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Chiba Prefecture is located on the southeastern part of the Kanto Plain. It is adjacent to Tokyo, and is made up of the Kanto Plain in the north and the Boso Peninsula in the south-central region. Many new facilities have been built here, including the Tokyo-Narita airport, the place where many foreign tourists begin their journey in the country. The prefecture is also home to an international convention center known as Makuhari Messe. The bay area facing Tokyo Bay has many facilities such as Tokyo Disneyland and large shopping centers. Chiba is one of the regions in Japan with the most significant development achievements.

The Boso Peninsula is bordered by the Pacific Ocean in the east as well as Tokyo Bay and the Uraga Waterway in the west. The climate is characterized by high rainfall in the summer and low rainfall in the winter. The prefecture’s maritime climate with relatively warm winters are the reason that many sightseeing facilities have been built here. These facilities include Kamogawa Sea World, which is famous for its seal performances, and Hakone Island Paradise, well-known for its flamingoes. There are tons of attractions waiting for you, so book hotels in Chiba and experience them all for yourself!

Minamiboso, a city in Chiba Prefecture which has a particularly warm climate, has always been known for its cultivation of flowers. Spring is the season when yellow rape flowers bloom and cover the fields is a great time to visit Minamiboso. Also within the prefecture, there are the cliffs of Mount Nokogiri as well as Kujukuri Beach, which stretches for 55 kilometers. The variety in natural and manmade attractions within Chiba make it a great place for your next vacation.

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