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Boracay 5-Star Hotel Guide

Boracay’s White Sand Beach is known as one of the best beaches in the world. With the resorts and entertainment facilities on the island, Boracay is the ideal choice for a holiday. Walk on the picture-postcard White Sand Beach or sail out to sea and wait for the unforgettable sunset. Boracay is an elongated island with gentle white sandy beaches in the middle and dense forests at both sides. The main beaches include White Sand Beach, Diniwind Beach, Bulabug Beach, and Puka Shell Beach. Boracay has a tropical marine climate with an average temperature of 23-36 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Every year from November to May is the hot season, which is also the peak tourist season. The weather is hot from March to May and it is much cooler November to February. The off-season runs from June to October, which is also the rainy season, when the temperature is between 22-32 degrees Celsius.

White Sand Beach is where the majority of the accommodation is located. It has three piers running north to south. At Boat Station 1 there are many high-end hotels. Boat Station 2 has many restaurants, shops and bars. D'mall is a good place to buy souvenirs, clothes, and local specialties. It is very lively at night. Boat Station 3 is relatively quiet and you’ll find some nice small hotels there. Bulabug Beach is a paradise for surfers. Those who want a more peaceful environment can head to the northern or southern ends. Although the traffic is a bit inconvenient, it is ideal for people who want to get away from it all. Many resorts and hotels have a view of the mountains or the sea. White Sand

Beach stretches for four kilometers and faces west, which makes it the best place to see the sunset. The sunset begins generally around 17:30 and lasts about 10 minutes. Be sure to get your camera ready in advance. It’s even better if you can sail out to sea for the sunset and avoid the crowds on the shore. Fans of water activities will love this place; with kite surfing, shallow water surfing, wakeboarding, parasailing, snorkeling and diving.

D'talipapa is a popular seafood market in Boracay where you can buy a variety of seafood, and then pay the restaurants to cook it. Lobsters, prawns, crabs and groupers are the most popular. On Boracay Island, you will find that many people have a number of braids and henna tattoos. You’ll find plenty of places where you can get your hair braided or get a henna tattoo. In addition to a variety of upscale Boracay hotels, there are some quite unique options. For example, Boracay West Cove has become quite famous as the whole hotel is built directly along the cliff and faces out to sea.

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Boat Station 2
4.6/521 Reviews
Boat Station 1
4.4/521 Reviews
Boat Station 1
4.9/513 Reviews
Boat Station 3
4.4/510 Reviews
Boat Station 2
3/529 Reviews
Boat Station 1
4.6/532 Reviews