Top 10 Xitang Hotels

Top 10 Xitang Hotels


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2F, Building C1, Binjiang Gongyuan, Binjiang North Road, Wuhu, Anhui, China
6.4km from Wuhu Railway Station
41.8km from Dangtu East Railway Station
9.3km from Downtown
"Wuhu Le Art Hotel During my stay at Bole Art Hotel, I have these feelings for three days and two nights as follows. The location of the hotel is adjacent to the Yangtze River, beside the Wuhu Binjiang Park. It is not far from Yaohan and Xinbai shopping malls. You can walk to Yugeng Mountain and drive to the ancient city of Wuhu in about 10 minutes. It’s very close to the top restaurants in the rankings. This is an excellent location. But the hotel itself is located in a commercial street, which is not particularly easy to find. When we checked in, we searched for the hotel door with our luggage for a long time, only to find that it was an unobtrusive black cylinder. Of course, the front desk staff on the day of check-in was also serious and responsible. Although they checked in late, they still delivered the afternoon tea that was included in the package to the room. We booked the hotel's star stream room. The river view of the room itself is invincible, with transparent floor-to-ceiling windows, which can unobstruct the view of the Yangtze River. The design of the room itself is also very good, partial to industrial style, simple and very design. The room is equipped with Xiaodufeng smart home, which can easily control the lights and curtains, which is very convenient. But compared to the price and hardware conditions of the hotel itself, the hotel’s services still have a lot of room for improvement. The service staff on the day of check-in was very good. They also carefully noted our breakfast needs and asked us what kind of food we need. There are two types of food, Chinese food and Western food. We thought that when there was no menu, there would be plenty of room to choose from. We didn't expect it, but we were told that there was nothing we wanted to eat. Then why do you still ask us what we want to eat? Just press what we have to provide. This is problem one. Question two, during the breakfast meal, we informed the demand in advance, but during the meal, the service staff lacked service awareness, which instantly lowered the hotel's grade. There were only three tables of guests, but they got the wrong dishes, communicated loudly with the back chef when serving the dishes, and complained with each other, which affected the dining experience of the guests. When we asked if there was coffee at breakfast time, we got the answer that only milk is provided for breakfast, so the service staff will not operate the coffee machine, and can only serve it after the barista goes to work in the afternoon. For two consecutive days of hotel dining, we have been reducing points for the hotel experience. Question three, as mentioned in the previous article, the room has transparent floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing you to enjoy the river view. But the problem also lies here. The Star Stream room we booked is the most expensive room booked in the hotel, but its privacy is the worst. A bathtub is arranged next to the floor-to-ceiling windows, but the bug is that as long as you open the curtains, guests who dine in the hotel lobby or restaurant can have a panoramic view of the room. For the guests, there is no privacy at all. The problems that can be enumerated above are very urgent problems that need to be solved for an art hotel with a price no less than a five-star hotel. The hotel can't survive only by location and design. Service awareness is a very important point. The number of rooms in the hotel is not very large. For this number of guests, being able to feel at home and with butler service is the most critical point for the hotel to grow and develop its brand and reputation. The above is a sincere suggestion from a guest."
"🚗 Transportation: Go by car, parking is normal, if you arrive at night, parking may be a bit difficult. 🧹Hygienic: good, the bed and pillows are very comfortable 🍃Environment: The hotel is relatively small, the internal environment is more like, the external natural environment is close to the Yangtze River, you can watch the sunset from the balcony 🔔Service: The service is good, the room details are handled very well, the quality of the afternoon tea is good, and the breakfast is not many but very delicate. The best thing is that whether you have breakfast or rest in the lobby, it is relatively quiet, less crowded, and comfortable. Emphasize The hotel food is exquisite and tastes good The water in the infinity pool is clean, there are no floating objects on it, and there is no smell of disinfectant water I took the elderly in a wheelchair and the hotel gave me special care. Thank you. Disadvantage: It takes a long time for bath water to have hot water. 【River View Room】"
"The view from the room is great. Compared with other hotels, the service is also very good. The clerk has been meticulous and patiently answering various questions, explaining the different room types in detail. This is a big praise! A hotel with great care and attention to details, and will recommend it to friends around!"
