed by Ye Po was found here; there are also fire self-rescue respirators and so on. In general, it meets the four-star standard. Here are some small details, and there are surprises: the welcome card handwritten by the room manager; I found two more bottles of drinking water in the mini water bar when I came downstairs; I found the "Luoyang Travel" magazine in the bedside table, at night Drinking Minute Maid and watching Ye Po's performance, and then flipping through the magazine, I have more insights into the ancient city of Luoyang. There are also shortcomings: the chain lock on the door is not 100% sensitive, and it got stuck twice; it may be that I was too late for breakfast (more than 9:30) and the waiter was anxious to clean up, and turned around to pick it up. The milk gap removed a plate of fruit that I had just put on the table, and I felt that wasting food was not good. It is recommended to put a reminder sign on the table for guests to use, prompting that the tableware can be cleaned and then removed. At the end of the check-out, a box of freshly cut fruits was delivered at the front desk, which was a relief to the inadequacy of the experience, and suddenly my heart warmed! Look at the description that it is a newly opened hotel this year, I hope it will get better and better in the future."
"Very amazing hotel. The four-star is proper and not false. The location is good, the Changshen shopping mall next door, a taxi to Lijingmen does not cost 10 yuan. The room is large in size, with floor-to-ceiling windows and super bright lighting. The layout of the room is perfect, the TV is large, the facilities are complete, and the bedding is the most deadly. Regardless of whether the front desk or the room service is impeccable, I would like to thank Amanda, Kiki and Bill for making me feel like spring breeze. Give fruits and snacks every day. I should also mention the hotel’s buffet breakfast. The restaurant is on the 5th floor of the hotel, with a large terrace outside, super beautiful, and a mecca for everybody to take pictures. There are many kinds of breakfast, Chinese and Western dishes are all available, and there is actually freshly ground coffee, which shocked me. It is a surprise everywhere in the hotel. What are you waiting for, such a hotel, stay in it!"
"The newly opened hotel still has a bit of flavor, but the room design is good, the floor-to-ceiling windows are very bright, the breakfast is in the sky garden on the fifth floor, the coffee is good, there is almost everything, if you taste it, it is okay; the takeaway is delivered to the room, the waiter is very professional, Seeing at the door will take the initiative to welcome guests and help swipe the elevator card. The looks are excellent. Overall I am very satisfied. It is great to be able to choose such a hotel in Luoyang. In addition, the Changshen Plaza is next door, but it should be noted that Changshen Plaza and Changshen International are two places, the distance between them is four or five kilometers. The place where you can shop, eat, and play is in Changshen International. The Changshen Plaza next door is just okay with a big supermarket, with moving prices. The grade is also ok."
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1533 Reviews
South End of Wangcheng Avenue, Luoyang, Henan, China
23.6km from Beijiao Airport
7.2km from Luoyang Longmen Railway Station
15.6km from Guanlin Railway Station
9.5km from Downtown
"The hotel is a listed four-star hotel, the service and environment can not be said, very in line with the quality of the hotel. Rarely, the dining is also very delicious. Whether it is breakfast or ordering, it is really delicious. You must eat and drink when you are traveling. You can see Madre ice cream cabinets everywhere. My daughter will eat one when passing by. Hahaha This is the brand of my hometown, and it's getting more and more expensive now. My daughter spent a very pleasant weekend here, and she was very reluctant to leave, and promised to come again during the Spring Festival. There are also lockers for selling dolls in the hotel lobby. Twenty are not expensive. When I got home, I found that the swimming goggles had fallen into the hotel. The staff called me very seriously to help me find it, and I courier me to give you my praise."
"The first time I came to Fengxiang, overall the experience was very good! Lived in a cave dwelling, very special, tatami is very comfortable. Because I was still carrying my child in December, I was afraid of freezing, so I called the hotel in advance to learn that in addition to air conditioning, there was also floor heating! The room was warm and more comfortable than expected. Although there were no windows in the cave, it didn't feel depressed at all. A small family of three in the courtyard is enough, and the water temperature can be adjusted according to demand. At night, the temperature was 3 degrees in the pool and it was not cold at all. The waitress was also very enthusiastic and gave fruit and red wine tins. The experience one day and one night feels very good, the child sleeps very well, and will come again next time, I hope the hotel can save more points 😁"
"We had an amazing time at this hotel, the staff are incredibly helpful and will help you with luggage, order taxis and make sure you have everything you need. The hot spring tub in the garden is nice and you can choose the temperature. We also went to the public hot springs which included wave swimming pool and spa, it’s also very nice. Beds are comfy and rooms are clean. The location is very close to the grottoes and around 20-30 min drive to city centre. "
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3073 Reviews
Intersection of Kaiyuan Avenue and Jinchengzhai Street, Luoyang, Henan, China
17.5km from Beijiao Airport
4.1km from Luoyang Longmen Railway Station
8.6km from Guanlin Railway Station
1.0km from Downtown
"I came here for the signboard of the Holiday Inn and stayed for three days in a row. I had a good impression because I lived abroad many times, especially at the time I thought the breakfast was very good, and there was also delicious coffee, but this time I felt a little regretful. advantage: ①The location is good, all the attractions can be reached within half an hour ②The room space is very large, it should be 40 square meters, very comfortable. ③The service attitude is very good ④The whistle noodle for breakfast is highly recommended, but go early or it will be gone soon Disadvantages: ①The spring bed is too hard, and I even feel the spring (it should be an independent tube now), it is recommended to change it ②There is no exhaust fan in the toilet! I thought it was broken and I called the front desk and said, there was no...Oh my God, when I went to the bathroom and took a bath, the smell really lasted for a long time. Embarrassing, big flaw ③The bedside socket has only one side... And the fruit that was delivered was not peeled. I actually said that the fruit knife was a dangerous thing and couldn't be delivered to the room... But I don't want to chew the skins of apples and pears, can't I send a paring knife? The price of 550 is too high. Compared with the newly opened hotel, this facility should be strengthened."
