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Abu Dhabi 4-Star Hotel Guide

Abu Dhabi is the largest and richest emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Although most of the emirate is made up of deserts, the capital city which is also named Abu Dhabi is a green paradise with fields of grass, shady green trees, beautiful parks, hot sea breeze, wide roads, as well as tall buildings. It is a modern seaside city full of charm and vitality.

The dominant religion and traditions in Abu Dhabi are exemplified through the attractions there. One of the most stunning landmarks in the city is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world. You can also head to the iconic Corniche Road and spend time at the public beach. If you’re interested in traditional culture, head to the Cultural Heritage Village on the breakwater on Corniche Road to experience how people in the desert lived in the past. You can also admire the artisans who create ceramics, weave, and process metals.

The hotels in Abu Dhabi are mainly in the urban area as well as on Corniche Road. There are also many hotels around the Abu Dhabi Airport and most of them are business and budget hotels. In addition, Yas Island, which is less than a 20 minute drive from the airport, is also home to many hotels. There are many new high-end resort hotels on the island which have turned it into a holiday destination.

The eight-star Abu Dhabi UAE Palace Hotel is one of Abu Dhabi’s famous landmarks. The hotel’s interior area is decorated with gold, pearls, and crystals, making it extremely luxurious. During the day, the hotel’s magnificence is contrasted against green gardens, sparkling pools, and blue skies. In the evening, the dome of the hotel is lit with rainbow-like colors. The hotel has a white private beach stretching for 1.3 kilometers and 14 high-end restaurants serving different styles of cuisine. The decoration in the rooms is comparable to the luxury of the Royal Palace. All of the facilities can be controlled by iPads, and personal butler services are also available. The hotel is close to the beachfront shopping mall and can be reached in a 30 minute walk or an 8 minute drive. From the hotel, the Etihad Tower can be reached on foot within 20 minutes, and the airport can be reached in about a 30 minute drive.

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