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Wanchun West Road (North Gate of Jiuzi Ancient Town), Wuhu, Anhui, China
9.4km from Wuhu Railway Station
28.9km from Dangtu East Railway Station
5.5km from Downtown
9.3km from Wuhu Railway Station
27.4km from Dangtu East Railway Station
"I was out on the eleventh trip and chose Wuhu to take a break. It was already one o'clock in the morning when I arrived at the hotel. I didn't see the night view of the ancient town. However, I was very satisfied with the decoration of the hotel. The younger brother at the front desk was also polite and courteous. The room is on the first floor. It is very large and well decorated. There is a cloakroom, a bathroom with a bathtub, and the room is equipped with a refrigerator, well-equipped, and the bed is very soft, but the air-conditioning sound is a little loud and does not affect rest. The breakfast is too bad, the variety is small, the taste is bad, I go to nine o'clock, the milk in the thermos is already cold, the breakfast of 78 yuan is not as comfortable as eating a bowl of instant noodles... Breakfast at this price should not be... Hope to improve"
"The hotel is right next to the entrance of the ancient town, and the environment is pretty good. It feels like the hotel is relatively clean after the peak period, which is suitable for our family of three to come out and relax. The hotel is integrated with the ancient town. It looks very ancient and awesome! After I went out at night, I found that the waiter put the white fungus soup in the room and cleaned up the house. It was very heartwarming. The child was five years old and liked this architectural style very much. I plan to stay here for a few days on vacation next time. Huiding small villa area. The hotel looks more feel at night than during the day"
"The resort hotel at the entrance of the ancient town of Jiuzi...Quiet and peaceful...very nice place...If you go to Fangte to play...or the ancient town for leisure...worth living...Parking needs to drive in from the gate of the ancient town...hotel breakfast...services...the rooms are pretty good...must If you pick a bit of it...the hot water from the bathtub faucet is muddy...maybe no one has used it for a long time...want to take a bath...it didn’t work for a long time...and then I gave up...and also gave lotus seeds and white fungus soup in the evening...like..."
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No.1005 Jiuhua South Road, Wuhu, Anhui, China
17.7km from Wuhu Railway Station
43.3km from Fanchang West Railway Station
17.6km from Downtown
16.9km from Wuhu Railway Station
43.2km from Fanchang West Railway Station
"As a graduate preparation student who majored in hotel management, the hotel's service is indeed very good and very user-friendly. However, the following lists the advantages and disadvantages, and objectively evaluate them for your reference. First of all, the check-in procedure is convenient and efficient. I am a golden key lady, nice. And I gave an exam bag with two A4 papers + a pencil + two masks + an eraser. Secondly, the infrastructure is OK, which is considered mid-to-high-end in Wuhu. And the day before the exam, the waiter gave an apple for Christmas 🍎~haha~ I feel so loving. Here are the shortcomings: First of all, I asked the front desk for nail clippers to cut my nails at 12:30 in the middle of the night. I waited for about half an hour to deliver it. Not efficient enough in responsiveness. Secondly, the room is on the fifth floor, next to the venue. Someone had a wedding on the first night of preparation for the exam. The host was quite noisy, but fortunately, the wedding was over after a while. If I was tossing about it all night, I would definitely complain. In the end, it's the "hard injury", the location is relatively off, there is a train next to it, there is a train at night, I sleep relatively shallow, so I still wear earplugs at night. In addition, the address is relatively biased, not in the city center, nor in the university town. It is not convenient to find snacks around, and it is not convenient to order takeout. It is also a bit inconvenient to take a taxi during peak hours. The breakfast buffet is average, so fill your stomach. By the way, the young lady at the entrance of the buffet was unresponsive. She said two single breakfasts, but she thought I was a double breakfast."
"I saw the parent-child room on the Internet, and I really want to try it. The price of the hotel’s parent-child room is also very close to the people, I feel really in place when I enter the room. The layout of the room is quite careful, except for the four-piece suit, there are also dolls. As mentioned, everything is very childlike. What impressed me the most was the hotel’s service. There were a lot of things to take with children. At the front desk, there was a beautiful lady who helped me pull my luggage to the room and ordered an air purifier for me! I brought two children so I needed more trivial items. Thanks to the room service staff Wang Suyun and Zhou Yuxia for helping me. The room is clean and tidy, and I have been tirelessly warm and thoughtful service!"
"After a business trip to Wuhu, I checked the internet for a long time and finally selected this hotel. After I arrived at the store, I found that it was super super. As soon as I entered the store, the front desk staff called Tong Zonghui's service attitude was warm and thoughtful, the room was clean and tidy, and the room service staff was super warm. Like my big sister, he helped me off my clothes and fix them again. The waiter named Su Qingmei must like it. The hotel has a super large gymnasium and swimming pool. The breakfast is also perfect. It is a pleasant surprise for the wife. It is recommended for business travel."
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No.34 Changjiang South Road, Wuhu, Anhui, China
9.1km from Wuhu Railway Station
44.8km from Dangtu East Railway Station
10.6km from Downtown
8.9km from Wuhu Railway Station
44.3km from Dangtu East Railway Station
"I read the evaluation here before, and came to the beautiful river view. I was not disappointed, it was really wonderful! Although I also live in a city by the river, this is the first time I have enjoyed the river view from such a high level. Moreover, the river view in this section is particularly beautiful. The Yangtze River forms a curve here, magnificent and charming, and the sight line is extremely good. It's just that the buffet breakfast is not satisfactory, the variety is not rich enough, the taste is average, and the dessert bread will be just fine. The coffee is not bad."
