How to Spend 4 Days in Hengyang - A Complete Itinerary for Hengyang

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Day1 | Morning

Mount Yumu

Ticket Price: 15 RMB

Recommended Length of Stay: 3-4 Hours

Location: Yumushanxiang, Zhengxiang, Hengyang, Hunan, China

Mount Yumu is located in Yumushan Township, Zhengxiang District, Hengyang City. It had two names before: Mount Yonghua and Mount Yunwu. The four seasons are clearly divided on the mountain, which receives a lot of rain and is inhabited by tons of plants -- it is an ecological oxygen bar. There are over 40 species of wild animals living in the forest: manis, musk deer, asian bullfrog, Elliot's pheasant, etc. It is abundant in natural resources. There are several attractions, such as Emperor Ku Cultural Heritage Site, Chisongzi Altar, Avalokitesvara Palace, and Feilai Rock.

Day1 | Afternoon

When time permits after visiting Mount Yumu, don’t forget pay a visit to Shigu Academy.

Shigu Academy

Ticket Price: Free

Recommended Length of Stay: 3-4 Hours

Location: Shigu, Hengyang, China

Shigu Academy is located in Mount Shigu, Hengyang City. It was built in 5th year of Yuanhe Period of the Tang Dynasty. It has a history of over one thousand years. It is one of the four major academies of the Song Dynasty in China. Song Taizong Zhao Yiyi named it "Shigu Academy" and its renown is equal to the Fuyang, Bailudong and Yuelu Academies. Since ancient times, it has been a favorite place for scholars and literati. Su Shi, Zhou Dunyi, Zhu Xi, Cai Weinan and other historical luminaries have taught here.

Day1 | Evening

Don’t forget to book Yuelai Garden Hotel in advance, because all the tourists head to Shigu Academy love staying at it.

Yuelai Garden Hotel

The Yuelai Garden Hotel was recently opened in 2019, making it a fantastic choice for those staying in Hengyang.

Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 8km from Hengyang Railway Station and 25km from Hengyang Nanyue Airport. There is no shortage of things to see in the area, with the Huxingshan Renfang Park, Pinghu Gongyuan-Quanmin Jianshen Culture Square and Hengyang Museum all nearby.

When guests have some time on their hands they can make use of the onsite facilities. This Hengyang hotel features parking on site.

Our guests consider this hotel to have excellent service. This hotel is particularly popular with those traveling on business.

Day2 | Morning

Hengyang Huiyanfeng Scenic Area

Opening Hours: Open from 7:00am-7:00pm

Ticket Price: Free

Recommended Length of Stay: 2-3 Hours

Location: Yanfeng Road, Yanfeng District, Hengyang City

Huiyan Peak is the first of the seventy-two peaks of Nanyue Mountain. The ancients always believed that when the wild geese from the north flew to the south, they would no longer fly south, and only waited for the next spring to fly back to the north, hence the name Huiyan Peak. Du Fu once wrote, "The wild geese in Hengyang will return north again this year." Huiyan Peak is close to the shore of the Xiangjiang River, near the highway and railway dual-use bridge on the Xiangjiang River in Hengyang. Standing on Huiyan Peak, you can not only overlook the bridge, but also the whole city of Hengyang. Huiyan Peak is the enshrining point of the "Infinite Longevity Buddha" in China's Shouyue Mountain. There is a poem saying "I want to go to Zhurong to worship the holy emperor, and come to Yanfeng to visit the Longevity Buddha." - Yan Sculpture, Millennium Ancient Temple - Yanfeng Temple, Crown of Eight Scenic Spots in Hengzhou - Yanfeng Misty Rain, One of the Eight Scenic Spots in Xiaoxiang - Pingsha Falling Wild Goose, Hengyang Landmark Building - Huiyan Pavilion, Wangchuanshan Birthplace Memorial Hall and other major attractions . There is an ancient temple called Yanfeng Temple on Huiyan Peak, which has a history of more than 1,500 years. The main entrance hangs the "Yanfeng Temple" written by Zhao Puchu. Mud-gilt horizontal plaque. The temple is divided into two halls: the front hall is the Guanyin Hall, which is dedicated to Guanyin Bodhisattva; the rear is the Longevity Buddha Hall, and the 3-meter-high Longevity Buddha sits on the diamond platform. Together with Huayao Temple, Xichan Temple and Luohan Temple, it is known as the four major Buddhist Zen temples in Hengyang.

Day2 | Afternoon

West Lake Park nearby is the top choice before you leave Hengyang Huiyanfeng Scenic Area and hit the road.

West Lake Park

Opening Hours: Open from 5:30am-10:30pm

Ticket Price: Free

Recommended Length of Stay: 1-2 Hours

Location: Shigu, Hengyang, China

West Lake Park is located in Shigu District, Hengyang, also known as Minghan Park. It has a history of more than 1,000 years. Li Dingguo killed Prince Nikan of the Qing Dynasty and Zeng Guofan founded the Xiang Army Navy here. Known as "the West Lake releases white lotus at night", it is one of the thirty-six West Lakes in the country. The park is mainly divided into six functional areas: the east and west areas are the activity areas for young people and the elderly respectively; the north and island areas are the main viewing areas of the whole park, suitable for tourists of different levels to enjoy the lakes and mountains; the southern end is mainly the management service area. In the park, the space is divided by mountains, water and green space, forming a landscape garden landscape, which has an artistic artistic conception of tranquility in the midst of the hustle and bustle. There are gatherings and dispersing on the water surface, and the combination of gathering and dispersing is suitable for carrying out various water activities. The South Lake is vast and suitable for speeding boats, the middle lake is curved and quiet and suitable for rippling boats, and the north lake is widely planted with lotus flowers for boating and viewing. West Lake Park is based on fresh and lively tone, with the theme of Chinese landscape gardens. ", "Flower and Bird Corridor", "Hibiscus Embracing Green", "Moon Reflecting White Lotus", "Sino-Japanese Friendship Cherry Blossom Forest" and more than ten scenic spots. The bronze statue of Martyr Xia Minghan built in the park expresses the memory of the martyr from the people of his hometown. The quaint Zhou Dunyi Ai Lian Pavilion stands by the lake, beautiful and tall, and the flower pavilion opposite it across the lake is even more brilliant. There are also scenic spots such as Ailian Study, Taiji Square, Ailian Pavilion, and Xia Minghan Martyrs Memorial Square.

