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The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites
4.3/556 Reviews

The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites

I am on my Vismin leg of trainings and Davao is my last for this week. Had a great, smooth time in Tacloban, Cebu, Bohol and this last seminar in this hotel have been very challenging so far. At the front desk, I requested for lower floor, which I normally do (due personal traumatic experience which I do not need to explain) and after a series of ”please” thank God, Kate of Front Desk stepped in and found us a room at 6th which will be ready only by 5pm. It was turned over around 6pm. In preparation for our Monday seminar, we coordinated with Rose of Banquet to ocular the place as we have a specific layout to follow that will be good for classroom set up, group dynamics and dining. When we arrived at Ruby function room, linen staff Cory was there arranging for our seminar on Monday so we rendered help in lay outing the tables and chairs, projector screen. When we had to coordinate with the technical, we requested an HDMI longer than 1 meter so laptop can rest on the tech table. Sure they have a longer one but with additional charge of P300/day. When I asked for wireless mic to be used since the activity will involve passing around of microphone among the participants, guess what? Yes, an additional P800/mic/day will be charged! So with the 3 days seminar and 1 week stay that we pre booked and paid , these little requests do not come free. I do not want to ruin my Davao stay because I am an avid fan of our former President Duterte and only have the highest respects for his place. I hope to find some pleasant things from this hotel for the remaining days of my stay here to compensate for the ugly start. Time to activate the Vision Mission which is in every room of the hotel and not just left on the brochure. A simple greeting, some genuine smiles mean a lot to every customer. So far the only staff who has a ready smile and genuinely asks how he can be of service is Jaypee, service crew of Cafe Frances. He takes time to talk with the customers and ask how they are doing and recommends the best dish. Food is great and reasonably priced -- large servings and delicious! As for the edifice, needs repairs and refurbs. We had to call in help for the A/C and busted light bulb.

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Go Hotels Lanang - Davao
3.8/581 Reviews

Go Hotels Lanang - Davao


Latest booking 20 hrs ago

We used to frequent at GoHotels (other branches) many years ago so I know that it’s a reputable hotel. But this time, COME ON. They renovated the exterior and lobby of GH Lanang to look new but the rooms are way too old. I paid 4,100+ for 2 nights and it was not worth it - TERRIBLE at that. I didn’t sleep well because of the room state and avoided using the toilet and shower as much as I could because just look at the photos and be the judge. Not only did it look bad, it also smelled bad. On my 2nd morning, I kindly requested for room service but the staff informed me that they only do room service on a guests’s 3rd day but I was only on a 3D2N stay so I figured I wasn’t qualified. I went on and requested that the CR at least be sprayed with air freshener because it was smelly (I literally told them it was smelly). They agreed this time so I expected it to have been done upon my return in the evening but unfortunately it wasn’t (still smelly when I arrived) and I didn’t bother to request again. There was no exhaust fan in the toilet - only a small window that didn’t help at all with the smell up to my last day. Note that there is no “main” CR door - only 2 separate glass doors, one for the toilet and one for the shower. So expect to smell your own poop in the entire because the doors would not hold off the smell for you, lol. You can see the sink from your bed because it was just… there. The only redeeming factor of that room was the duvet and 2 of the pillows (the pillow cases of the other 2 were old and cheap). Other small things I should note: in-room phone wasn’t working so I had to google the number and call the front desk from my mobile phone. I borrowed a flat iron and was quickly brought up to me (thank you, staff). I also requested for a towel change (just 1; there were 2) on my first night because the towels were giving off this weird smell. They quickly changed it (thank you again) but it smelled the same so maybe it was the detergent being used that smelled weird. I let it go. One of the bedside lamps had small stains that looked like blood, which freaked me out NGL. Look, I wasn’t expecting a luxurious stay. I’m a frequent traveller who even stays at smaller, unfamiliar hotels when on long trips to smaller and farther towns. But this was way too bad. I’ve stayed at many rooms like that of what I experienced with GH but I only paid 800-1,000/night so who am I to complain? With GoHotels, I expected more because it’s a Robinson’s property. Heck, Gokongwei group had an advertisement at the lobby so I expected a decent stay at bare minimum! With that experience, I will NEVER stay at ANY GoHotels again and will probably avoid Summit hotels too because it was being advertised at the lobby and I don’t wanna risk paying more money for another sub-par experience. P.S. I cannot comprehend how others have recently rated GH Lanang with 5 stars LOL
Grand Regal Hotel Davao
3.7/562 Reviews