"Added 80 to upgrade the river view room, the scenery is still very good, the bathtub is also very comfortable, there are few people in the swimming pool downstairs, and it is very comfortable to swim. You need to wear a swimming cap when you go in. It is recommended to bring your own, the hotel swimming cap Need sixty one, but the quality is not good, it feels not cost-effective, next to the hotel is Yintai City, there is a place to eat, drink and play, the stay is still very cost-effective"
"five star hotel! Must give full marks! It should also give full marks! ! The hotel is very clean and the location is excellent. The guest rooms are on the 29th floor, with a panoramic view of the city of Jiangcheng and a great view! ! The hotel management is in place and the service is fast and effective! ! I am very satisfied with taking my daughter into the college entrance examination! !"
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3796 Reviews
No.69 Beijing Middle Road, Wuhu, Anhui, China
4.0km from Wuhu Railway Station
38.7km from Dangtu East Railway Station
5.4km from Downtown
3.9km from Wuhu Railway Station
39.6km from Dangtu East Railway Station
"For a 2-day self-driving trip with my family on holiday, I chose Wanda Realm. The hotel has convenient transportation, complete facilities, and elegant decoration. 699 double nights and double breakfasts are very cost-effective. The only ground parking spaces that need to be complained are too few, and underground parking spaces are too far away."
"Basically, I will choose Wanda Real Estate for business trips, take advantage of the holiday to bring family and children to play, and directly book the Ka Wah, there is no wrong choice, parking real estate, enthusiastic service, recommended and recommended"
"Have stayed several times, the hotel is in a good location, less than half an hour walk from Wuhu Station, and Wanda is opposite to the downstairs. Breakfast is quite rich, suitable for business trips, will consider staying in the future"
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No.1 Yuexiu Road, Wuhu, Anhui, China
8.3km from Wuhu Railway Station
26.6km from Dangtu East Railway Station
11.4km from Downtown
8.2km from Wuhu Railway Station
26.7km from Dangtu East Railway Station
"This is a very good hotel I have seen, better than many internationals, perhaps because they have adapted to the speed of China in China and feel that it is so fast to add food. Breakfast is very rich, although there is less meat, there is a playground nearby, there are many children playing at 10 o'clock in the evening, it is really fun, the scenery outside the hotel is also very good, the waiter also sent the fruit is also very good. In particular, it helped us upgrade the super beauty of the lake. There is also more than 10 pm Ctrip customer service also specifically called to ask my needs, because I wrote a note but did not write specific they do not know what I need, very moved, so late to work. It is because of your trip that we feel particularly good. Originally went to Fangte, really not very good, Chimelong, Disney feels more fun"
"I stayed for the first time. The hardware and service are really good. I booked a parent-child theme room with a little yellow duck theme. The decor is very warm and my daughter likes it. The front desk manager jean checked it when I checked in When it was my lover’s birthday, I also gave a small cake. My daughter likes to eat it. I was surprised to see it when I came back to play at night. The hotel intern butler service is also very good, and I can respond promptly to any questions. The butler nikki is very patient and is online at any time. He solved some problems during my stay in a timely manner, which is very good. To travel to Wuhu, choose Yue Yuanfang is a good choice, I will definitely go there next time I have a chance"
"The relative price of the hotel is relatively affordable. The VIP lounge has no business opening. It is a pity that it is changed to the lobby on the first floor. The snack options are not much better. Buffet lunch for 90 guests per person, 50 children per person, a lot of choice is very affordable. There is a lake and park next to it, and there are two places for children to play in the park. The front desk specially called the check-in experience and delivered the fruit, praise. The business trip will come later."
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674 Reviews
No.6 Gengxing Road, Wuhu, Anhui, China
5.1km from Wuhu Railway Station
40.3km from Dangtu East Railway Station
5.0km from Wuhu Railway Station
40.2km from Dangtu East Railway Station
8.8km from Downtown
4.9km from Wuhu Railway Station
"<br/>The Tieshan Hotel (Tieshan Binguan) is located in the famous Wuhu scenic spot of Chu Shan, near the heart of the city. The hotel interior features renditions of idyllic scenery based on the art of China's most famed ancient poets. The hotel consists of six villa-style buildings situated amidst the trees and flowers of well-tended gardens. 220 rooms and suites include presidential suites and suites as well as standard rooms, all well appointed, comfortable, elegant and warm. The Tieshan's conference rooms and meeting halls are well suited for receptions, negotiations, and domestic and international conferences. The business center offers fast and convenient typewriting, copy, fax and ticket booking services. The Tieshan's restaurants serve both Western and Chinese fare, with an emphasis on the cuisines of Anhui, Huaiyang, Sichuan, Guangdong (Canton) and Wuhu, Recreational facilities include a wine bar, various ball courts, an indoor swimming pool, gym, sauna, billiard room, tennis court and bowling alley."
