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Hangzhou is a city in eastern China known for West Lake, a large freshwater lake in the middle of the city. Since mountains and rivers surround the city, it’s unsurprising to learn that it was the subject of many ancient poems. When visiting the city, the main popular scenic spots are concentrated in Xihu and Shangcheng Districts. The Xihu District is where West Lake is located and Shangcheng District is known for its historical attractions, such as the Southern Song Imperial Street and Wansong Academy. Visitors also have the option of going to the Lingyin Temple, taking a boat around Xixi Wetland Park, or strolling through the streets of the city. Those interested in shopping may want to head to Wulin Square and the commercial buildings surrounded by the lakeside shopping district.

As a host city of the G20 Summit, the light show and the musical fountain, as well as restaurants once visited by world leaders have become the popular spots for Hangzhou's newcomers. These attractions are located in the former venue within the city, Qianjiang New Town.

West Lake is must-see for anyone coming to Hangzhou. Discovering the Ten Scenes of the West Lake, going on a cruise, and enjoying the Impression of the West Lake or the musical fountain is a classic experience that can’t be missed when in the city. Since this city surrounded by greenery, it’s easy to admire the natural landscapes. The Xixi Wetlands, Longjing Village, and Nine Creeks Meandering through a Misty Forest will allow you to appreciate the beauty in the landscapes of Hangzhou. Hefang Antique Street and the Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Street are the most worthwhile old alleys to visit in Hangzhou. Architecture from different periods, combined with unique shops and foods also stalls show visitors a different side of the city.

Hangzhou cuisine is an important part of regional Jiangnan cuisine. Hangbang restaurants (the name for restaurants serving local cuisine) are popular throughout China. Whether it’s a traditional dish local to Hangzhou or a seasonal snack, those interested in food won’t be disappointed.

The surrounding scenic spots in Hangzhou are dominated by natural landscapes. The area around Thousand Island Lake is beautiful, and it is known as a natural oxygen bar around Hangzhou. The western Zhejiang Grand Canyon is located in the west of Hangzhou in Lin'an District. There are attractions such as Tonglu's Yaolin Wonderland, Yan Ziling Fishing Terrace and so on, all of which are great places to visit around Hangzhou.

Hangzhou has a warm and humid climate with four distinct seasons and an average annual temperature of about 16°C. The scenery of Hangzhou is different from season to season, and the spring flowers blossom from March to April. The autumn air is full of the fragrance of osmanthus flowers, making it a good time to visit. Spring also is the best time to stroll along the Su Causeway and enjoy the flowers. The Longjing Tea Garden is also full of greenery

During June and August is plum rain season. The rainfall is mostly concentrated, and the climate is hot and humid. Under the hot sun, they are in full blossom. The Zigzag Bridge of Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden is almost submerged in green lotus leaves, bursting with a fragrant scent.

From December to February is winter in Hangzhou. At this time, the coldness and solemnity, of the West Lake changes the feeling of the whole environment. It should be noted that rainfall is heavy throughout the months of January and February, so remember to check the weather before you travel.

The area around West Lake is the first choice for most tourists to stay. High-end hotels with lake views can be seen from the side of West Lake, and it is not difficult to find youth hostels that are popular with backpackers either. Most of the attractions in this area are within ten minute walk from West Lake. The Wulin and Hubin shopping districts are bustling commercial districts in downtown Hangzhou where luxury, mid-range, and economic hotels are concentrated. The shopping malls are rich with the prosperity of the provincial capital and a good place to check out the night scenery. With convenient transportation, Metro Line 1 runs through the entire area and provides direct access to the Hangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station. There is also an airport shuttle bus to and from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport.

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