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5 star

Dong Fang Hotel
4.5/53018 Reviews

Dong Fang Hotel

Guangzhou Railway Station and Yuexiu Park Area Guangzhou|0.74km from Yuexiu Park

Latest booking 23 hrs ago

The biggest hotel I’ve stayed in Guangzhou. Was very happy to see the huge room with a separate living area, bathtub, separate shower and toilet. Then the leakage happened. What a shame, don’t know why there is a flood whenever we use the shower. The bathtub, toilet area and sink area is fine, but the water will flood most of the toilet floor after shower, and the worst is there will be a foul smell that comes after. Shower room is just next to the beds, so we ensure the shower door is shut when we sleep to keep the smell away. Other than the shower mishap, everything is perfect, I was surprised to see they even have different charging lines near the dresser and the tv area, very thoughtful!Location is the best, shopping plaza just across the road with a delicious dim sum restaurant on the 2nd floor, be sure to go early, I reached close to 11am and que for almost an hour to get a seat. The super market in the shopping plaza is expensive but the bread offers buy 2 free 1 if you go after 8pm, the bread is so tasty, I brought back to sg and ate for 2 days it still taste very good. Bought kiwis and persimmon back to sg and both taste very good as well. Subway is just 3 mins away and easily to get taxis from the hotel or from the roadside. Walk about 30 mins to qing hui yuan, one of the famous garden in Guangzhou, visit the huang fei hong and ye wen gallery. Take the subway 2 stops to Beijing bu xing jie, plenty of shops and vibrant place, it’s a must go. Really love the location of this old hotel, so convenient and surrounded by shopping and eateries, just need to make sure to have a shower room that doesn’t leak.

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Family friendly

Guangdong Hotel( Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station)
4.6/51834 Reviews

Guangdong Hotel( Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station)

Beijing Road Pedestrian Street and Haizhu Square Guangzhou|1.1km from Yuexiu Park

Latest booking 22 hrs ago

Residents with registered residence in this province and city, change their environment for a short time during the Spring Festival, and re-experience and get to know this city where they have lived for decades as a tourist. The room is 5 stars. I stayed in a comfort twin room. Newly renovated in 2018, it is stable and elegant, comfortable but not luxurious, in line with the original positioning of the provincial government guest house. In the south room, the window faces the Dongfeng Road, which flows day and night, but it has double-glazed glass and good sound insulation, which did not affect my sleep. There are sufficient and convenient power sockets in the room, as well as convenient lighting facilities. The hygiene in the room is 5 stars. Room service was excellent. The public health in the guest room area is also very good. The hotel's internal environment is 4 stars. The lobby area has not changed much compared to before. It is still grand and has the restrained style and low-key of thirty years ago. The environment around the hotel has changed a lot, it is extremely clean and absolutely safe🤣. The economic growth in Guangzhou, Guangdong in recent years has promoted the general improvement of the living environment. On the west side of the hotel, separated by a wall, is the provincial government. Surrounded by surveillance cameras and guards. The surrounding environment is 6 stars! A few hundred meters to the west of the hotel is the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, a few hundred meters to the northwest is Yuexiu Park, Zhenhai Tower, Wuyang Statue and Yuexiu Mountain Stadium. A few hundred meters to the south of the overpass is the Beijing Road Pedestrian Street area, which is convenient for travel and leisure. But not noisy or crowded. 🤪🤪The following is my personal opinion: 1. There is no elevator in the basement. 🤣🤣Guests need to carry their suitcases and go up the stairs to the lobby. Unfortunately, I parked at B2 and was shocked to find that I had to carry my suitcase up two and a half flights of stairs! Looks like it's only suitable for people traveling with a driver and secretary. Hey, I remembered that this is the provincial government guest house! 2. The breakfast buffet is only 3-star level. Hope to at least switch to a freshly ground coffee machine. It feels like they are not used to receiving individual travelers for leisure travel. 3. It is hoped that the front desk can provide more convenient and considerate services to ordinary leisure tourists who are not public servants.

