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International Landison Plaza Hotel Jinhua
4.8/51959 Reviews

International Landison Plaza Hotel Jinhua

Jiangbei Commercial Area Jinhua|2.36km from city center
I booked this hotel after choosing for a long time, mainly because of everyone’s comments before, which made me want to see the unique place of this hotel. When I walked into the hotel’s door, there was a gorgeous jewellery wall in front of me. The front desk was not found in the lobby. When looking around, the concierge came up to ask whether to stay in the store. He kindly came up to help pull the luggage and led to the front desk. Seeing my doubts, the concierge Xiaojin explained to me that the design was initially studied in Shanghai, etc. Many new high-star hotels in this area are designed to protect the privacy of guests. The service staff quickly helped me check in, and gave a comprehensive introduction to the location and time of breakfast, as well as the gym. The aisle leading to the guests seemed to be walking on the Avenue of Stars. This is also the designer’s ingenuity, light luxury The room is arranged on a high floor and overlooks Jinhua City. The scenery is super good. The design of the room is avant-garde, simple, and the sense of luxury is reflected everywhere in the room, which is very in line with my needs. The floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall gives me the feeling of being in a bustling metropolis. I have to say that the unique geographical location of the hotel itself is really great, that is, it is the heart of the bustling city and the place of the ancient city. In the evening, Xiao Zhu at the front desk introduced me to the Wujiang River, visited the Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda, and also overlooked the Wu Theater. I walked aimlessly in the ancient city, just like in the ancient city of Lijiang, everything is so cozy. When I came back, I went to the nearby shopping mall to buy some snacks. The surrounding large shopping malls and supermarkets are all available, which is very lively. Breakfast, rich in variety, are all Jinhua's specialty snacks, small biscuits are delicious, black rice is also a must, restaurant waiters are particularly good, arrange seats, introduce the history of Jinhua ancient city and hotel, very NICE. I found out when I was about to leave the shop A new ”employee”-the hotel robot Zeng Xiaodi, provides services such as food delivery and guidance in the hotel area, and the hotel staff also like it very much and call it ”little brother”. Hahaha, this is a hotel with love. However, there are some tips here. Although there are welcome fruits in the room, it is usually normal. If you can exchange Jinhua's characteristic seasonal fruits, snacks, etc., it will surely be more innovative.

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Popular Attractions in Jinhua

Jinhua Technician College

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Wanda Plaza (Jinhua Branch)

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Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Zhejiang College

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Reviews of Hotels in Jinhua

4.5/551 Reviews
|Jiangnan-Wanda Plaza and Jindong District Government
Great! It's my style. Because the homestay the day before was a bit bad Caused to worry before not staying But the picture is very satisfactory. The room smells good The bed is also very comfortable ~ If you have to say a little bit of a deficiency That is, the sound of the bathroom door is a bit loud. Other perfections
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Shanghao Hotel (Yiwu Binwang Night Market)
3.7/5102 Reviews
|Internatinal Business City
The location is very good. The downstairs is the lively night market. The price is right. The soundproofing is not good. The corridor is very obvious. The location of the elevator is very powerful. Because it is not facing the street, it is still quiet. In general, this price is very suitable.
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4.7/51 Reviews
The landlord was super nice and responded promptly. I didn't find a free parking space. I made a special trip to find it for me! The first feeling when I entered the door was clean. The house was surrounded by shopping malls. It was very convenient to order takeaway and buy things!
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4.6/54 Reviews
The service attitude is good, I feel that the room is small and not big, especially the bathroom can't turn around. There is no dining point within 500 meters, you need to go to the town center or Wushi Village to eat. The boss is very good and the service attitude is good. Suitable for self-driving travel.
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4.7/510 Reviews
|Jiangnan-Wanda Plaza and Jindong District Government
The environment is really good, much cleaner than the hotel, the decoration inside is also very beautiful, the landlord is also very good, the location is definitely convenient in Wanda, the furniture lighting inside feels quite suitable for taking pictures
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Tianying Hotel
3.3/514 Reviews
|Jiangbei Commercial Area
Good location, convenient transportation, safe and convenient parking. The waiter is warm and thoughtful, the room is fully equipped, clean and tidy, and it is worth staying.
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Highest PriceUS$191
Lowest PriceUS$7
Number of Reviews 85457
Number of hotels1746
Average Price(Weekday Night)US$38
Average Price(Weekend Night)US$39

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New and popular hotels in Jinhua recommended by Trip.com. Book hotels in Jinhua via the Trip.com website or app, it's easy and hassle-free. If you travel to China, visiting Jinhua is a good choice. You can plan a one or two day trip to Jinhua. Other than just visiting Jinhua, you can also visit surrounding cities such as Lanxi, Wuyi, Yongkang, etc. for a couple of days.

Yiwu Airport is the primary airport in Jinhua. If you don't want to take a flight, coming to Jinhua by train is a good choice as well.

There are 44 hotels in Jinhua with excellent service. Jinhua has high quality and low-priced hotels. You can spend one night at a nice hotel for only 28 USD. There are 1 five-star hotels in Jinhua at an average price of 64 USD per night. There are 13 four-star hotels in Jinhua at an average price of 39 USD per night. There are 12 three-star hotels in Jinhua at an average price of 39 USD per night. There are 17 two-star hotels in Jinhua at an average price of 17 USD per night. There are many well-known chain hotels in Jinhua. Super 8 is the top choice of many travelers in Jinhua. Hotels under the Super 8 brand are a good choice. A popular hotel in Jinhua, Jundu Boutique Hotel (Jinhua Yiwu Street) is also one of the highest rated. Many tourists also stay at Jundu Boutique Hotel (Jinhua Jiangnan).

The most popular attractions for tourists in Jinhua are Jinhua People's Square, Shuanglong Cave Scenic Spot. Those interested in art and culture can visit attractions like Jinhua Museum, Mantang Painting and Calligraphy Museum. There are quite a few parks like Yueliangwan Park, Chengbei Landscape Park, Huixi Park, all of which are great places to relax and spend time with friends and family.

Average Temperature

• January to March: 10.54°C during the day, 6.87°C at night

• April to June: 24.32°C during the day, 20.22°C at night

• July to September: 30.25°C during the day, 26.15°C at night

• October to December: 16.22°C during the day, 12.05°C at night

Average seasonal Rainfall

• Spring: 109.67 cm

• Summer: 196.37 cm

• Autumn: 118.23 cm

• Winter: 57.63 cm

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