3 Days Mohe Itinerary: Best Places to Visit in Mohe

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Day 1

Beijicun (“North Pole Village”)

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Ticket Price: 100 RMB

Recommended Length of Stay: 1-2 Days

Location: Beijicun, Mohe, Da Hinggan Ling, Heilongjiang, China, 165307

Beijicun is located in Daxing'anling, the farthest northeastern prefecture of China's northernmost province, Heilongjiang. It faces Russia across the Heilong River. Visitors enjoy coming here to do what they call “finding the north.” They seek out the Beichui sentry post, post office, and northern peoples, all of which form an experience that cannot be missed. There is only half a month of summer here, but it is still a great summer retreat. When the weather is fair and clear, you can see the spectacular northern lights.

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Trip.com User: It must be cold, but life must also be here 𥚃 go!

Day 1 | Evening

Don’t forget to book Golden Horse Hotel in advance, because all the tourists head to Beijicun (“North Pole Village”) love staying at it.

Golden Horse Hotel

Mohe's Golden Horse Hotel (Mohe Jinma Fandian) is located in the idyllic Daxinganling Scenic Area, a popular local tourist attraction. The hotel is 25-minutes from the Mohe Airport.

The hotel features airport pickup service, free parking, taxi and ticket booking service, shops in the hotel, rooms for disabled guests and Wi-Fi in public areas.

Guests can dine in the hotel’s Chinese restaurant which serves Cantonese, Sichuan, Hangzhou, and Dongbei-style cuisine. Guests can also dine at the hotel’s Western restaurant. The hotel also offers a coffee shop and lobby bar for guests to meet friends and relax.

Business guests can take advantage of the hotels business center.

At the end of a busy day, guests can enjoy a cup of tea at the tea house.

Day 2 | Morning

Nine Curves and Eighteen Turns

Opening Hours: Open all day

Ticket Price: 50 RMB

Recommended Length of Stay: 2-3 Hours

Location: Section 485 of Jiamo Highway, Mohe County, Daxinganling Region

Nine bends and eighteen bends have unique natural scenery and are a well-preserved wetland scenic spot. The Ermu River winds its way through here, forming a tortuous river bend. It is said that from the end of spring to the end of summer every year, the wetlands are covered with lush green grass, beautiful and fresh small wildflowers dot the grassland, and the river flows from it, like a white ribbon, dancing and flying. It is like a fairyland, with mist in the morning, and the scenery is elegant with a sense of restraint. Standing on the viewing platform and looking into the distance, the pines on the mountain are dense, layer upon layer, dark green like ink, the peaks and peaks are ups and downs like wind and clouds, and the pines are like galloping horses. The meandering waters of the Emur River, such as the Jiaolong crossing the border, detour and move forward, and the vegetation such as the dark green and green willows, the tall and handsome poplars, and the forest birds chirping and wild ducks frolic. In the more than 100 days from June to September, after the rain in the early morning, the clouds and mist are lingering and the morning mist is filled, making you feel like stepping on the auspicious clouds.

Day 2 | Afternoon

When time permits after visiting Nine Curves and Eighteen Turns, don’t forget pay a visit to Wusulli Shoal.

Wusulli Shoal

Opening Hours: Open from 6:00am-6:00pm

Ticket Price: 20 RMB

Recommended Length of Stay: 1-2 Hours

Location: Dahonganling Mohong North Beihong Village

Ussuri Shoal, next to the Sino-Russian border river Heilongjiang, is marked as 123°15'30" east longitude and 53°33'42" north latitude. There are also two boulders on both sides of the sign, which are written: "Northern Skystone" and "Congratulations on finding the North!" In winter, there is snow lying in the wilderness, a silver-white world, which is a miracle of nature, creating the wonders of the North Country. Now it has been opened up as a natural scenic tourist attraction by the Tuqiang Forestry Bureau. Because there was a Karen (equivalent to a border defense station) called Ussuri in the Qing Dynasty, the name of the scenic spot was determined as "Usuli Shoal Scenic Spot".

Day 2 | Evening

After visiting the glorious Wusulli Shoal, Beishan Hotel nearby is the best place to stay.

Beishan Hotel

The Beishan Hotel (Beishan Binguan) is located within easy reach of Beishan Park.

The hotel offers parking on-site.

Business travelers will find meeting facilities and a business center at their disposal.

During your leisure time, you can practice your mahjong skills with your friends in the game room.

Day 3

Arctic Christmas Village

Ticket Price: 60 RMB

Recommended Length of Stay: 1-1 Days

Location: Changbin Rd, Mohe Xian, Daxinganling Diqu, Heilongjiang Sheng, China

Mohe North Pole Christmas Village is a famous Christmas theme park in China. It is surrounded by mountains. There is an Arctic Christmas post office (postmark is very distinctive). A Santa's house (Santa's office and residence). A Christmas hall (often used for Christmas weddings). A Snow White House and Seven Dwarf Houses. There is also a Christmas ski resort. The Christmas Village mainly includes Santa Claus House, Christmas Post Office, Santa Claus Square, Children's Fairy Tale World, Snow White Paradise, Seven Dwarfs Treasure House, Reindeer Park and other attractions. The Christmas world in Asia, the pure Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, Finland, the giant snow sculpture Christmas socks, the giant ice pond, the Christmas post office, listen to the Christmas music here, melt into the fairy-tale world of ice and snow with Santa Claus, and experience the original flavor Christmas culture. Visitors can also enjoy ice lanterns, view the snow scene, carry out ice and snow sports and ice and snow survival training such as snowmobiles, snow football, curling competitions, snow golf, and experience the "four dislikes" sledges, ice fishing, and cold hot springs. Experience the endless fun of ice and snow.

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