Top Travel Destinations in Kunming: Best 1 Day Kunming Itinerary

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Day 1 | Morning

Yunnan Ethnic Village

Opening Hours: Open from 9:00am-6:00pm

Ticket Price: 90 RMB

Recommended Length of Stay: 0.5-1 Days

Location: 1310 Dianchi Road, Xishan District, Kunming City

The Yunnan Ethnic Village is located on the south side of Kunming, and is one of its most popular attractions. In the village, ethnic minority villages including those of the Dai, Bai, and Yi people are built to a 1:1 proportion. Each village has its own folk customs and craft performances. You can see the customs of many ethnic groups in Yunnan within a day. During minority festivals such as the Songkran Festival in April and the Torch Festival in July and August, the ethnic village will also host lively celebrations.

Reviews from Real Guests: User: Very nice experience indeed! If you are willing to explore the culture of different national minorities or just enjoy the calm and beautiful atmosphere and take beautiful photoes the place is for you! There are number of performances mostly in the morning, you can check the time out on the stands around the village. Besides, there are a lot of shops selling traditional costumes and different things as well as wide variety of restaurants. The ticket costs 90 RMB and you can enjoy the village for the all day. You also can get the village map at the ticket office. The map will definitely make your journy around the village easier. User: It's a very nice place to see the life of the Chinese people, the characteristics of the people, etc. I think it was not enough time to look around the whole day, especially the hard work of the folk performances. I was applauded by myself, and I was a happy trip, especially during the National Day.

Day 1 | Afternoon

Xishan Forest Park nearby is the top choice before you leave Yunnan Ethnic Village and hit the road.

Xishan Forest Park

Opening Hours: Open from 8:30am-5:00pm

Ticket Price: 30 RMB

Recommended Length of Stay: 2-3 Hours

Location: Xishan District, Kunming City

The Xishan National Scenic Location sits on the Western outskirts of Kunming, near Dianchi, and only 15 kilometers from the city center. The forest here is dense and beautiful, a gorgeous sight to behold from the peaks of the mountains. In addition to the natural landscape, visitors can also enjoy a number of ancient monuments, including ancient holy sites like the Huating Temple and Taihua Temple where visitors can pray. Also worth visiting are the Longmen Grottoes, carved by Qing Dynasty artisans.

Reviews from Real Guests: User: Vale la pena visitarlo. Se puede llegar en metro(si no me equivoco línea 3) o bien en bicicleta, en particular yo fui en bicicleta; no se puede ingresar al parque con vehículo, por ende la dejé atada en la entrada. Dentro tiene varias atracciones, templos, exposiciones, monumentos, etc. que pueden ver con detalle en esta App. Ideal para caminar, de todas formas el parque tiene dentro buses y aerosilla. User: This place is at the last station of subway line 3. You CAN go There and buy the ticket from There . 1 person it will cost You around 130 RMB. Including Bus ' hole park and ticket of a art gallery in the park . You CAN visit hole park . Views are very good.

Day 1 | Evening

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