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Vibe Hotel Hobart
4.5/580 Reviews

Vibe Hotel Hobart

Hobart|0.21km from Franklin Square
Located in the heart of Hobart, this hotel with sea view suites is the only hotel in Hobart that can hardly find a problem (no musty air conditioning, no strange service, no overcharged, cement brick buildings are not shipping containers) There are many advantages, one is the location, downstairs is the city center, and it is also very close to Sandy Bay. It is very convenient to order take-out or dine-in, Pigeon Whole; Vietnamese buns; Xi'an snacks; Kinoko Deli; All within walking distance; Salamanca in the blink of an eye (sea view suite with view) The second is the field of vision. Who doesn't come to Hobart to look at the sea while lying in bed? It can be said that this is a normal hotel without wasting the good views of Hobart. The third is the hotel's internal services and facilities. It's really Vibe (with atmosphere), and you can take a picture and make a film. It made me feel at home in this hotel. If it wasn't for too much luggage, I really wanted to stay in this hotel. Sign an agreement for a permanent stay. The hotel TV can be connected to YouTube mobile phones to play videos, unlike a certain Hao and a certain high group, because of personal grievances and grievances with Guanguan, it will bring inconvenience to customers. Finally, there are the disadvantages. The advantages of this house are really many, but the disadvantages are also really obvious. First, the coffee in his house is really bad, so bad that it can be used as another feature. There seems to be only one barista in their house, this person All coffees made with milk froth more than 40% of its volume and cool on top and warm on the bottom, as if someone had whipped him the night before and froze it in the fridge, and he warmed it up this morning and put it on it. Your coffee is the same.) If you want to drink coffee, don't order it in the hotel, go out and turn right to Pigeo Whole, or walk two more steps to Kinoko to order Duke coffee, even Tasman's Deco louge can (Internet celebrity) place for afternoon tea). The second problem is that when we went to live there, there was a housekeeper who was Chinese with glasses and was very rude. He came to our room in the morning and smashed the door every 10 minutes. The last time, when I was on the phone When we were there, the other party smashed it for ten minutes, and the other party could clearly hear me on the phone. In the end, he found someone to force open our door, and even spoke ill of us in Chinese. We messed around with our spare clean towel, I told him not to touch it, but the other party also excused to hang it up for us, and continued to touch our towel with his hand that had just finished wiping the trash can. When I asked him to change the sheets, he refused us, saying that it usually only takes more than 3 days to change the sheets, and then stood there watching us, and finally, at our constant request, the other party reluctantly changed it for us sheet. In the end, we asked him for three boxes of tissues, and the other party gave a disdainful laugh, which really irritated me. Especially at the beginning, when the other party didn't realize that we were Chinese, he was still doing it well. This series of actions started after that. For the sake of the Chinese, you slammed the door to wake me up in the morning, and I put up with it. I smashed the door for ten minutes when I called, and I put up with it. I also put up with you touching our clean towels. I can't bear the rubbish feeling vented to the client. But what I can't bear is that you bully your compatriots overseas. If you don't report this kind of traitor, I'm really sorry for the compatriots in the motherland who come to live in the future. We asked the manager when we left, and the manager said it was outsourced work and they would definitely handle it. ”I hope the hotel can fire this person, no one can treat customers like this, don't let this person downgrade you again. ” All in all, the cleanliness of this hotel is 8 points up, the accommodation environment is 8 points up, and the convenience level is 8 points up. If you come for a short-term trip or friends in the city to relax, or if you can't stand the dormitory, you want to come out and let yourself go. , feel free to go, I have explored the way for you five times, I should not step on the thunder, you can privately message me if you have any questions.

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Reviews of Hotels in Hobart

Hobart Tower Motel
3.9/577 Reviews
There is a queen size bed in my room, and a single bed. The boss is Chinese. The people are very good. If you have any questions, you can consult her. The room is quite big. There is a refrigerator, kettle, air conditioner, etc. It is quiet and convenient. Nice, but tired of playing, no photos taken
The Corinda Collection
4.8/517 Reviews
Our room is very special, retaining all the old things, including a fireplace, we are excited to chop fire, the two floors are very warm! The hotel is a very nice cottage with a garden. The boss was very enthusiastic and found us rice and soy sauce. Also try to help us solve the problem. Because there are no slippers, we often walk barefoot in the room - although it looks like a long history, but the room is very clean!
Harrington's 102
3.4/535 Reviews
The hotel is conveniently located in the main city of Hobart. It is very convenient because it is already late in Hobart. The hotel puts the room key in the envelope and writes the access code on the paper on the glass door in Chinese capital. It is really too Smart
Waterman's Hotel
4/536 Reviews
Great recent accomodation during the Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart. The building is old and full of character with original sandstone walls, in a fabulous location in Salamanca. Each room has modern and well designed layouts including sleek bathroom features and very comfortable bed and furniture. The owner was extremely hospitable and helpful, leaving us wanting for nothing . We are from Sydney , thoroughly enjoyed our stay and will look forward to staying again . Fiona & Terry
Central Hotel Hobart
4/530 Reviews
Said to be a shop, specifically a large inn, downstairs is a bar, restaurant, slot machine room. The lobby is right on the side of the bar and restaurant. This shop was remodeled from an old house. There are a total of eleven rooms. On the second floor, open the door with a key, the stairs are up and down, and the key to open the door is the key to your room. The quietness of the accommodation is entirely conscious of the guests. There is only one chain on the door of the room for security measures and no anti-locking. The bathroom is big. Breakfast is a Western-style breakfast, a la carte meal, breakfast tea drink buffet, tea, water, milk, juice. The location of the hotel (inn) is very good, this is the biggest advantage.
Bay View Villas
4.5/592 Reviews
Breakfast is not included, if you want to eat, AUD 10 per person, it is not very good. The room is an ensuite, with a kitchen and kitchen utensils. We buy it ourselves in the supermarket. View the bay directly from the balcony.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hotels are recommended near Franklin Square?