Day2 | Evening

If you want to explore other popular attractions later, Hengyang Huaxin Mai Da Wyndham Hotel is a suitable place for you to stay and refresh.

Hengyang Huaxin Mai Da Wyndham Hotel

Opened in 2022, the Hengyang Huaxin Mai Da Wyndham Hotel offers travelers a pleasant stay in Hengyang, whether for business or leisure purposes.

The hotel is only 9km from Hengyang Railway Station and 28km from Hengyang Nanyue Airport, giving guests a number of convenient transportation options. Seeing Hengyang's sights from this hotel is easy with Taiyang Square, Lianxi Park and Baoxing Tianxia Qixing Club all close by.

At the end of a busy day, travelers can unwind and relax in the hotel or go out and enjoy the city. For those driving themselves, parking is provided on site.

According to our trusted guests, the facilities at this hotel are first-rate.

Day3 | Morning

Hengyang Defence War Memorial

Recommended Length of Stay: 1-2 Hours

Location: South of Steaming Avenue, Gaoxin District, Zhengxiang District, Hengyang City

The Hengyang Defense Battle Memorial Hall is located in Hengyang High-tech Zone. The main building in the museum was built in the seventh year of Guangxu by Lu Chengzu, the named admiral and Zhenwei general of the Qing Dynasty, with a history of 125 years. This is a precious anti-Japanese war site. Up to now, there are still dozens of bullet marks left on the south-facing wall. A bullet hole on the screen of the fire wall is sealed in the right wing, with a diameter of about 1 meter. historical witness. It is also called Lujia Xinwu, which is a typical ancient building complex in southern Hunan style. The house is a brick and wood structure. The stone and wood components of the ancestral house, the gable head, the eaves, the window forehead, etc. are carved, painted, and piled with sculptures. , "Bogu Eight Treasures" and auspicious patterns such as rare birds and animals, figures and flowers, and wishful cloud patterns. The decoration of the whole building is very particular. The wood carving, color painting and pile sculpture are rich in content and exquisite in craftsmanship. Some of them can be called fine works of art. The Hengyang Defense War Exhibition is located in the left wing. The gallery-style display method is adopted, and the book "Hengyang Anti-Japanese War Casting a Famous City" compiled and published by the CPPCC is the main line, and the text materials, photos and charts of the book are used for exhibition formulation. The historical facts and real objects of the Hengyang Defense War in 1944 are displayed, recreating the heroic feat of Hengyang soldiers and civilians against the enemy, so that visitors can enhance their sense of mission and inspire patriotism.

Day3 | Afternoon

Now we come to another great highlight in the city: University of South China.

University of South China

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Ticket Price: Free

Recommended Length of Stay: 2-3 Hours

Location: 28 Changsheng West Road, Zhengxiang District, Hengyang City, Hunan Province

South China University is located in Hengyang City, Hunan Province. It is a comprehensive university jointly established by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau, China National Nuclear Corporation, China National Nuclear Corporation and the People's Government of Hunan Province. It is a university in the central and western regions of the country. The basic capacity building project supports the construction of colleges and universities, and has been selected into the outstanding engineer education and training program, the outstanding doctor education and training program and the national environmental protection training base.

Day3 | Evening

Looking for a bed nearby after finishing your journey at University of South China? Hengyang Gaoxin Zhixuan Holiday Hotel is one of your top choices.

Hengyang Gaoxin Zhixuan Holiday Hotel

Opened in 2020, the Hengyang Gaoxin Zhixuan Holiday Hotel is a great accommodation choice in Hengyang.

The hotel is only 12km from Hengyang Railway Station and 26km from Hengyang Nanyue Airport, giving guests a number of convenient transportation options. The nearby area boasts an abundance of attractions including Ecology Park, Yuwang Spring, Goulou Peak and Forest Park.

In their spare time, guests can explore the hotel's surroundings. This Hengyang hotel offers parking on site.

According to our trusted guests, the facilities at this hotel are first-rate. This hotel is a popular accommodation for guests traveling for business.

Day4 | Morning

Pinghu Park

Ticket Price: Free

Recommended Length of Stay: 2.0-3.0 Hours

Location: Zhengxiang, Hengyang, China

Pinghu Park is located in Hengyang High-tech Zone, covering an area of 569 acres. It is the largest open fitness and leisure park in Hengyang City, the largest fitness and cultural square in Hunan Province and an open sports venue, and the first family planning culture in Hengyang City. square. It is named "Pinghu" because of the large area of Shishiyan Reservoir in the park.

Day4 | Afternoon

Now we come to another great highlight in the city: Yanfeng Temple.

Yanfeng Temple

Recommended Length of Stay: 1.0-2.0 Hours

Location: Hengyang City, HunanHengyang City, Hunan

Yanfeng Temple is located on Huiyan Peak of Hengshan Mountain, 0.5 kilometers south of Hengyang City, Hunan Province. The main existing Buddhist buildings in Yanfeng Temple are Guanyin Hall and Shoufo Hall. The monastery inherits the law system mainly from the Linji sect. In modern times, there are also masters of the Luzong who taught the law in the monastery.

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