"The overall feeling is okay, that is, the size of the superior twin room is really narrow at 1.1 meters. One bed is not suitable for one large and one small sleeping. It is just right for one person to sleep. The breakfast buffet is fairly plentiful. The overall hygiene is good, and the service is ok. The location is good, close to several shopping malls, relatively prosperous, walk around Kaiyuan Lake to see the music fountain, almost everything you want to eat, it’s good to leave some time to stroll around Luoyang New District"
"The environment is good, and the food is OK. The transportation is convenient. The most touching thing is that the people at the front desk of the hotel are attentive and considerate. They don't want to be named. I only know the job name: Ann. Nancy. Bess three young ladies. Stay here next time"
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1585 Reviews
No.56 Jiefang Road, Luoyang, Henan, China
11.6km from Beijiao Airport
2.4km from Luoyang Railway Station
10.8km from Guanlin Railway Station
410m from Jiefang Road
1.5km from Wangcheng Park
6.7km from Downtown
2.0km from Luoyang Railway Station
"From room service, superb food (best buffet), cleanliness, tasteful decor, fitness center providing shoewear, free transport to the airport, complimentary snacks each morning, hand-written notes of welcome, and so much more, this hotel has it all. But the best part is the staff and the people who run this place. They are extremely respectful and kind. They will do everything that is possible to help you. Shame on the people who abuse such excellent customer service. I hope this hotel does extremely well and that the staff are well taken care of. My wife and I loved our stay here and we will return."
"I have stayed in many hotels, but I have to admit that this hotel in Luoyang, the ancient capital, can do this kind of Chengdu service. I admire it very much. I am also in the hotel industry. After entering the door, I will let you choose many kinds of food and drink. There are also porridge, snacks, luggage, and medicine for you, although I am useless because I feel embarrassed, the breakfast is rich and exquisite, and better than a five-star hotel, the only thing is that the interior decoration is not so high-end , But much better than ordinary boutique hotels"
"I stayed at this hotel with my family for three nights and enjoyed the stay. The service was nothing short of outstanding from the moment the driver picked us up at the train station to the moment we left. The hotel’s management clearly places an emphasis on making their guests happy. The restaurant on the top floor has a great spread, although there were not many Western food items. If we return to Luoyang, we will definitely stay at Christian’s again. "
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1832 Reviews
No.1 Liaoning Road, Luoyang, Henan, China
10.9km from Beijiao Airport
7.1km from Luoyang Railway Station
11.9km from Luoyang Longmen Railway Station
1.2km from Peony Square
1.5km from Qilihe
8.3km from Downtown
7.5km from Luoyang Railway Station
"Located in Huayang Plaza, the location is excellent. There is no need to say more about the hardware facilities and sanitary conditions of the five-star hotel. The service is the most commendable. From parking, welcome, lobby, front desk, elevator, restaurant to floor, the attitude and quality of all links are very good. Especially the room service staff, saw that I used my own toothbrush and cup, but didn’t see the toothpaste or the hotel’s one-time use, so they left a note and gave me a Colgate and storage bag (in fact, I brought it, only I put it in the bag without any hesitation); Seeing that the fruit I sent the day before was not finished, I wrapped it in plastic wrap... Great, next time I will go to Luoyang, this is the first choice without hesitation."
"Haidilao in the hotel industry provides meticulous service, but the age is a bit longer and the room facilities are a bit outdated. The breakfast is very rich, and there is a children's playground next to it. The flaws are not concealed, the overall is still very good! The old man is very satisfied! The rooms on the side of the street are quite noisy. Those who want a quiet rest are recommended to choose a garden-view room."
"Very, very good hotel. I stayed 5 years ago. I chose here again this time. Everything is still so good. There are many user-friendly free services that make people feel meticulous. I really recommend friends to live here in Luoyang, and I go out to Wanda Plaza , The downtown area is very convenient for eating, drinking and shopping."
