Hotels in Al Ain Reviews

4.4/5Excellent16 Reviews
Breakfast is great. It is very convenient for children with a lot of food nearby. It is very convenient and quiet. The service is also very good. It is considered a domestic Hilton standard. And the facilities are very new. The bed is comfortable. Parking can be parked for free. There is also a bar where you can smoke Arabic hookah. Since there is no conversion plug, but there is usb charging here. The indoor temperature and humidity can be adjusted intelligently. There is only a week of worship
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4.3/5Excellent12 Reviews
The room is very good, the conditions are good, it is too expensive
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4.4/5Excellent12 Reviews
A-Rhine's very cost-effective hotel, the first time when the unit was built, I came here to play and live here. The hotel is very clean and the facilities are very new. The opposite is Al Ain Mall. It is also convenient to buy things.
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4.4/5Excellent21 Reviews
It may be one of the best hotels here but it is very old, and I don't like the colored glass. No matter what the weather is, it looks like cloudy in the house.
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4.1/5Very Good20 Reviews
Belonging to the resort hotel, the service is good, the environment is very good, there is a villa building, open-air swimming pool and restaurant, which covers a large area, suitable for self-driving, breakfast is very good, variety, exquisite, location is slightly away from DOWN TOWN, swimming pool temperature is slightly higher The facilities are slightly old, the bathroom door locks are out of order, but the price ratio is still quite high, with a good experience for children, the overall recommendation
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4.5/5Excellent25 Reviews
As new. Nice room. Nice ornements. In the mall and close to restaurants.
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Al Ain MMK ALAIN Hotel Guide

New and popular hotels in Al Ain recommended by Book hotels in Al Ain via the website or app, it's easy and hassle-free. You can plan a day tour in Al Ain. Al Ain is not a big city. When traveling here, you can choose to stay in hotels around the city center.

Every day, travelers worldwide arrive at Al Ain Airport to start their vacations and business trips in Al Ain.

There are not many hotels in Al Ain. Guests are advised to book in advance. When looking for hotels in Al Ain, there are likely good options at a nightly budget of just 79 USD. There are 4 five-star hotels in Al Ain at an average price of 82 USD per night. There are 7 four-star hotels in Al Ain at an average price of 70 USD per night. There are 2 three-star hotels in Al Ain at an average price of 82 USD per night. There are 1 two-star hotels in Al Ain at an average price of 119 USD per night. There are many well-known chain hotels in Al Ain. Hilton is the most popular brand among tourists. Hotels under the Hilton brand are a good choice. A popular hotel in Al Ain, Danat Al Ain Resort is also one of the highest rated. If you're still unsure, recommends Al Bada Hotel and Resort.

The most famous attractions locally are Al Ain Zoo, St. Mary's Catholic Church.

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