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4.8/5Outstanding239 Reviews
Extra bed is available. Breakfast 26 knives, buffet, free drinks. 16 knives, ordering, and 15-20% tipping after eating. Paying for internet access. Great location, connecting Boston's largest brand mall. Opposite the hotel there is a amphibious tour of the Charlie River. The price is high. High-rises look at Boston's night scenes.
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4.5/5Excellent18 Reviews
The location is very close to the convention center, very convenient, the hotel room is the right size, suitable for business travel
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4.7/5Outstanding189 Reviews
The place is very convenient and the room is clean and service is good.
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4.6/5Outstanding277 Reviews
The hotel is really cool! The location is good, just minutes away from the airport. The view of my room is gorgeous. The night view of the city really great. My booking this time is without breakfast. If breakfast is included, I would have more comments on the food as well.
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4.4/5Excellent20 Reviews
Very good accommodation, nice bed and internal decoration, will stay again next time in Boston
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4.6/5Outstanding50 Reviews
Boston City Center
The traffic is very convenient, it is convenient to go anywhere, the hotel environment is also good
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Boston Hotel Guide

Boston, the capital and largest city in Massachusetts, is located in the New England region of the United States. Boston is also a historic city and has been named one of the most affluent cities in the country. Although Boston is not as bustling as the metropolis of New York, it has a more laid-back atmosphere and is a great place to spend vacations. In Boston, you can explore famous attractions along the Freedom Trail, visit Harvard University or MIT, head to the Fenway Stadium to cheer for your favorite team, or spend the afternoon by the bay or the park. Of course, Boston's specialties - Boston lobster and clam chowder are also not to be missed either. Boston's main attractions aren’t far apart, and in general, three days is enough time to visit them. If you have more time, however, the surrounding towns and national parks are definitely worth visiting as well.

Boston is a popular tourist city in the eastern United States. There are many hotels in Boston, though the prices are quite high. The main accommodation areas include Downtown, Back Bay, South Boston, the University District and Logan Airport. Downtown and the Back Bay area are the most popular areas for tourists to stay. It is within walking distance of many attractions, restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, subway and bus stations, and convenient transportation. Accommodations in South Boston are relatively cheaper, quieter, and suitable for those who have their own cars.

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