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The full name of Frankfurt is “Frankfurt am Main,” meaning “Frankfurt on the Main.” It is the largest city in central and southwestern Germany and the fifth largest in the country. Because of its beautiful skyline, Frankfurt is also known as Mainhattan. On one side of the River Main are many high-rise buildings, while on the other side is the old town, creating a sense of harmony through juxtaposition. Frankfurt has a lot to offer tourists and is a great place to enjoy food and go shopping. If you are traveling in the summer or autumn, allocate some extra time to head north to visit Koblenz and the Rhine Valley.

Frankfurt was once one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire. The medieval Römerberg, the cathedral where the Roman Emperor Election was held, and the city hall of the coronation of the emperor all show the extraordinary status of this city. Although the old city was destroyed in World War II, the ornate buildings that were reconstructed are still reminiscent of their original style. Visitors can head to the Goethe House, the former residence of the writer, and feel the cultural atmosphere of Frankfurt at the Iron Bridge over the Main River and in the Museumsufer district.

Frankfurt is an important financial center in both Germany and the European Union. The large Euro at the entrance of the Eurotower and the bear and bull statue at the entrance of the Stock Exchange have become popular subject matter for tourist photos. As the most prosperous city in central and western Germany, there are two shopping streets lined with famous international brands. Those who like shopping can’t miss out on them.

Although it’s known for finance, Frankfurt is still a city with a lot of unique culture and very much worth a visit. In terms of hotels in Frankfurt, there are many options. Stay in the downtown area for the skyscrapers and historical buildings, or stay in the Museumsufer area for museums and family fun. The construction of Frankfurt International Airport has made Frankfurt the main gateway to Europe. If you’re transiting in Frankfurt, there are many hotels near the airport as well. Thanks to the convenient public transportation in the city, visitors can select Frankfurt hotels in the city center to experience the beauty of the city at night.

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