Top 10 Yongfeng Hotels

Top 10 Yongfeng Hotels


1770 Reviews
No.81 Bitieshi Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, China, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
19.3km from Shuangliu International Airport
6.5km from Chengdu Railway Station
540m from Chunxi Road
"The hotel is just outside Taikoo Li, surrounded by Internet celebrity restaurants and popular restaurants, from high-end restaurants to fly restaurants, everything is available, I only hate that I don't have four stomachs. There are many famous international brands in the surrounding area. It is really good to shop. It is not too convenient to buy and buy. It is a pity that the wallet is too thin. Speaking of the hotel itself, the classical hotel entrance is in sharp contrast with the modern rooms. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, not to mention the services. The bed-opening services are also very considerate, and there are birthday surprises, plus points. The fly in the ointment is that the washing area and the sleeping area in the room are only separated by a wooden partition, and the sound insulation effect is not very good. The work and rest of my husband and I are not the same. When one person is resting, the other person uses the washing area or the bathroom to make louder noises. , Quite affect sleep. There is no way to open the windows of the room. It feels a bit stuffy when you enter the room. Turning on the air conditioner will not help. Call the front desk and feedback that the central air conditioner is not turned on. The lights and so on are all intelligently controlled, maybe because they are too smart, we have to fumble for a long time before turning off all the lights, and then we can't find the lights at night, and turn on all the lights as soon as they are turned on (wry smile). Maybe because the early expectations are relatively high, the requirements are naturally a bit more demanding, and in general it is not bad."
"One of the most satisfactory hotels in China. When it comes to travel, hotels have always been picky, and they will subsidize the excessive part of their expenses for the sake of the hotel. What's so good about The Temple House: First: Hygiene, of course. My skin is very sensitive. If it is not clean, it will cause a rash. I tested it by myself and it was very clean. Second: The service is very good. My friend and I may not grow up in vain, so there will be things like booking first class and then telling the flight attendants to help put down the luggage. The flight attendants said that the economy class cannot put the luggage in the first class. Then I quickly apologized after seeing our boarding pass. To be honest, I am used to it. But the service of The Temple House is very caring, that is, it makes people very comfortable. All the services and attitudes are just right, not in front of you, but they are all in place. Suddenly I wanted to drink coffee, went to the coffee shop, and the coffee shop closed at 10 o’clock. I’m sorry to say that it’s delayed your get off work. The waiter was very happy and said that we are happy to do what time is good. They also made us ice cream 🍦, the service is like Willow wind Third: location, needless to say, in short it is very good Fourth: Breakfast is quite satisfactory, average score is above, and breakfast is usually booked in the hotel, which is more secure Fifth: The style, the style is very beautiful, new Chinese style, very good for taking pictures"
"There is no more suitable hotel for two people to hang out in Taikoo Li and have a five-star experience! The service is nothing to say! The breakfast is one of the best five-star hotels in the world I have stayed in. The ingredients are fresh and varied, and the quality of local specialties and international dishes are quite good. Special thanks to the customer experience manager Michelle, who took care of our various needs from our check-in to check-out. Because of her recommendation and arrangement, we ate the most authentic Sichuan cuisine, experienced the Penfolds master class, and got acquainted from Shanghai. The bartenders who came to Chengdu tasted custom-made cocktails... I almost forgot that the bar in Tibo House is probably the most popular in Chengdu. Even Wednesday and Thursday nights are like weekends, but the room is not disturbed at all. The perfect state of quiet in the noisy! Good for both movement and static! Next time you can bring our three children together!"
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237 Reviews
No.28 Kuan Lane, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
19.8km from Shuangliu International Airport
5.4km from Chengdu Railway Station
330m from Kuanzhaixiangzi Alleys
"When I came to Chengdu for tourism, I turned to the Wren Hotel and knew that Kuanzhai Alley was a tourist attraction. Before I went there, I thought the hotel would be mysterious in Kuanzhai Alley. Opening the antique door, there was a stream of water inside, and the housekeeper specially came to pick us up at the door, giving us a homely feeling. The style of the room is also Chinese. Every small object is very careful, and the bathroom is very large. Early is served in the house in the morning, very rich, and good night milk in the evening. The service is attentive, and the courtyard across the door is very quiet, completely different from the lively wide alley. I will live in Chengdu again, and I am especially grateful to the butler Wang Ying for his warm and thoughtful service."
