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Hefeng Mengfu Courtyard
4.9/54 Reviews
The homestay just opened in May 2024. The boss was not at home that day. She arranged for her friend to pick us up at more than nine o'clock in the evening. The homestay was very quiet and the environment was very comfortable. The boss’s mother received us. A very warm and simple aunt, and prepared fruit for us at more than ten o’clock in the evening. The boss said at the time that if we were not in a hurry, we could wait for her. She took us around the next day. I thought this was a polite word. The breakfast was made by the boss's mother herself and it was delicious. After breakfast, the aunt told us that the boss was already on the way home and would be home soon. I realized that the boss was not a polite word with me at the time, but a person who spoke and believed. After the boss arrived home, he hurriedly ate a dumpling, and took us to climb General Rock (the people who believe in Buddha are worth going). To be honest, it is not the boss's enthusiasm. I dare not go to General Rock at all. I have been catching a cold and fever. Behind the boss and husband's encouragement, although very tired, but still arrived at the destination. On the way back, the boss called her mother to fry the potato for us, saying that the fried potato is delicious, is their specialty, after eating, I know that the fried potato is really delicious, I ate two bowls. If you want to go, the homestay can sing, fish, barbecue, you can cook by yourself or eat the farmhouse meals made by the boss’s mother. The yard is planted with seasonal vegetables. It is surrounded by tea mountains. It is a good place for leisure and stress reduction. The business of the homestay will definitely get better and better! ! !
Hefeng Yingxin Farm
4.2/55 Reviews
The location is a few kilometers away from the entrance of the scenic area, and you will find a sign for wine making. Go up a slope and you will be there. Parking is very convenient. The view at the door is very wide. There is a hundred-year-old tree in front of the door. The room is wood festival. Structure, simple and clean. There is no air conditioning, everything else is fine, and meals are easy to eat. The owner makes it by himself, and the taste is good. It costs 50 per person. The portion of the dishes is very good and the taste is good. It is still very good to go to Pingshan Canyon, and it is suitable for self-driving. Friends who don’t drive, don’t know if the boss has a car to pick them up.
Hefeng Yinping Shanshe Homestay
4.8/572 Reviews
I think the most impeccable thing about this hotel is the location. It is very close to the entrance of the scenic spot. Secondly, the off-season price is very suitable. The room type is quite large and spacious. Facilities: The shortcomings are mainly in the facilities 1. The facilities in the room lack reasonableness. For example, the bathroom overflows every time the shower water is overflowed. 2. The Wi-Fi signal is unstable on the second night. The screencast is often broken or displayed. 3. It’s really cool at night this season. The warm air in the room is not very strong. 4. The toilet sewer is a bit smelly. Hygiene: Not bad, stayed for two nights, the garbage did not help to dump after the first night Environment: very good, there is also a terrace Service: There is often no one at the front desk. I added the boss WeChat before I went. It is estimated that she is busy. WeChat is very simple. It is very enthusiastic to call the voice.
Hefeng Hospitality Homestay
4.8/537 Reviews
A group of 8 of us, the store’s service is enthusiastic, and the farmer’s dishes are fresh and delicious. The braised chicken and fried potatoes are especially popular. The terrace on the fourth floor can also see the scenery, which is great.
Hefeng Pingshan Gaga Farm
4.8/5158 Reviews
The owner of the homestay is very enthusiastic. He helped us book tickets for the scenic spot and informed us of the route arrangement. The room layout is also very meticulous and the food is delicious. Pet-friendliness was the reason for my initial choice, so I met a thoughtful and enthusiastic homestay owner. Except for a section of road, the road condition is not good and it is not easy to walk. The homestay itself is very good, and it is not far from the entrance of the scenic spot.
Peninsula Holiday Hotel
4.2/529 Reviews

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