Grand Regal Hotel Davao

It is pretty clear this hotel has been going on a downward spiral for quit sometime. The reason is because their front desk staff are rude and the manager doesn't care. Whenever you have a hotel like this, you know it's one of those situations where they are not happy with their pay. So they just run the hotel into the ground like Sir Domini the front desk manager. I spoke to this guy on the phone over a complaint and he kept saying sorry but it was obvious he didn't really care. His staff member (Siti) hung up on me 6 times!!! When i wanted to change the date of my booking, and she asked me to call Agoda (my booking agent). Even though i called Agoda i wanted to talk to the manager for a long term stay. She asked me why i wanted to speak to a manager and i told her it's private between me and the manager that's when she started hanging up. It's obvious to me that the manager is in on this type of activity because when i called him and got him on the phone finally he said he heard the conversation. So it's like...if you can hear, or heard the conversation why didn't you intervene right away? Or couldn't you reply to me by e-mail and apologize for your staff's rudely conduct??? So guys don't expect anything from this hotel. I would go as far as to say you are not safe here. With the non attentiveness and care for the guests needs, you can almost be sure you're going to have many problems. There are many hotels in Davao why put up with this garbage. I been coming here for 5 years but i will from go somewhere else from now on. They don't deserve my business or the business from good people. This is not a good hotel, and I do not recommend it.

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Davao Crocodile Park

Sotogrande Davao Hotel
2.1/59 Reviews

Sotogrande Davao Hotel

Davao|2.05km from Davao Crocodile Park
We arrived at the room and tried to lock the door but we cannot lock it. We called the front desk and someone from them went to the room, checked the door and told us that its okay we cannot lock the room as long as we have the key no one can enter our room except for us and they have many cctv (we could rely on their cctv if incase someone will trespass our room). We decided to trust then and let this problem go. Then on the evening Our room leaked and the water came from the CR of the floor above us. The staff told us it came from the CR from 8th floor we were staying at 7th floor. Our clothes were soaked in that dirty water. The front desk told me to smell the clothes and if doesn’t smell bad I should just let it dry and use it tomorrow. She was pushing me to smell the clothes! And I dont want to do it since I know the water came from the CR! I know its dirty. I asked them if they can assist me in their laundry service since it was not my fault that my clothes were soaked in the dirty water she told me she could not help me. So I asked detergent powder I’ll do the washing of clothes myself since the front desk told me she cannot help me with the laundry. Detergent powder is not available also. So I used the bath soap in the room to wash our clothes. It was really terrible. I hanged my clothes in the cr and in the morning hanged it outside the window. We decided to avail their breakfast buffet paid P450 each person. We arrived at the restaurant at 7:30am but to our surprise there was no food available for us. They told they will refill but 8:30am came there’s still very minimal refill. The people near the buffet table were able to get food but for us who are far from the buffet table, we were not able to get the refill that they provided. Until many people arrived worst came to worst they ran out of food. It was supposed to be an buffet breakfast but they told everyone there that they will serve food per table instead since they ran out of food. What a nightmare. People were asking if they still have longganisa they told na person “they will try their best to provide” so they are not prepared to cater for buffet breakfast. Its not worth the P450 pesos. Youll only eat crumbs. And you need to always ask them for food. Its just so unfair for us who paid full price and did not get to eat that much since they ran out of food. Their service is really different from other hotels.

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Davao Zorb Park

Hotel San Marco Davao
3.1/55 Reviews

Hotel San Marco Davao

Davao|0.44km from Davao Zorb Park
I booked Hotel Marco via the hotel’s FB Page. Booked the Premiere room as the agent I spoke with specifically said that the Premiere room is more spacious than the deluxe but sad to say it doesn’t feel like it or did they not gave us a premiere room? Reservation was fast they did not require us to pay for a downpayment. Our flight got delayed from early in the morning to late in the afternoon so we arrived Davao City at around 6:00 PM. They did not even gave us any follow up if we are going to continue with our reservation. We rented a car which picked us up at the airport we immediately went to the hotel to check in (30mins drive to airport) when we got to the hotel it took a little while to check in as they were not sure about our reservation there were many questions asked first how we did our reservation and it was hot at the lobby as the AC were turned off. After check in we got into our room, on the way to our room some lights in hallway were turned off too that’s why it was quite dark. Inside the room there were 2 big beds it was spacious and comfortable. AC were cold and WIFI was ok plus the smart TV is also a plus! What we didn’t like was they did not provide any toiletries kit (eg. toothbrush, toothpaste, etc..) we asked for it they said they will be sending it in our room but they didn’t all through out our 3 days stay. We also asked for extra pillows as there were only 2 pillows per bed but they don’t have an extra. We also asked for an extra key card as we were group of 2 (4 adults 1 child) but they cannot provide an extra key card too which was inconvenient as if someone needs to go out no extra keycard is provided and still needs to knock on the door. Location wise it was not in the city center but since we rented a self drive car we didn’t have any issues going into places such as tourist spots. Good thing that the hotel has s basement parking. There are restaurants, spas, and convenience store 1 block away from the hotel. They only serve plated breakfast which you will be called during the evening to choose your preferred breakfast. Choices were limited but it was good. We only had issues with the drinks during our breakfast because my husband asked if coffee was free the server said Yes so my husband got himself one when he served the juice in our table he did not gave one to my husband because he said he got himself a coffee my husband got aggravated as he did not specifically says that he can only choose one beverage. Since it was his fault he still gave a juice but did not say sorry. The hotel is still new and they still have a lot of things to improve on. The hotel is affordable.