"The location is great. It’s in the middle of Kuan Alley in Kuanzhai Alley. It’s quiet in the middle of noisiness. It’s a lively attraction right out of the door. There are all kinds of specialty restaurants and cultural programs. It’s very comfortable to stay for a few days! High cost performance and good value for money. Throughout the process, I especially felt the hotel team's considerate service, meticulous. The breakfast was delivered to the room, which was very hearty! Special thanks to Tang Hao for the manager for us to arrange a lot of details. This trip is very enjoyable, come again next year :)"
"It's just experience The first is the location, located in the wide alley, going out is to go shopping and eat: The second is the environment, the tranquility in the busy city, the room is very large, the whole decoration style is full of literary and artistic style, and every small object is super attentive; The last and most praiseworthy thing is the service, caring, comfortable and warm heart! In short, it is very hard to operate!"
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138 Reviews
No.23 Toufu Street, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
20.1km from Shuangliu International Airport
3.0km from Chengdu Railway Station
840m from Wenshu Monastery
"Opened in 2018, the Dragon Garden Hotel is a great accommodation choice in Chengdu. This property features Free in-room Wi-Fi, and is just 500m from the Luomashi Commercial Area. Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 3km from Chengdu Railway Station and 20km from Shuangliu International Airport. In addition, Wenshu Monastery Metro Station is just a short walk away. Kuanzhai Alley is approximately 4km away by car. When guests have some time on their hands they can make use of the onsite facilities. For guests' convenience, airport pickup can be arranged. Our guests consider this hotel to have excellent service. "
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2099 Reviews
No.298 South Tianren Street, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
13.1km from Shuangliu International Airport
1.5km from Chengdu South Railway Station
530m from South Railway Station
"great staff who are very friendly. the location allows access to the metro line, shopping malls, eateries and bars. the indoor swimming pool allws one to relax from within the hotel. a goog place for pleasure and family stay. try it out and you will surely get value for your money."
"During the Spring Festival, I went to Chengdu for a holiday and stayed at Dading Century Hotel. The room size is right, the facilities are good, there is a swimming pool, the service is nothing to say, very intimate, look at the picture, praise Zhang Huirong!"
"In general, the swimming pool is relatively small, the sauna and the like are only opened after 4 o'clock. If you go during the day, you can't use it. The hotel service staff is generally good. Overall, it is a good choice. The room is very clean and the bed room is good. select. Highly recommend it."
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1724 Reviews
No.42 Section 4 of South Renmin Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
13.5km from Shuangliu International Airport
4.4km from Chengdu South Railway Station
620m from Tongzilin
"The outside of this Kempinski in Chengdu looked full of traces of the years, but when I actually checked in, everything was full of surprises! First of all, as a GHA black card member, contact the hotel in advance before check-in. The lady in red actively contacted on WeChat, carefully noted the needs, and told that the suite could be upgraded depending on the room status. Her attitude was quite enthusiastic! When it came time to check in, although the suite was full on the first day and only upgraded to the executive floor, the front desk was also very active on the second day to help quickly arrange the cleaning of the suite and move in. At present, only half of the rooms in the hotel have been renovated. The decoration style is very simple and elegant. The color scheme uses dark green that is rarely used in the hotel. The marble tiles used in the entrance and bathroom show that the hotel has been renovated. The hotel's button light control switch board is also very advanced and intelligent. In short, the hotel is full of modernity. It is worthy of being a modern five-star hotel in 2021. The hardware is absolutely sincere. In terms of software, the hotel’s breakfast is very rich, that is, the end time is only until 10 o’clock, which is a little earlier than 11 o’clock on weekends in many hotels. The welcome fruits and welcome gifts are very attentive. Special thanks to the lady in red, Crystal, from beginning to end. Follow my stay, very enthusiastic attention, and the panda from Chengdu Kempinski that Rita gave me! Next time I go to Chengdu, I will definitely give priority to Chengdu Kempinski, and I will recommend it to friends~"
"Kempinski, I was associated with a black card, so I upgraded my room to level 2 to the executive room, not a suite! Xiaohe, the lady in red, has good service. The executive room is on the 19th floor and has been renovated. The rooms are good, the welcome gift is rich, and the breakfast is of good standard. Dandan noodles and eggs benedict are well received. The executive lounge is still being renovated, so afternoon tea is eaten in the lobby, and afternoon tea is relatively ordinary. There are very few things during happy hour, but couples’ lungs are still good. The inadequacy of the hotel is that the lobby is relatively old, the swimming pool is also very old, the locker room is even more old, the gym is not gone, and it is probably very old. In addition, Chengdu Kempinski does not give room nights for gha members, but other gha hotels are booked on Ctrip. Therefore, if you want a room night, Chengdu Kempinski should not book on Ctrip."
