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Known as the city of coconuts, Haikou is the most historical and culturally attractive city on Hainan Island. Within the city, the Qilou Old Street has a strong literary and artistic atmosphere, while colorful neon lights and coconut trees add tranquility to the city’s downtown area. Haikou is an eco-tourism city full of tropical seaside scenery and islands. It has long summers, no winters, and a pleasant climate. It is not only home to rare natural scenery such as mangrove forests and volcanoes, but also many famous historical and cultural monuments such as the Temple of Five Lords.

Haikou is the capital of Hainan Province and is located on the northernmost tip of Hainan Island. It faces Xuzhou County across the Qiongzhou Strait. Haikou is divided into four districts: Qiongshan, Xiuying, Longhua, and Meilan. There are many natural and cultural attractions in Haikou, among which the famous Qilou Old Street, the Temple of Five Lords, and Wanlv Garden are located in the urban area. The main attractions in the west of the city include Holiday Beach, Impression Hainan, the Volcano Geological Park, and more. The Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park is in the southwest suburbs of the city, while the eastern suburbs are home to the famous Dongzhaigang Mangrove. Many hotels in Haikou are located by these scenic areas.

The period from October to May is the best time for visiting Haikou. This is because during this period the weather is very pleasant. Although the average temperature of Haikou is around 20°C throughout the year, it is the rainy season from May to October every year. September is the month with the highest amount of rainfall, which can cause an inconvenience to travelers. In addition, the eastern part of Hainan Island is called the "Typhoon Corridor," so don't forget to make note of any typhoon warnings issued by the meteorological department. Transportation will be affected in the event of a strong typhoon; flights may be canceled and the waterway will be temporarily shut down.

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