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4.6/5Outstanding4982 Reviews
West Coast
Leo Meng served us today, he was very kind and helpful, and offer us a free upgrade of the room. Also explained the detail of the room for us
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4.6/5Outstanding5324 Reviews
Perimeter of Haikou Airport/Mission Hill/East Coast
We do enjoy our holiday in Hilton Haikou Meilan.
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4.7/5Outstanding3602 Reviews
West Coast
OMG! I chose this hotel for my last night in Haikou, and it was exceptional! Upon my arrival the bell-girl Sylvia, greet me warmly, and helped me with my luggages. The front desk works really fast that I don’t even notice if it’s done already, and THANK YOU SO MUCH to the manager, Ms. Linda Lin for gave me free upgrades!!! Also also also thank you for GRO staff Anna and Alisa who made sure my stay to be more comfortable than it already is, they even gave my friend and I the happy hour coupons ?❤️ everything just amazing. We’re really enjoyed our room, and the ocean view from our room, it’s really beautiful!!! We also got the chance to try the hot spring in the hotel, it’s next to the outside swimming pool. It’s so cozy and really nice. when we arrived there, the pool bar staff welcomed us and escorted us to the Hot spring tub and of course after he offered us two towels. Almost all the staff in here are so friendly and helpful. ❤️Although, I don’t really had a good experience at the breakfast and with the reservation department. first, there is one staff girl who kept asking me (not nicely) my room number while I’m getting my food eventho I already inform my room number at the kool cafe reception desk, I just think it’s a bit rude. Second, the french toast was too dry... I think I could make a better french toast ✌? I don’t really eat much at breakfast time but the mango smoothie was good I luv it. ? and for the reservation department I was disappointed because they don’t try to help us when we made a reservation. I hope they could be more professional and helpful and respect the guest no matter what the guest title is, whether it’s VIP/member/ or whatever. A guest is a guest after all. ?Overall, I really enjoyed my stay here. ❣️
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4.7/5Outstanding3081 Reviews
West Coast
We spent three nights at this hotel as the last leg of our tour. I left hotel with very positive thoughts, planning return. The room provides relaxing ambient - good to unwind after long day at the office. All the members of staff to be really polite and considerate.
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4.6/5Outstanding3536 Reviews
West Coast
This such a beautiful hotel! The location is up and coming but that is okay. It is a very quite hotel. Getting to the beach was a bit difficult, there isn’t a clear path. But the view is beautiful. The spa is amazing. I want to go back. Room service is amazing, they call if there is a problem.
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4.8/5Outstanding7810 Reviews
5-star room and service, just not too convenient to change lift level to get to ground floor
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Frequently Asked Questions

Haikou Hotel Guide

Known as the city of coconuts, Haikou is the most historical and culturally attractive city on Hainan Island. Within the city, the Qilou Old Street has a strong literary and artistic atmosphere, while colorful neon lights and coconut trees add tranquility to the city’s downtown area. Haikou is an eco-tourism city full of tropical seaside scenery and islands. It has long summers, no winters, and a pleasant climate. It is not only home to rare natural scenery such as mangrove forests and volcanoes, but also many famous historical and cultural monuments such as the Temple of Five Lords.

Haikou is the capital of Hainan Province and is located on the northernmost tip of Hainan Island. It faces Xuzhou County across the Qiongzhou Strait. Haikou is divided into four districts: Qiongshan, Xiuying, Longhua, and Meilan. There are many natural and cultural attractions in Haikou, among which the famous Qilou Old Street, the Temple of Five Lords, and Wanlv Garden are located in the urban area. The main attractions in the west of the city include Holiday Beach, Impression Hainan, the Volcano Geological Park, and more. The Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park is in the southwest suburbs of the city, while the eastern suburbs are home to the famous Dongzhaigang Mangrove. Many hotels in Haikou are located by these scenic areas.

The period from October to May is the best time for visiting Haikou. This is because during this period the weather is very pleasant. Although the average temperature of Haikou is around 20°C throughout the year, it is the rainy season from May to October every year. September is the month with the highest amount of rainfall, which can cause an inconvenience to travelers. In addition, the eastern part of Hainan Island is called the "Typhoon Corridor," so don't forget to make note of any typhoon warnings issued by the meteorological department. Transportation will be affected in the event of a strong typhoon; flights may be canceled and the waterway will be temporarily shut down.

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