"The hotel has been renovated. It is okay to look at the details carefully, and the brands used are all good, but at first glance it really looks like an express hotel. The welcoming guest on the first floor is a decoration, and there is basically no greeting, not to mention helping with the box. I saw that the welcoming guests are basically standing at their service counter, and the gate is often unmanned. Hotel front desk service is average. There should be a place similar to drinking on the third floor. At night, there are many people in the hotel. The price/performance ratio is average, the room is small, the toilet is open, and the shower room has no door. The hotel management is not good. It was 11 o'clock in the evening when I checked in. A takeaway guy told the front desk in Sichuan dialect, and the front desk asked him to take the elevator himself."
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4176 Reviews
Tower 3, Chengdu IFS, No.1, Section 3, Hongxing Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan 610021, Ch, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
19.1km from Shuangliu International Airport
6.4km from Chengdu Railway Station
430m from Chunxi Road
"The location of niccolo is really unique. It’s Taikoo Li ifs when you go out. It’s also a scenery to watch the luxury cars on the windowsill... Yang Xuan, the little brother who helped us check in, introduced the various functional areas of the hotel enthusiastically, and the dining place is the swimming pool. Wait, and finally helped us upgrade to room N2 for free, and gave the children a panda doll as a gift when we checked out. It was super sweet! Of course, there are also some areas that need improvement, such as hygiene, there is a dirty thing on the towel, I hope it can be improved"
"I have stayed at the hotel three times in Chengdu. The location is very good and the shopping is very convenient. Taikoo Li is downstairs. The check-in experience was very good, the attitude of the front desk staff was excellent, especially Yang Xuan, who gave us breakfast, and was very patient to help us check in and continue our stay. I will continue to choose hotels in Chengdu in the future"
"Very very recommended! First of all, the location is superb. You can see the net celebrity panda when you live on Chunxi Road, Taikoo Hui. The room is spacious and cleaned and the details of the service are everywhere. There are many choices for breakfast. The ambassadors Lisa and Sylvia are very romantically arranged Had a happy holiday with my family! Check out there is a surprise gift"
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733 Reviews
Building 1, No.300 Jiaozi Avenue, Gaoxin District,, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
12.3km from Shuangliu International Airport
4.1km from Chengdu South Railway Station
510m from Jiaozi Avenue
"Chengdu W Hotel is the first W hotel I stayed in. It is well located in Tianfu High-tech Zone. There is a hotel’s independent parking lot. Because it is a business trip with no children, I don’t ask if I can add an extra bed. What impresses me is the luxury The decoration of the hotel room is very reasonable, the dry and wet are separated, the marble floor lines and colors are absolutely perfect, the shower is very comfortable with fast hot water and large water flow, the mirror lamp design is the same as the star dressing room, two meters wide The big bed is also very comfortable, the pillows and quilts are just right. I feel great for people who are so picky about the bed. There are many scenes in the design of automatic curtains and gradual lighting. The bedside table is also very user-friendly and provides a wireless charging board. The only regret is I just slept too late and didn't have breakfast in the morning. The customer service lady Rebecca was very attentive. I will definitely stay in W next time I come to Chengdu."
"For a weekend trip with friends, this hotel is also a temporary choice. The main consideration is that it is relatively new. The overall feeling is still good. It is the style that young people like The poor experience is that when I enter the room, there is a bottle of drinking water that is half a bottle. This negligence is never seen since staying in a hotel. This point is deducted. In addition, I have a bar on the top floor of the hotel. The open-air bar is more comfortable, very suitable for summer, and the taste of cocktails is also good."
