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Sotogrande Davao Hotel
2.1/59 Reviews

Sotogrande Davao Hotel

Davao|1.88km from Davao Merchant Marine Academy College Of Southern Philippines
We arrived at the room and tried to lock the door but we cannot lock it. We called the front desk and someone from them went to the room, checked the door and told us that its okay we cannot lock the room as long as we have the key no one can enter our room except for us and they have many cctv (we could rely on their cctv if incase someone will trespass our room). We decided to trust then and let this problem go. Then on the evening Our room leaked and the water came from the CR of the floor above us. The staff told us it came from the CR from 8th floor we were staying at 7th floor. Our clothes were soaked in that dirty water. The front desk told me to smell the clothes and if doesn’t smell bad I should just let it dry and use it tomorrow. She was pushing me to smell the clothes! And I dont want to do it since I know the water came from the CR! I know its dirty. I asked them if they can assist me in their laundry service since it was not my fault that my clothes were soaked in the dirty water she told me she could not help me. So I asked detergent powder I’ll do the washing of clothes myself since the front desk told me she cannot help me with the laundry. Detergent powder is not available also. So I used the bath soap in the room to wash our clothes. It was really terrible. I hanged my clothes in the cr and in the morning hanged it outside the window. We decided to avail their breakfast buffet paid P450 each person. We arrived at the restaurant at 7:30am but to our surprise there was no food available for us. They told they will refill but 8:30am came there’s still very minimal refill. The people near the buffet table were able to get food but for us who are far from the buffet table, we were not able to get the refill that they provided. Until many people arrived worst came to worst they ran out of food. It was supposed to be an buffet breakfast but they told everyone there that they will serve food per table instead since they ran out of food. What a nightmare. People were asking if they still have longganisa they told na person “they will try their best to provide” so they are not prepared to cater for buffet breakfast. Its not worth the P450 pesos. Youll only eat crumbs. And you need to always ask them for food. Its just so unfair for us who paid full price and did not get to eat that much since they ran out of food. Their service is really different from other hotels.

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Inspiria Condo Units Beside Abreeza Mall Davao
4.8/54 Reviews
Staff was helpful and friendly. The unit was in perfect condition and location.
Davao Boutique Condos - Abreeza
4.8/52 Reviews
The whole experience is superb! The location is perfect whether you are on business, with family and friends. The photos they posted is beyond my expectations. I will come again! Thank you
RedDoorz Plus @ Conclave Hotel Davao City
4/513 Reviews
Malinis ung hotel at room, ok din location nya malapit sa highway if sasakay ng bus no need to go to ecoland bus terminal kasi paglabas mo abang kana lang marami bus dumadaan papntang panabo or tagum, nagustuhan namen ung pag stay namen, magbobook uli ako for our coming trip this coming july..
Napsule Suites Davao
3.8/515 Reviews
This hostel is very accessible. It has a convenience store below so that is a plus. It’s also walking distance from Abreeza Mall. When I go back to Davao, I would definitely book this again.
Red Planet Davao
3.6/5104 Reviews
The rooms were comfortable but I wanted to stay twenty days splitting ten online and ten with cash. He said the online was fine for 1260 pesos but the cash would be 2500 pesos a night and he was so arrogant. I only booked three days and walked down 200 meters to Orchard Hotel. They gave me the same price 1260 pesos book online or cash directly through them. They were super nice and the rooms were just as good as Red Planet. I booked seventeen days directly with them at the desk and I was exstremly happy. They also.said 1260 pesos all in price but charged me an extra 300 pesos per night when I used my debit card. If your looking for comfortable room at an honest price in my opinion please try Orchard Hotel First.
Anavada Apartment - Davao City
4.4/51 Reviews
Very very good hotel, the location is in a residential area, so it is a bit difficult to find, but Google can navigate past it. The rooms are large, clean and sanitary, with complete facilities for cooking, and the quilt is not as trendy as other hotels, it feels like home.

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Davao Travel Guide

Brief Description of Davao Merchant Marine Academy College Of Southern Philippines:

The Davao Merchant Marine Academy College Of Southern Philippines is a prestigious maritime institution located in Davao, Philippines. It offers a wide range of courses and programs related to the maritime industry, including marine engineering, naval architecture, and maritime transportation. The college is well-known for its state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty members who provide quality education and training to aspiring seafarers. With a strong emphasis on practical learning, the college prepares students for successful careers in the maritime industry. Situated in a scenic location, the college provides a conducive environment for learning, with modern classrooms, laboratories, and simulation centers. Students also have access to various recreational facilities, ensuring a well-rounded college experience.

Must-Experience Things and Uniqueness of Davao Merchant Marine Academy College Of Southern Philippines:

  • Participate in ship simulators to experience real-life maritime scenarios
  • Observe and learn from experienced maritime professionals during industry visits
  • Engage in hands-on training with the latest marine equipment and technologies
  • Attend workshops and seminars conducted by industry experts
  • Join maritime clubs and organizations to network with fellow students and professionals

Better to Know Before Visiting Davao Merchant Marine Academy College Of Southern Philippines:

  • The college follows a strict dress code, so it is advisable to dress appropriately
  • Visitors should carry a valid identification document for security purposes
  • The campus has limited parking facilities, so it is recommended to use public transportation
  • Students are actively involved in practical training, so visitors may witness various maritime activities
  • Visitors should adhere to the college's rules and regulations to maintain a respectful environment

Transportation Near Davao Merchant Marine Academy College Of Southern Philippines:

When visiting Davao Merchant Marine Academy College Of Southern Philippines, there are several transportation options available. The nearest airport to the college is Francisco Bangoy International Airport, located approximately 13 kilometers away. Visitors can also reach the college by using the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal, which is about 9 kilometers away. Additionally, taxi services are readily available in Davao, providing convenient transportation to and from the college.

Tips for Booking Hotels Near Davao Merchant Marine Academy College Of Southern Philippines in Davao:

  • Choose a hotel that offers easy access to Davao Merchant Marine Academy College Of Southern Philippines
  • Consider hotels with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, and fitness facilities
  • Read reviews and ratings from previous guests to ensure a comfortable stay
  • Compare prices and book in advance to secure the best deals
  • Check if the hotel provides shuttle services to the college for added convenience
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