Hotels in Dongguan Reviews

4.4/5Excellent2500 Reviews
International Trade Center Business District
excellent service! very friendly staff. rooms is comfortable and clean. it is centrally located and near location near wal mart and accessible to many shops and shopping centre.
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4.6/5Outstanding1122 Reviews
Wanda Business District of Dongcheng
A swimming cap is required to enter the pool? This is retarded.Hair on my head is a problem but pubic hair is ok I guess.
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4.8/5Outstanding3290 Reviews
International Trade Center Business District
My favorite hotel in Dongguan. I always stay in this hotel when I visit my friends. The staff is amazing and they are always helpful. The room is beautiful and spacious. I love the atmosphere of the hotel. The hotel is located by two malls. I’m always happy to stay in the hotel. Thank you so much!
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4.5/5Excellent373 Reviews
Changan Wanda business district
The room is clean, staff is friendly. We drive to there so location is good, close to the restaurants
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4.5/5Excellent1883 Reviews
Songshan Lake Resort
Very good hotel always stay easy parking parking good
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4.7/5Outstanding24 Reviews
Wanda Business District of Dongcheng
Big rooms, good breakfast, good location.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Dongguan Hotel Guide

Dongguan is located in the central and southern part of Guangdong Province and the northeastern part of the Pearl River Delta. The city is home to a large number of residents from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, as well as many Chinese people from overseas. There are also ancient battlefields from when the region was at war with England, such as the Shajiao and Weiyuan Fortresses, as well as patriotic education bases such as the Opium War Museum and the Naval War Museum. There are also many cultural buildings and parks, including the Jin'aozhou and Liuhua Towers, one of Guangdong's four famous gardens, Keyuan Garden, the Huangqi Ancient Temple, as well as Xian’e Lake, Shipai Yanling, Green World, and Qingxi Shanshui Tiandi Forest Park and more.

September and October are the best months to visit Dongguan. The annual average temperature in Dongguan is 22.1°C. Winter is warm and has adequate sunshine and few cold days. There is more rainfall in the spring and summer and sunny weather in the autumn, making all three ideal seasons for travel. Heavy rains and typhoons affect the city’s climate from June to October each year. At this time, visitors to Dongguan should pay attention to the heavy rain and typhoon warnings.

Hongmei lanterns have a long history, and they are one of the most popular folk arts and crafts in the city. The Lantern Festival held each year in Hongmei, and in addition to the display of a variety of different styles of lanterns, there are also Cantonese opera and other exciting programs. The way in which locals in Dongguan celebrate the Lantern Festival is quite unique. The festival takes place during the Lunar New Year in Dongguan’s Hongmei Town.

The hotel industry in Dongguan is very developed. The city is full of hotels and inns that are both large and small. Tourists prefer to choose hotels in Dongguan that are more prosperous in downtown or hotels in an attraction-concentrated area. Since there is no airport in Dongguan, tourists in need can choose to stay in areas close to Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway.

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