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ZhongYang Street
Fantastic location and view of the river. We accepted the offer to upgrade to the executive lounge level for additional fee that includes the breakfast and evening buffet and drinks. The lounge had really nice sunset and city view. The food was typical. We were annoyed by some travelers smoking in the bathroom from which the smoke spreaded to the dining area. The room was clean and comfortable. However, the bathroom smelt like urine. The smell was reduced after I covered the tub drain and floor drain.
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Harbin Railway West Station/ Wanda Plaza
Facility and services was pretty good in general in the hotel. However, the bell boy service was terrible. He didnt call a taxi and therefore gave no instruction to driver. We had to go to the street to catch a taxi and had difficulty in communication as we dont speak Mandarin. If you are traveling on your own and no Mandarin speaker, you will have the same difficulty.
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Harbin Railway Station/Guogeli Business District
The hotel is going to the airport to take a taxi to the Civil Aviation Building to take the bus. The bus runs every half hour, the traffic jam in Harbin, and the bus to the airport must be at least three and a half hours in advance. The breakfast variety of the hotel is too small, the bread is only sliced, and for those who have breakfast as a dessert, there is nothing to eat. Changchun and Harbin's smart holiday locations are not very good.
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Jiangbei Sun Island. City Hall Area
A wonderful hotel overlook the famous Ice and Snow World. Service was excellent as well. Thanks Tina Ouyang for all her help and assistance.
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4.5/5Excellent2319 Reviews
ZhongYang Street
Location is great- right at the start of Zhongyang Avenue - good service- room was showing its age
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4.6/5Outstanding2338 Reviews
Dragon Tower/International Exhibition Center
Hotel is extremely convenient, with a shopping centre just beside it. It is also easy to get cabs just outside the hotel. Takes about 15-20 mins drive to Central Street from there.The hotel is VERY stuffy when we checked in. The temperature control in the room does not work as it is controlled centrally. I called the front desk as we were getting baked inside. The front desk said there is nothing they can do as it is central heating and claimed that we are not used to the heat. Frankly, coming from Singapore, we know what heat is... In any case, we resorted to opening part of the window and curtains to allow cold air from outside to come in. It got better after that.Another thing is the concierge advised us he will book cab for us at 8am for our flight at 10am on the day of departure. I called him again the morning at 730am just to be sure and he said cab has arrived and told us to take our time. What we didnt realize was that there was a huge jam on the way to airport as it was snowing the night before and the roads were slippery. The cabby told us typically hotels will advise people to head to airport 3 hours before departure time, NOT 2. The driver drove like a maniac to help us get to the airport 30 mins before departure. Luckily, the airport staff allowed us to be checked in late, else we would have missed our flight back!Overall, ok hotel because of the mall - really saved time for us to find food in the bitter cold winter. Apart from that, just a so so hotel.
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Harbin Hotel Guide

Harbin is a city with beautiful scenery and strong atmosphere of Eastern Europe. Eastern and western cultures converge here, and Russian-style architecture decorates the entire city. Harbin has a long cultural history and is full of the toughness and boldness of northeast China. Prosperity can be seen all throughout the city, and at night, Harbin feels as if it came straight out of a fairytale.

As an ice city, Harbin always attracts people with crystal snow and ice. Few cities can make people so interested in ice and snow and allow them to forget about the cold and have fun in temperatures below -20°C. At the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, visitors can catch a glimpse of lifelike ice sculptures, as well as partake in alpine skiing and ice skating. Harbin uses cold and passion to interpret the unique beauty of the winter.

Harbin has a mid-temperate continental monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons, long cold winters, and short cool summers. Harbin is suitable for traveling throughout the year and has different styles in all four seasons. Winter and summer are the best travel times, though hotels in Harbin are known to fill up quickly when the ice and snow festival is underway. The average temperature in the summer is 19°C-23°C, and the maximum temperature can reach 38°C. In winter, the average temperature is -15°C to -30°C, and the lowest temperature is around -37.7°C.

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