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Guangzhou th Select E-sports Apartment (Yuexiu Park Subway Station Store
4.4/519 Reviews
Guangzhou Railway Station and Yuexiu Park Area
This hotel stayed for the second time. The environment is really good. The sanitation is also clean. The attitude of the front desk ladies is also very polite. There is free parking. The hotel computer network is not stuck. The game is very smooth. The stay is really comfortable.
Wufu Boutique Hotel (Guangzhou Railway Station)
4.3/572 Reviews
Guangzhou Railway Station and Yuexiu Park Area
The room was very clean, big and comfortable. It had all the basic amenities for a pleasant stay. The staff was very friendly and helpful. If I come back to Guangzhou, I will definitely stay here again
Weidu Hotel
4.7/5583 Reviews
Guangzhou Railway Station and Yuexiu Park Area
I haven’t been back to Guangzhou for a long time. I miss this hotel very much. It has been renovated a lot. The breakfast in the restaurant on the second floor is various. There are enthusiastic staff in the front hall, a good-looking guy and a beautiful girl. The guest rooms are full of enthusiasm. Sister, the room is still as clean and tidy as before, and there is a new laundry room, and the washing machine also has a drying function, so you don't have to worry about the clothes not drying for several days. Love this hotel. Facilities: Laundry room, quick wash, spin and dry in one Hygiene: Clean and tidy, equipped with disposable toilet seat covers and disposable bathtub bags. Environment: The environment is beautiful, the decoration is exquisite, and the photos are very artistic. Service: The front office service is very good and will always care about your needs. Delicious snacks in the lobby and heart-warming tea in the lobby: Delicious and healthy Luo Han Guo tea is provided, paired with snacks.
Yimi Hotel (Guangzhou Yuexiu Park Xiaobei Metro station)
4.1/5827 Reviews
Guangzhou Railway Station and Yuexiu Park Area
Transfer to Guangzhou to take the high-speed rail, hurriedly booked the hotel, and mistakenly entered the small North Black gathering area. When taking a taxi, the driver specifically asked to be careful. The hotel is small, the sanitary conditions are very poor, the location is not good, although the name is Xiaobei Subway Station, but it takes 13 minutes to walk from the nearest subway station and go up and down the overpass. There are a lot of international friends in the hotel, and you must pay attention to your belongings when you travel. Don't enter the Xinjiang restaurant next to the hotel, dirty and messy, no service.
Meiyu Youpin Hotel (Guangzhou Railway Station Store)
3.7/5141 Reviews
Guangzhou Railway Station and Yuexiu Park Area
I went to Guangzhou for a week on a business trip. I chose this hotel until two o'clock in the middle of the night. The facts proved that it was not a waste of my efforts. First of all, because I am going to the surrounding cities, I am very considerate. Secondly, the location of the hotel is really good. The subway station is the subway station. There are all kinds of delicious food within one kilometer nearby. It’s a bit good to go out. There is Tao Taoju across the road. I have eaten these few days... Finally , The hotel's hygiene is very good. Although the facilities are relatively old, the sanitation is good and the bathtub is very clean. In short, at this price, what else is required to find such a good hotel in this location in Guangzhou? Called to praise the little brother Huang Depei at the front desk for helping with late check-out. In fact, all the service staff in this hotel are very nice, take the trouble to answer our questions and recommend delicious food around.
Jinzhou Hotel (Guangzhou International Conference Center Yuexiu Park Metro Station)
3.6/5851 Reviews
Guangzhou Railway Station and Yuexiu Park Area
It s nice hotel , good services convenient place very close to subway station and also very close to many markets and also nice garden park and shopping mall … near by Starbucks , Burger King and many oxidant and oriental restaurent. I find very nice hotel also with good price . I recommend this hotel to you to visit you will never regret .

Frequently Asked Questions

Guangzhou Travel Guide

Must-Experience Uniqueness of Guangzhou

Guangzhou, also known as Canton, is a vibrant city that seamlessly blends traditional Chinese culture with modernity. Its rich history, unique cuisine, and bustling markets make it a must-visit destination. The city is famous for its Cantonese cuisine, which is world-renowned for its delicate flavors and exquisite techniques. Indulge in mouthwatering dim sum, savory roast goose, and delectable steamed seafood.

Known as the "City of Flowers," Guangzhou boasts stunning gardens and parks that are a true feast for the eyes. The Yuexiu Park with its iconic Five Rams Statue and Baiyun Mountain with its breathtaking views are not to be missed. Explore the historic Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, a masterpiece of Lingnan architecture, and immerse yourself in the city's cultural heritage.

Guangzhou is also a shopper's paradise. The bustling Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street and Beijing Road offer a plethora of shops selling everything from traditional Chinese crafts to modern fashion. Don't forget to visit the wholesale markets, such as the Tianhe Clothing Wholesale Market and the Haizhu Wholesale Market, where you can find incredible bargains.

Popular and Convenient Locations/Zones Suitable for First Visitors in Guangzhou

The Pearl River: Enjoy a leisurely cruise along the Pearl River and marvel at the stunning skyline of Guangzhou.

Shamian Island: Step back in time as you wander through this charming island with its beautiful European-style buildings.

Chimelong Paradise: Experience thrilling rides and entertaining shows at this popular amusement park.

Guangzhou Tower: Take in panoramic views of the city from the observation deck of this iconic landmark.

Guangdong Museum: Explore the rich history and culture of Guangdong province through its extensive collection of artifacts.

Better to Know Before Visiting Guangzhou

Guangzhou has a subtropical climate, characterized by hot and humid summers and mild winters. Be prepared for high temperatures and occasional rain showers, especially during the summer months. It is advisable to carry an umbrella or raincoat.

The local currency is the Chinese Yuan (CNY), and most places accept major credit cards. However, it is always a good idea to carry some cash, especially for smaller establishments and street vendors.

English is not widely spoken in Guangzhou, so it is helpful to have a basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese or carry a translation app to communicate with locals.

Transportation of Guangzhou

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the main gateway to the city, serving both domestic and international flights. The airport is well-connected to the city center by various transportation options, including taxis, airport shuttles, and the metro.

Guangzhou has an extensive metro system that is efficient and convenient for getting around the city. It is recommended to purchase a rechargeable transportation card, such as the Yang Cheng Tong, for easy access to the metro and buses.

Guangzhou also has several railway stations, including Guangzhou East Railway Station and Guangzhou South Railway Station, which provide connections to other cities in China.

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