    If you're having a hard time choosing a hotel, consider staying at City Retreat Hobart, Trinity Hill Apartments or MACq 01 Hotel , these hotels have great reviews. Be sure you book early!

  • Which popular hotels near Franklin Square have parking?

    If you're planning on driving to Franklin Square in Hobart, why not stay at Quest Savoy, Allurity Hotel or Best Western Hobart ? These are all popular hotels with parking lots.

  • Which hotels near Franklin Square are the most popular?

    Quest Waterfront, Quest Savoy and Allurity Hotel are some of the most popular hotels.

  • Which hotels near Franklin Square are good for business travelers?

    When it comes to business trips, choosing a hotel with convenient transportation links is important to many guests. Zero Davey Boutique Apartment Hotel and Central Hotel Hobart are popular economical hotels.

  • What hotels near Franklin Square have non-smoking rooms?

    Many guests care about the quality of the rooms they stay in and want to ensure that their rooms have fresh, clean air. Quest Waterfront, Quest Savoy and Allurity Hotel are all popular hotels with non-smoking rooms.

  • What popular hotels near Franklin Square have restaurants?

    If you like the idea of sampling local flavors while traveling, consider staying at Quest Waterfront, Quest Savoy and Best Western Hobart . There are plenty of restaurants that serve local dishes near these hotels.

  • Which hotels near Franklin Square are popular with budget travelers?

    Whether you're traveling for business or going on a vacation, Backpackers Imperial Hotel is your best choice.

  • Which popular hotels near Franklin Square have pools?

    Summer is a great season to take your kids or family on a trip to Franklin Square in Hobart. Best Western Hobart, ibis Styles Hobart and Vibe Hotel Hobart are some popular hotels with pools.

  • What luxury hotels are near Franklin Square?

    MACq 01 Hotel, The Tasman, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Hobart and The Henry Jones Art Hotel are popular luxury hotels that aren't too expensive.

  • What are some accessible hotels near Franklin Square?

    Quest Waterfront, Quest Savoy and Best Western Hobart are popular accessible hotels.

  • What's the average price of hotels near Franklin Square this weekend?

    According to Trip.com's data, the average price for a weekend night at hotels near Franklin Square in Hobart is USD 223. Prices fluctuate often; this rate is for reference only.

  • Which hotels near Franklin Square have gyms?

    Since staying fit is important to a lot of guests, it's no surprise that gyms can be found in many hotels. Best Western Hobart, ibis Styles Hobart and Travelodge Hotel Hobart are some popular hotels with gyms.

  • What's the average price per night of hotels near Franklin Square?

    According to Trip.com's data, the average price per night at hotels near Franklin Square in Hobart is USD 224. Prices fluctuate often; this rate is for reference only.

  • Which hotels near Franklin Square have free Wi-Fi?

    Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, Wi-Fi is an essential. Quest Waterfront, Quest Savoy and Allurity Hotel are all popular hotels that have free Wi-Fi.

  • What hotels near Franklin Square offer breakfast?

    A delicious breakfast is a great way to kick start your day. If you want to stay at a hotel with breakfast near Franklin Square in Hobart, consider Quest Savoy, Best Western Hobart or ibis Styles Hobart . Be sure to book these popular hotels in advance!

Hobart Franklin Square Hotel Guide

There are many discounted hotels on Trip.com. Book your hotel on Trip.com for an amazing travel experience. Located in Australia, Hobart is a well-known and vibrant city. You can stay 3-5 days at hotels in Hobart without running out of things to do.

For those traveling for business and tourism, Hobart Airport is the preferred choice when visiting Hobart.

Trip.com offers discounts of up to 20% on 153 boutique hotels in Hobart. When looking for hotels in Hobart, there are likely good options at a nightly budget of just 113 USD. There are 15 five-star hotels in Hobart at an average price of 254 USD per night. There are 57 four-star hotels in Hobart at an average price of 126 USD per night. There are 34 three-star hotels in Hobart at an average price of 77 USD per night. There are 3 two-star hotels in Hobart at an average price of 16 USD per night. As a popular tourist city, Hobart has many renowned chain hotels. Ramada is the top choice of many travelers in Hobart. Hotels under the Ramada brand are a good choice. Salamanca Suites is one of the most popular hotels in Hobart. Ibis Styles Hobart is also one of the most frequently chosen hotels.

In the city center of Hobart, you'll have easy access to Wapping, Eaglehawk Hangliding Lookout, Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts. You can choose attractions in Hobart that are perfect for a weekend getaway, such as Tasman Peninsula, Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park, Huon Valley Apple Museum. You can also visit top-rated attractions like Museum of Old and New Art, Seven Mile Beach, Lady Franklin Gallery. Upon departure, you can head to popular commercial areas like Cat And Fiddle Arcade, Myer Hobart to buy souvenirs or travel accessories.

Average Temperature

• January to March: 18.68°C during the day, 13.92°C at night

• April to June: 12.64°C during the day, 8.86°C at night

• July to September: 11.24°C during the day, 7.33°C at night

• October to December: 16.2°C during the day, 11.53°C at night

Average seasonal Rainfall

• Spring: 44.6 cm

• Summer: 51.2 cm

• Autumn: 52.43 cm

• Winter: 58.47 cm

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