"I love staying at the W Hotel in Chengdu. The new stay in Chengdu is great. The service staff will enthusiastically lead the suitcase and lead us to check in. The room is very nice. Needless to say, the five-star is the five-star surrounding food. It’s very convenient to go downstairs to the next shopping mall and there are many shops for drinking wine at night. Next time I go to Chengdu and continue to choose W ✌️"
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1454 Reviews
No.38-39 Kuan Alley, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
19.5km from Shuangliu International Airport
5.3km from Chengdu Railway Station
180m from Kuanzhaixiangzi Alleys
"Comment on the three staying hotels in Chengdu this time. Chengdu Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel, R&F Ritz-Carlton, Dujiangyan Sunac Wanda Vista Hotel. All three chose the mid-level room type, all of which have capsule coffee machines. Except for Ritz, all rooms are twice as big as the basic room type. They all have smart toilets, the latest model of Diaoyutai (this is very important for children nowadays). The breakfast in the three restaurants is worthy of five stars, but regardless of the type or the quality of dandan noodles, Ritz won the first prize [Celebration][Celebration][Celebration]. Eating at Ritz is serious. But the Walnut Napoleon of the Diaoyutai Living Hall scored the highest, and it has been a long time since I had eaten this unsweetened one. For a while, we wondered whether the disappeared chef from that Shanghai hotel had come here? Toiletries: Wanda Vista is L’Occitane, a niche in Diaoyutai, and Ritz’s own brand of shampoo is very dry after shampooing. Room layout: Bedding is up to standard, Diaoyutai is more than 60 square meters. At the entrance of Kuanzhai Alley, it is very convenient to avoid crowds in the morning and evening. The restroom is very distinctive. I have checked in Diaoyutai in Hangzhou. The bright colors, Hermes orange and bright green, are also selected, which incorporates local characteristics. It is the only hotel that has prepared incense. Ritz is old, the room is not small, but the carpet is mottled. There is so much gray on the wall~~~ The service in the hotel's Chinese restaurant tastes good, but the per capita is still high. Sunac Wanda Vista is the largest hotel in the Dujiangyan Sunac Tourist Area. The lobby has inherited the consistent taste of Wanda's "atmosphere" and "nouveau riche" [covering face] The rooms and hotels are both large, with a single villa of 360 square meters. The hot spring pool is used to fight water battles [breaking tears to laugh][breaking tears to laugh] but there are too few staff, and there is a long wait for cars. Due to the earthquake and rain, we spent three days living in a high-end farmhouse, eating, drinking, playing mahjong, and Sunac."
"The location of the hotel is excellent. Friends who like lively friends prefer Kuanzhai Alley. The hotel’s service is very attentive. On the day of check-in, the beauty at the front desk took the initiative to apply for me to upgrade to a suite. I might see us with children. I hope we can live more comfortably. , And then the butler beauty actively added me to WeChat to provide consulting services 24 hours a day, which many hotels are not doing well. The style of the room is a combination of Chinese and Western, with the characteristics of the old Chengdu courtyard house and French retro style. The bedding is particularly comfortable. There is also an instrument and a Chengdu song book in the room, which is very special. Milk is also provided to help sleep at night. Everything from masks to toiletries is advanced and proactive. I think it’s really not easy to take the initiative in service. Even the cleaning aunt’s service is very enthusiastic, and it’s a service experience that left a deep impression on the journey. , Next time I go to Chengdu, I am willing to stay again, feel at home, great 👏"
"The hotel is right in the wide alley and its location is excellent. There may be Diaoyutai pedigree, the hardware facilities are in place, and the humanized design is reflected everywhere; the software services are also meticulous and thoughtful, such as hot milk every night. Especially worth mentioning is the security master Tim. He not only provided adequate security services, but also took the initiative to help us plan the itinerary. When I learned that my husband accidentally cracked his teeth during dinner and cut his tongue, which affected speech and eating, Take the initiative to give up the rest time after get off work and take us to Chengdu Third Hospital and Gaode Dental Clinic for treatment. There are also young guys like Li Zeng from the concierge department. In addition to helping us with luggage every time, he also helped introduce and download local taxi-hailing software. In short, staying for two nights, the experience is good, feel at home, it is worthy of praise and recommendation."
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2308 Reviews
No.80-2 Section 2 of South Renmin Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
16.7km from Shuangliu International Airport
6.0km from Chengdu Railway Station
290m from Jinjiang Hotel
"When staying in the VIP building, the beautiful young lady upgraded the river view room to us. The overall service is very meticulous and thoughtful. The room is spacious, the bedding is comfortable, and the toiletries are all L’Occitane. For the four nights of staying, I would like to thank Zhou Qionglan who served our room. She carefully put my cosmetics on towels to keep them dry. Zhang Chunbi and Zhou Jiming took the initiative to prepare more mineral water for us, and Chen Jinbo who gave us good night milk. Brother, the service is very attentive. I would like to thank Xia Wentao from the concierge department for being a free consultant. I recommend reasonable routes in the city for our reference. There are also authentic Chengdu home-cooked dishes that make us happy and satisfied. , There is a marathon on the day of check-out, and there is a road closure at the door of the hotel. We are worried that we can't find a car at the airport. It is better for Xia Shuai to help us arrange a taxi at the hotel so that we can go home at ease. This kind of service quality is great! Will choose to stay next time!"
