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Moon Inn
5/523 Reviews
Beijing Wtown
Living elsewhere, always have to get out of busy days from time to time, find a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, meet three or five friends, come to the scene without purpose, no regularity, no set play, relax your body and mind. No comments found this homestay #Muyin· at the beginning, it is located next to Gubei Water Town, 10 minutes drive away. On the map, we looked at the village. When we drove into it, it was like a peach blossom source. We walked on the village path, and then suddenly we were bright. After arriving, it was very shocking. What I saw was the white and blue style building. It was obviously different from other buildings. The itinerary was different, so the first impression was very good. Entering the small courtyard, there are grass on both sides, the first floor is eating, drinking and having fun, along the path you can walk to the first floor lobby, the hall has KTV, script killing, werewolf killing, you can also adjust coffee, cocktails, and cook here, come a little fireworks. After arriving, I came to a script killing in the afternoon, and the boss also sent plum seeds and melon seeds and other snacks. I picked a suspense book, friends had a good time, ignited in the evening, roasted tea in the oven, put on the favorite longan, jujube, chestnut, persimmon and other snacks, the most important thing is tea, very delicious, very comfortable. There is a large heated swimming pool inside, there is a private soup in the room, the private soup is very comfortable, the room is very comfortable, many details, can be adjusted faucet, smart toilet, smart bath, even Dyson hair dryer, invincible. The next day, breakfast, very comfortable breakfast, in general, very comfortable to play, very free.
4.9/523 Reviews
Tanzhe Temple, Miaofeng Mountain Scenic Spot
The homestay near Tanzong Temple is a villa area in the middle of the mountain. There are many distinctive homestays. Hidden stone pays great attention to privacy and home feeling. On the first floor, you can receive a family of young and old or two or three families. There is also a large kitchen for cooking. There is a private soup pool, and the master bedroom is outdoor. There are two indoors. We live on the second floor. It is a large bathtub. It is also very comfortable. The boss is also very thoughtful and enthusiastic. Here you can drink tea quietly, stay in a daze, read a book, take a bath, and stroll on the stone road. It is not convenient to eat. It is best to bring some food. Although there are not many dishes in the cliff restaurant in the morning, you can eat enough, and the ingredients are very fresh and the coffee is delicious. The only downside is that the water flow in the shower is small and not hot, but the water in the bath is very hot and the water flow is normal. Maybe the water pipes are all here in the bath, I don't know much.
Yingu Private Tang Homestay
4.9/553 Reviews
Tanzhe Temple, Miaofeng Mountain Scenic Spot
The hotel is on the mountain, isolated from the world, friends who want to repair their hearts or like to be quiet can come here for a few days. Newly opened hotel, so the facilities are complete and new, I have a private soup in the room, I want to soak in the hot springs before I can let the service staff help clean up the pool. The room was warm and smelled fragrant. Dinner can be booked in advance. There are not many types of menus, but enough. The cook is from Sichuan, so you know that there are two kinds of breakfast, and you can definitely eat. Special thanks to the front desk sister, we couldn't call the car when we left, she drove us down the mountain, to a place where we could get a taxi. In short, we had a very happy weekend, oh yes, the hot spring water is very hot, soak in a hot spring in the cold weather, look up at the stars, and integrate yourself into nature, wonderful!
White Bird Villa Private Hot Spring Guesthouse (Beijing Feicuiling)
4.8/565 Reviews
Huairou Scenic Area
On June 21st, when the flowers bloomed half a day in summer, I had a summer meeting with Bainiao Jade Ridge B&B. I walked into this high-end guesthouse far away from the world and in the middle of Qingya Mountain with my best friend. The caring butler prepared everything to welcome us early, and the room was clean and well-stocked. We also prepared exquisite afternoon tea for us, the fragrance of herbal tea, and desserts to warm the heart. In the light and luxurious decoration, there are scenery and affection everywhere. My friend and I walked hand in hand on the exclusive hiking trail next to the homestay. The mountain breeze was blowing and the green leaves were in our eyes. When we were in such an environment, people slowed down unconsciously. Walking lightly among the green hills, sitting leisurely in the courtyard for an afternoon, letting go, mixing in the quiet air, drinking tea and chatting. Watching the years leisurely spend your heart, calmly. At dinner, I made a beautiful loving dinner in the fully equipped open kitchen with my family. In the exclusive private soup, toast to invite the month and have a long conversation. Really did a physical and mental leisure, and wasted the time of the journey. Staying in the cage for a long time, return to nature. White Bird*Emerald Ridge allows me to occasionally be in the mountains and rivers, watching the crescent moon embedded in the mountains, listening to the cicadas calling insects, and finding a slow rhythm in a fast life. In fact, life is the same as I want to lie down in normal times, which is the calm season of life. It is the whole meaning of survival to fulfill one's own life.
Bejing Yanqing Alpine Skiing Resort Hotel
4.7/51881 Reviews
Yanqing Resort Area
It is worthy of being a four-star hotel in the Winter Olympic Village, with excellent hardware facilities and excellent intelligent facilities. The staff at the front desk, customer service, and concierge luggage are all excellent, and the staff in the engineering department are serious and responsible. The service was impeccable. But, maybe I was unlucky. I lived in a room at the end. The temperature in the house was as low as 16 degrees and as high as 18 degrees. It really felt like Frozen. If it weren't for the room temperature I would give it four stars. Another reason is that the hotel is very large and consists of different buildings. It is a complex of about 6 or 7 third and fourth floors. There is a warm corridor that can communicate with each other without having to go outside. However, the temperature in the warm gallery is only about 4 or 5 degrees higher than the outdoor temperature. You still need to wear thick clothes to enter and exit. I don’t know if the warm gallery is not heated. At the same time, the directions on the corridor are unclear, and the elevator instructions are also unclear. It feels like walking through a maze. Finally, the hotel's meals are inconvenient and the supporting facilities are not complete enough. There was nothing to eat after 10 pm, so I found a restaurant that served half-hour. I still had to ask several staff members before I found a place. There are very few green vegetables and vegetarian dishes in the restaurant, which makes me, a vegetarian, at a loss.
Original X  Hotel
4.7/583 Reviews
Huairou Scenic Area
The hotel is newly opened, and the environment is very good. It is an 8-minute walk to Hongluo Temple. The room is also very clean, but there is no table, and there is no place to put the children's toys. There are many places to eat nearby, right at the doorstep, and the authentic farm dishes are delicious, including rainbow trout. Breakfast is also ok. Get up early and go shopping in nearby villages, they are very quiet. The bathtub is nice~ You can go to Hongluo Temple on the first day of check-in, and check out on the second day to go to nearby Yanqi Lake. Shentangyu is just a few minutes' drive away. Very suitable for family outing♥♥♥

