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Westmark Fairbanks Hotel and Conference Center
4.1/5108 Reviews
Advantages: The room is quite big and clean. There is a simple coffee machine in the room with four bags of coffee a day. There is also a coin-operated laundry room. The location should be in the city center, close to the Fairbanks community museum, and there are several restaurants around it that are delicious. For breakfast, there are three hot dishes (bacon, eggs, fried potato wedges), fruits and so on. Disadvantages: 1. Breakfast time is 6:30-8:30, after 8:30 it will be collected. 2. The bathroom decoration is quite old.
Aurora Villa
4/5103 Reviews
Location: There is an open area outside the window, taking into account privacy and vision. The tree on the left side of the place where I live is a little reflective, but it has not affected much. Friends who have the conditions can set two more days and two more days to increase the quality of the aurora. We checked in on the first day at Fairbanks. Unfortunately, it was only level 2. It was hard to see with the naked eye, only the camera could take pictures. I only stayed here for a day because I had to catch a trip. I believe that if you catch the aurora outbreak, you can have a shelter from the wind and rain and slowly adjust the equipment. It is much better than hurrying to get off the frame machine on the roadside. Transportation: There is pick-up. The two of us have been looking forward to experiencing the full picture of Alaska as much as possible, so the train from Anchorage came over, and the train in winter is called Aorura winter. After contacting the hotel, my brother and I directly arranged it on WeChat, so you can come from the train station. It ’s not recommended to rent a car. It ’s a bit difficult to drive. If you want to drive yourself, just rent a Subaru. This is Subaru ... Service: The thief was enthusiastic, so he drank on a skewer and drank. There are all kinds of drinks in the lobby. I actually found my favorite lamonata. I was shocked. There are sour things. It would be perfect if there was instant noodles for breakfast. ps. I wore a gore tex that I used for bowhunting in March, and this place is warmer than Chicago. The temperature is really white. When I returned from the Arctic Circle the next day, I took a poor tripod + Fuji x100f wide-angle conversion mirror on the side of the road
Hyatt Place Fairbanks
4.1/5103 Reviews
1. Airport transportation: It is about 15 minutes' drive from the airport. The hotel has a free shuttle bus service. After arriving at the airport, you need to make an appointment. 2. Surroundings: The hotel is in a town, within walking distance of McDonald's and Pizza, there is a Starbucks in the bookstore opposite. There is a Wal-Mart supermarket, which is quite complete. 3. Breakfast: American breakfast, no Asian food. 4. Others: The hotel has a small gym and small indoor swimming pool.
River's Edge Resort
4.3/599 Reviews
The riverside environment of the hotel is beautiful and you can walk, but the hotel's own design cabin is the feeling of the motel. Next to the hotel-run caravan camp, you can see all types of RVs. The hotel's restaurant is by the river, we have dinner there, and the scenery is good. The mixed-blood waiters we met were more simple and suggest that we should order food reasonably and not waste. There was a family with a few children paddling on the beach and eating, feeling very happy. The front desk clerk has a general attitude and the room is arranged closest to the car entrance. Said to be a garden house, do not expect, but it is a mess of plants around a circle plus a few plastic tables and chairs. The bath and bed in the room are good, but the furniture is especially simple. Breakfast is in the lobby, $15 a person is not recommended. The hotel sent the airport service is good, told the front desk and immediately drove over.
Candlewood Suites Fairbanks
4.4/559 Reviews
The hotel is great. The facilities are new, clean and quiet. The room has a coffee machine, refrigerator, microwave, induction cooker, toaster, dishwasher, kitchenware, plates, cutlery, etc. There is a self-service washing machine and dryer on the first floor, and coffee, hot water and ice cubes are provided in the lobby. Within 800 meters of the hotel there are Wal-Mart Supermarket, FredMeyer Supermarket, McDonald's, Subway, Starbucks, Cold Stone Ice Cream Shop and other restaurants. The staff is very welcoming and the front desk can make reservations to the Shuttle Bus next to the Holiday Inn (the meeting point for most tours). The only thing I didn't feel used to was the room on the 4th floor where we lived. There were no curtains, only a layer of curtain.
Hampton Inn & Suites Fairbanks
4.2/5105 Reviews
It's fairbank's not bad, there is a socket in the parking lot, not afraid of the next day. Very clean and very friendly, will tell you in advance when the aurora is. But breakfast has eggs, all kinds of eggs. But there is no other facilities, one said one, the heating is really fierce, the shoes wet to roast for 2 hours on dry.

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