"First of all, the VIP building is absolutely ok. There is an Indian concierge at the door to help with luggage. When I speak a little English, I feel too good about myself~ Hahahahaha Then because I stayed in the VIP building, although breakfast is not included, the front desk reminder 27 There are free afternoon tea snacks and coffee in the whole day, and there are egg white porridge and bread dishes in the morning. I think it is also a good deal. The afternoon tea snacks are also very beautiful! So, next time I come, I will stay again; the room is spacious and large, and the toiletries are all L’Occitane. You will renew it every day you use it. The body lotion is L’Occitane, which is very cost-effective. There are also two fruits a day. Although not much, it is enough. There are coffee capsules in the room, which are espresso capsules. I am very satisfied! Staying next time!"
"I have checked in many times. The hotel has a three-story underground parking lot. The parking spaces are tight. It is not easy to park during the day. It is easy to find a good parking space at night. This time, I did not have the previous ones. Elephant, cute rabbit towel flower, hey, there seems to be something missing, smiley face? I don’t know, the Chinese restaurant in the hotel still likes the dishes. They are delicious. The boiled pork slices are very good. Hey, the meat in it is a little bit less. I think it’s too delicious. I think there is less meat."
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3682 Reviews
No.56 Middle Tianhui Street, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
13.0km from Shuangliu International Airport
3.2km from Chengdu South Railway Station
220m from Hi-Tech Zone
"The overall feeling of the hotel is very good, let's talk about it in two parts! Let me talk about the good place: the lobby is very clean and tidy, the air is fresh, the whole staff in the lobby are very enthusiastic, and we are actively providing services and answering questions for the guests. We have a small friend when we check in, and the front desk will take the initiative to prepare for us in advance. A pair of slippers and a toothbrush are very intimate. The room size is good, there are automatic curtains, free charging cable (suitable for all kinds of brand mobile phones), ladies' makeup remover and skin care products, room hangers are also fully equipped, and the breakfast on the 24th floor is also quite rich. Not very satisfied with the place: 1. The button on the room phone directly dialing each department is bad, only the room department can be connected, so that the TV is always stuck in the night, always in the blue screen and screen switching state, want to inform the front desk I can't connect, I finally got in touch with the room department. One big sister told me that it was because of the peak period of the Internet at night, and the network TV card case was normal. 2. The shower in the shower has no lifting rods, and the installation position is relatively high. It is not ideal for children and ladies. 3. I personally don't like the layout of the bathroom outside the toilet (pure personal preference). It doesn't feel like a star hotel. This layout is more inclined to apartment design. The basin drain of the sink is not pressed, and the flap drain feels a bit of a price drop. And it is easy to drop small objects (similar to rings, pins). 4. There is no freezer in the room, the hotel on the upper grades, I feel that there is something missing, and there is no safe. (Before I stayed here, I lived in Chunxi Road, Jianguo·Luyin Hotel, the price is similar to here, and the location is very Good, very close to IFS, the equipment is quite complete, just not including breakfast) Overall, I am still very satisfied and will recommend it to my friends."
"The breakfast food at the Meihao Lizhi store is rich; Free afternoon tea break; Free 24-hour self-service laundry room; A free scrub car service is available; WIFI is MEHOOD without a password; Free fruit candy in the hall is free to be placed for customers to pick up Free purified water supply in the aisle A free laundry liquid coffee tea toiletries charger umbrella is available in the room; Every waiter or hotel staff I met Say hello to the sincere and polite care of the heart Ask if there is any help you need Check out without checking the room The hotel is close to the subway entrance and is very convenient to enter and exit. All the details are fully considered for the customer Customers who live in Meihao are back."
"It’s especially good to stay in Mei’an in Xi’an. I’ve chosen Meihao in Chengdu, and I’m really old enough to be home. 1 service is fine. The front desk was welcoming, and all the waiters met and smiled and said hello. 2 considerate guests. The free afternoon tea is quite good. After the parking, the basement waitress Xiao Chen also took the initiative to wash the car. 3 Have a dignity and face, upgraded the room to me, 4 breakfast is very good, a lot of varieties. I added a member. Blessing Meihao!"
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