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SM City Davao

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People's Park

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OYO 414 Humberto's Hotel
3.8/510 Reviews
Decided to stay there since it is situated in the heart of Davao City. My room has a smell of cigarette smoke. When I opened the room’s window, there were a lot of cigarette butts outside. The hotel seems to be poorly maintained. The front desk personnel though were nice and accommodating.
Dmc Caralos Vacation Inn and Dormitory
3.9/516 Reviews
You get what you pay for. Room is so small. Towels, toiletries and linen are not replaced everyday. There are alot of mosquitos and sometimes it is noisy during night time. My television has volume problems. Over all good for short term stay.
Inspiria Condo Units Beside Abreeza Mall Davao
4.7/54 Reviews
Staff was helpful and friendly. The unit was in perfect condition and location.
RedDoorz Near Davao Airport
2.6/57 Reviews
I wasn’t able to stay in the hotel due to transportation issues. So I request for cancellation however it’s I made my booking for no cancellation and it’s not refundable. Fortunately, I asked them if it’s possible to get a refund and the costumer service was nice enough to accommodate my concern. They gave me a coins corresponds to the price I paid. Thank you very much.
Dusit Thani Residence Davao
4.3/553 Reviews
The room is relatively large and has complete facilities. There are just too many lights that need to be turned off before going to bed. If you book on Ctrip and a local company, it seems that they are not in the same building. They belong to two systems. If you want to stay in the same building, you may want to pay attention.
Microtel by Wyndham Davao
4.1/536 Reviews
Neat and clean facility... Kindness of staff I was going to stay for one night and move, but I made a reservation right away for another day~~~^.^ What's better... Food around the hotel is plentiful, and above all Because Starbucks is there... You can drink cold coffee anytime... McDonald's and Yellow Cab are 24 hours. There is also a 7-Eleven, so it's perfect for a late-night snack. Hotel location... Have a good rest..

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Davao Hotel Guide

There are many discounted hotels on Planning a trip to Davao? In Davao, both areas with attractions and the city center are good places to stay. For trips in Davao, you can choose hotels around the city center or accommodations near popular attractions.

Francisco Bangoy International Airport is the primary airport in Davao.

On, there are 85 recommended hotels in Davao. The local average price is 40 USD per night. There are a variety of hotels to meet the needs of different types of travelers. There are 1 five-star hotels in Davao at an average price of 59 USD per night. There are 4 four-star hotels in Davao at an average price of 67 USD per night. There are 38 three-star hotels in Davao at an average price of 38 USD per night. There are 33 two-star hotels in Davao at an average price of 27 USD per night. Unique local hotels in Davao provide guests a unique and fresh feeling. If the comfort level of your trip is important, there are many choices in Davao, such as hotels under the Marco Polo brand. Marco Polo is the top choice of many travelers in Davao. Red Planet Davao is one of the most popular hotels in Davao. If you're still unsure, recommends Hotel Galleria Davao.

There are quite a few famous attractions in downtown Davao, such as Philippine Eagle Centre, Tamayong Prayer Mountain, Crocodile Park. If you want to spend a fun vacation with your family, locals recommend visiting Pangubatan Beach, Kaputian Beach, Samal Island. You can also visit top-rated attractions like Matina Town Square, Eden Nature Park. Commercial areas like SM City Davao, Abreeza Mall, SM Lanang Premier are ideal places to buy souvenirs.

Average Temperature

• January to March: 29.12°C during the day, 24.42°C at night

• April to June: 30.14°C during the day, 25.36°C at night

• July to September: 29.38°C during the day, 24.95°C at night

• October to December: 29.56°C during the day, 24.94°C at night

Average seasonal Rainfall

• Spring: 97.2 cm

• Summer: 180.57 cm

• Autumn: 176.4 cm

• Winter: 143.4 cm

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