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2162 Reviews
No.6 Xiyuan Road, Luoyang, Henan, China
10.2km from Beijiao Airport
7.1km from Luoyang Railway Station
11.4km from Luoyang Longmen Railway Station
410m from Peony Square
1.3km from Qilihe
9.8km from Downtown
5.9km from Luoyang Railway Station
11.3km from Luoyang Longmen Railway Station
"The old star-rated hotel contacted the hotel in advance and sent a car to the high-speed rail station to pick up the station. Because it was traveling with the elderly, the intercom room was specially booked. There is a door between the two rooms, which is convenient for taking care of the elderly. The room is quite big, if the floor is high, the line of sight is good, facing Peony Square. The room has a charging cable. The hardness of the bed is very suitable, especially there are two pillows of different hardness, which is very thoughtful. There were fruit snacks, a lot of bottled water, and a towel, which was folded into the shape of a bear! Fun! The service is very attentive. In the evening, I gave the white fungus soup, which was very intimate. The breakfast is pretty plentiful, but there are not many things to go late. The dishes in the Chinese restaurant are very good. I ate two meals. There is a western restaurant on the top of the building with a nice view from the window seats and good food. The hotel's service is first-class, warm and thoughtful, the only thing missing is that the bathroom hardware is a bit outdated. The location is very good, it is the road construction downstairs, if the window is opened at night, it is a bit noisy. Still a very good experience, recommended!"
"The service is superb, and customer service is always the top priority. The service staff are attentive and greet with smiles. Drinking beverages in the room are free of charge, as well as yogurt and fruits, which reflects the bold atmosphere of Luoyang people. The breakfast is rich, with local characteristics of Luoyang beef soup, rice noodles with butter, and spicy soup. Although my clothes were washed out, but proactively discussed the claims, so that the unpleasant matter was resolved satisfactorily. The hotel has a superior location, covered by the subway, and convenient for eating, lodging and transportation. There are local specialty restaurants in Luoyang, the Internet celebrity pedestrian street, and the Peony Square with a strong atmosphere of life (haha, there are a lot of square dances, a little noisy, but the hotel has good soundproofing), As a native of Luoyang, I am proud that Luoyang has such a well-serviced hotel. Will stay again next time."
"It is a very old state guesthouse type hotel. Although there are years old, the hardware is well maintained, and the most prominent advantage is the software. The service is fully in place. From the welcome tea and iced towels, to the daytime fruit plate and unlimited minibar, to the turndown service and bedtime desserts are impeccable. Asking employees to help warm dishes or provide dishwashing liquid halfway through these non-standard requirements are also met one by one. In the cafeteria, the waiter actively asked if he needed to pack some food. Later, I enjoyed the special offer to extend my stay for one night. In addition, I recommend that everyone go to the rooftop Hugo rooftop to experience the night view of Luoyang city."
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3091 Reviews
No.239 Kaiyuan Avenue, Luoyang, Henan, China
16.8km from Beijiao Airport
3.6km from Luoyang Longmen Railway Station
7.6km from Guanlin Railway Station
1.4km from Downtown
7.8km from Guanlin Railway Station
"The first time I came to Luoyang, I felt that the service of the hotel was first-class when I asked for the Luoyang Modu Lihao Hotel. I called the pick-up question and answered the call from Fu Xiaoqian of the Concierge. Machine and train pick-up, also introduced how to play Luoyang more reasonable, we are in the morning from Beijing by plane to Luoyang, the hotel car waiting for us at the airport, 11 to the hotel, lunch at the hotel, take a taxi to Longmen Grottoes, car Fee 19. Specially tell everyone that the day to go to the Longmen Grottoes, tickets can be reduced to 40. Go to the White Horse Temple the next day, go to the Sixth Museum in the afternoon, and go to the Old Town at night. We went back to the hotel because of the bad weather. On the third day, I went to the Luoyang Museum, which is very worth seeing. In the afternoon, I went to Guanlin Temple and went to Beijing by high-speed train at night. The three-day trip was full. I would like to recommend Luoyang Modudu Lihao International Hotel, the first-class service, the breakfast is very rich, give the room a fruit night snack"
"I had a great time staying at this hotel and I would book it again when going next time to Luoyang. What made it really a great experience has been the friendly staff. As my ability to speak Chinese is on a basic level, I have been so grateful to meet "Vika". She is a Assistance Manager at this hotel and has English speaking skills are excellent. She took care of all my arrangements, including free welcome snack (see picture) and free transfer to the airport. She really made a huge difference for me as a foreigner and I can just recommend any foreigner to watch out for her directly at your check in."
"Because the family wants to live in a local five-star hotel, I found this hotel on Ctrip. Although the location of the hotel is very advantageous, the hotel is a bit old and relatively old. Five-star hardware is still there. But the current decoration can't withstand the passing of time. The hotel's lobby service attitude is still very warm, he said that the hotel is now ready to re-tweet according to each layer. I hope that the next time I go to a friend or a friend, I will have a newer and more comfortable hardware with a newer look."
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