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    Chiayi County Boutique Hotel Guide

    Chiayi County is located in the center of the Chianan Plain, connecting Alishan Mountain and Yushan Mountain in the east, bordering Taiwan Strait in the west, Tainan County in the south, and Douliu in the north. The island's railway line passes through downtown Chiayi. Chiayi’s tourist attractions were developed at an early time, and there are many places of interest such as the Alishan Scenic Area. Sunrises, seas of clouds, the railway, forests, and sunset glow are collectively known as the “five wonders of Alishan” in Taiwan. Other attractions include the Fenqi Hu Scenic Area and Alpine Botanical Garden Museum.

    The best time to travel to Chiayi County is from March to June. The county is located near the warm tropics, so it's like spring all the year round. Alishan has a variety of landscapes where visitors can admire flowers in spring, escape from the summer heat, and check out the sunrises and seas of clouds in the fall. Each year from mid-March to mid-April, the cherry blossom season in Alishan is a major annual festival that cannot be missed. For tourists traveling here, there are a lot of hotels in Chiayi County to choose from.

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