1 Day Seda Itinerary: Best Places to Visit in Seda

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Day 1 | Morning

Larung Gar Buddhist Academy

Opening Hours: Open all day

Ticket Price: Free

Recommended Length of Stay: 0.5-1 Days

Location: Luoluo Township, Seda County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (about 20 kilometers from the county)

Seda Larung Gar Buddhist College, referred to as Wuming Buddhist College, is located about 20 kilometers southeast of the county seat of Seda County, surrounded by mountains. With the Buddhist scripture hall as the core, thousands of small wooden houses are densely packed like ant nests all over the hillside. The entire Buddhist Academy is very large and there are many paths, you can visit at will. On the hillside full of prayer flags to the southwest of the prayer tower, you can overlook the entire Buddhist College, where you can take a picture of the entire Buddhist College.

Day 1 | Afternoon

Now we come to another great highlight in the city: Seda Sky Burial Platform.

Seda Sky Burial Platform

Opening Hours: The daily burial time is relatively fixed, around 14:30-15:00.

Ticket Price: Free

Recommended Length of Stay: 30-30 Minutes

Location: Five kilometers outside Seda County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

The scenic spot is between the Buddhist Academy and Seda County. It was built on a relatively flat and gentle slope in the middle of the mountain, next to a small white pagoda, with a half-enclosed piece of flat land the size of a basketball court with iron fences.

Day 1 | Evening

After visiting the glorious Seda Sky Burial Platform, Crowne Plaza Yading nearby is the best place to stay.

Crowne Plaza Yading

The Holyland Hotels & Resorts (Daocheng Yading Risong Gongbu Jiudian) is a vacation hotel located in Shangri-la Town, 50 meters away from the entrance to Yading scenic area.

Multiple types of room on offer are available for guests, 80% of which have panoramic views.

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Seda Weather

1 Apr, 2023
13 ~ 24℃
1 Apr, 2023
13℃ / 24℃
2 Apr, 2023
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3 Apr, 2023
Moderate Rain
10℃ / 13℃
4 Apr, 2023
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5 Apr, 2023
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