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Beijing Hot spring Hotel Guide

Discover the Uniqueness of Beijing: An Experience Like No Other

Beijing, the vibrant capital city of China, offers an extraordinary blend of ancient traditions and modern wonders. Immerse yourself in the rich history, diverse culture, and must-visit attractions that make Beijing a truly unique destination.

Popular and Convenient Locations for First-Time Visitors

The Forbidden City: Explore the magnificent imperial palace that once housed emperors and their families. Marvel at the intricate architecture and exquisite gardens.

The Great Wall of China: Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to this iconic UNESCO World Heritage site. Witness the breathtaking views and conquer the ancient fortifications.

Tiananmen Square: Discover one of the world's largest public squares, a symbolic site in Chinese history. Admire the grandeur of the Monument to the People's Heroes and the Gate of Heavenly Peace.

The Summer Palace: Escape the bustling city and enjoy the tranquil beauty of this imperial retreat. Stroll through the lush gardens, sail on Kunming Lake, and explore the intricately designed pavilions.

The Temple of Heaven: Experience the spiritual ambiance of this ancient religious complex. Witness locals engaging in traditional activities such as tai chi and practicing ancient rituals.

Better to Know before Visiting Beijing

Before embarking on your journey to Beijing, it's important to keep a few things in mind:

Visa Requirements: Ensure you have the necessary visa documentation to enter China.

Language: English may not be widely spoken, so it's helpful to have a translation app or basic knowledge of Mandarin.

Smog: Beijing occasionally experiences high levels of air pollution, so check the air quality index and consider wearing a mask if necessary.

Currency: The official currency is the Chinese Yuan (CNY). It's advisable to have some cash on hand, although credit cards are widely accepted in major establishments.

Transportation in Beijing

Getting around Beijing is convenient with various transportation options:

Beijing Capital International Airport: The city's main international airport, located approximately 32 kilometers northeast of the city center. Take a taxi or use the Airport Express train to reach your hotel.

Beijing Railway Station: Situated in the heart of the city, it's a major hub for high-speed trains and long-distance rail travel.

Beijing Subway: The extensive subway network connects major attractions and neighborhoods. Purchase a rechargeable transportation card for seamless travel.

Taxis: Taxis are readily available and relatively inexpensive. Ensure the driver uses the meter or negotiate a fare before starting your journey.

Shared Bicycles: Beijing offers a bike-sharing program, allowing you to explore the city at your own pace. Download the corresponding app for easy access to bikes.

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