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No.999 Chizhushan Middle Road, Wuhu, Anhui, China
5.5km from Wuhu Railway Station
33.5km from Dangtu East Railway Station
990m from Downtown
6.2km from Wuhu Railway Station
33.1km from Dangtu East Railway Station
"This Suning Global, the hardware facilities are not bad, the service is basically inferior to the express hotel... The hotel is located in a remote location, it takes about half an hour to drive to the city center, the key point is that there is no place to eat at all, I took my children to Fangte It doesn’t matter if you stay for one night... The room is relatively large, the bed and linen are relatively comfortable, and the hygiene is not bad! Because I got up too late and didn’t eat breakfast, I won’t comment on the service...I have to complain about the service. Since I was bringing two children, I met the waiter in the aisle and told her to give us an extra set of toiletries and bath towels. Saying that it cannot be provided means that the children can use it together... my goodness... Finally, after I repeatedly emphasized it, I was extremely reluctant to add a set. At night, because the mobile phone charging cable was put on the car, and I saw that there was a charging cable on the bedside table, I actually had to scan the code for a fee! Had to go downstairs to get it in the car at midnight. When I checked out at noon, I met the takeaway boy in the elevator delivering food to the floor. This is absolutely impossible in other hotels! In addition, the room I stayed in was not equipped with a refrigerator, I think it might be for energy saving and consumption reduction! So it was removed, but it was unacceptable in the hot summer... The same room air conditioner was set at the same temperature by the hotel, and there was no way to personally adjust the room. When I come back to the hotel lobby at night, the air conditioner is not turned on...what's the situation...is the guest house? The atmosphere of the hotel is from check-in to check-out. It is a high-star national chain hotel. The personal quality and spiritual outlook of the service staff are as deserted as the location of the hotel...To sum up the whole check-in experience has only one advantage. That's cheap..."
"The room is big enough! The single bed is 1.3 meters, big enough! The bed is soft but has a feeling of support, the pillows are soft, hard, medicated, quilt sheets, stick to the skin, without irritation. The bathtub is big enough, with bath salts, and TV, so it's nice to take a bath. The gym is good, the water temperature of the swimming pool and the room temperature are comfortable enough to not feel cold. It only opens at 10 in the morning, sorry! The breakfast is excellent, with fried cod and small steamed buns with condensed milk, which are not common. There are many kinds of desserts, many kinds of juice, and freshly ground coffee. There is parking lot. There is a park with a good environment, but it is not open yet. Exercise, eat and sleep here are very comfortable. The sound of the central air conditioner is a bit loud, with minor flaws. A young man working at the front desk, feels like he has not been trained!"
"The hotel is located some distance away from the city, it should be under development. Fortunately, we are not far from Fangte where we are going. The environment of the hotel is very good, and the fruit is given to add a free baby cot. The connecting suite we booked is very large. The only downside is that the other room smells very loud. I hope to improve the ventilation equipment. The central air conditioner in the large room is very loud and I hope it can be overhauled. Overall it is very good, I will choose Suning Universal Hotel next time I have the opportunity."
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6745 Reviews
No.15 Changjiang Middle Road, Wuhu, Anhui, China
7.1km from Wuhu Railway Station
42.2km from Fanchang West Railway Station
9.5km from Downtown
7.8km from Wuhu Railway Station
42.7km from Dangtu East Railway Station
"I took the two babies to Fangte play together and stayed in this hotel. The beautiful young lady at the front desk, Wang Meng, helped upgrade the room. You can see the Yangtze River just outside the curtains. Breakfast is ok. There is no charge for breakfast for children under 1.2 meters. There are a lot of food, and there are plenty of parking spaces and enough for the Dragon Boat Festival. It is a very pleasant experience. The biscuits sent by Wang Meng at the front desk are also delicious. I will choose here next time I come to Wuhu"
"The high-end river-view room has a natural view. The picture below is taken from the window sill of the hotel. The attitude of the front desk is very good. When checking in, one person asked to cut in line to open the door because the door was opened faster. The front desk refused, saying that identity verification was required to open the door, and that he had to queue up. The person said that he wanted to complain, but the front desk did not compromise. Like 👍 The room facilities are quite satisfactory and the self-service is good!"
"The hotel is nice, the view is very good, but the glass windows are a little dirty and affect the sight. The executive lounge is nice, the view is nice and quiet. The buffet dinner downstairs is also good, so I don't have to run out to find something to eat. The parking lot is a little small and the seats are limited. The parking lot was taken care of by the front desk because of the license plate. However, it took a lot of time to get out of the parking lot and the security guards asked for instructions and confirmation."
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