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Fantawild Adventure
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Fantawild Adventure
非常好的酒店,清新淡雅。早餐非常营养。在方特隔壁步行五六分钟,很方便适合一家亲子游。酒店服务非常热情 ,智能化房间设施设备非常时尚、高端、人性化,洗护用品也是非常棒的。很开心的出行。旅行达人极力推荐的好酒店。
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Fantawild Adventure
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Fantawild Adventure
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Datang Food Street
The location of the hotel is excellent, backed by the famous Jiahui Shopping Center, the decoration is high, it seems to have spent a lot of thought, but lack of attention to many details. The service staff is still enthusiastic, but the awareness of active service is still lacking. - Stayed in the Loft Duplex Suite, the central air-conditioning vent is only on the first floor, so that the upstairs and downstairs are two days old. I don’t know why, but I also used an A4 paper carton to cover it, and I lost a lot of points in an instant; - The bathroom and bathroom are on the second floor. The hot water is small and the water is not smooth. After 5 minutes of bathing, the water has not completely gone. - I don't know if the suite is the reason for no one to stay. The door card is made temporarily, and there are a lot of strange things in the cabinets and drawers in the room. The whole package of tea leaves, 枸杞 (opened) There are actually two Angong Niuhuang Wan, which should not be for the guests. - Speaking of the issue of active service awareness, two examples: waiting in line for check-in, the front desk attendant did not pay attention, but greeted the guests coming behind; the juice was gone at breakfast, and wanted to retreat to drink soy milk, soy milk did not Now, ask the waiter. The waiter is not considering to make up for the first time, but asks if I can drink something else. It's not true. If you change to another hotel, these may not be the problem. Going back to the beginning, I believe that the hotel management has the idea to build a top-class hotel, but only pay attention to the appearance of different levels of detail and service is no soul. I really hope that the hotel management can hear different voices and pay more attention to details. If you have the opportunity to come back to Jiayuguan, I will come again!
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Datang Food Street
Hotel location is very good, the room is bright, clean and clean, professional people identify, the bedding is a customer and a change, booked a few, are very clean, I do not know if it is out, or the hotel TV is too advanced, Actually, the TV will not be opened, and the waiter will be opened. In the afternoon, I went to the lake next to me and turned around. It was pretty, cool, and the children were very happy. Like a fairyland on earth!
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Jiayuguan Fantawild Adventure Hotel Guide

Planning a trip to Jiayuguan? There are many discounted hotels on For trips in Jiayuguan, you can choose hotels around the city center or accommodations near popular attractions. In Jiayuguan, both areas with attractions and the city center are good places to stay. Cities near Jiayuguan include Jiuquan, Jinta, Yumen, and so on.

Every day, travelers worldwide arrive at Jiayuguan Airport to start their vacations and business trips in Jiayuguan. It's easy to reach Jiayuguan. The city can be reached by plane, train, and car.

There are 32 hotels in Jiayuguan with excellent service. The local average price is 37 USD per night. There are a variety of hotels to meet the needs of different types of travelers. There are 0 five-star hotels in Jiayuguan at an average price of 62 USD per night. There are 8 four-star hotels in Jiayuguan at an average price of 42 USD per night. There are 13 three-star hotels in Jiayuguan at an average price of 37 USD per night. There are 10 two-star hotels in Jiayuguan at an average price of 26 USD per night. As a popular tourist city, Jiayuguan has many renowned chain hotels. In Jiayuguan, chain hotels such as Super 8 are one of the top choices among travelers. Super 8 is the most popular brand among tourists. Jiayuguan Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Jiayuguan. Many tourists also stay at Great Wall Hotel.

The most popular attractions for tourists in Jiayuguan are Jiayu Pass Town. Those interested in art and culture can visit attractions like Xincheng Zhuanbihua Museum, Wei-jin Brick Mural Painting Museum.

Average Temperature

• January to March: 0.26°C during the day, -6.42°C at night

• April to June: 19.23°C during the day, 12.03°C at night

• July to September: 23.13°C during the day, 15.91°C at night

• October to December: 4.14°C during the day, -2.38°C at night

Average seasonal Rainfall

• Spring: 2.97 cm

• Summer: 8.57 cm

• Autumn: 15.6 cm

• Winter: 2.33 cm

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