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4.6/5Outstanding209 Reviews
I stayed in 3 Daiwa hotels (a total of 7 nights) in my 25-day travel throughout Japan. This chain is very consistently and reasonably good in all respects. Daiwa hotels are the only ones that give free packets of drip coffee. Other hotels only provide instant coffee. The drip coffee is by far better than the instant coffee.
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4.6/5Outstanding62 Reviews
This hotel location is excellent which is very close to the JR station, only 1 minute to walk. For parking, they provides parking space with a reasonable daily rate. Hotel staff are very helpful and polite. About the accommodation, we have booked a 4-people family room which is very clean and spacious. Inside the room, there is a massage chair which makes us very comfortable.
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4.7/5Outstanding447 Reviews
compact and clean , convenient near station, will come back again next time !
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4.7/5Outstanding654 Reviews
Hotel staffs were very helpful and the hotel facilities were great. We were not told that parking reservation is needed before arrival and need to park elsewhere.
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4.6/5Outstanding63 Reviews
A classic Japanese business hotel; simple yet has everything you need for a pleasant stay. Of course, men and women are separated for privacy reason. The hotel is within a few minutes walk of the train and bus station. It's close to the station and is minutes walk away from the east side.
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4.8/5Outstanding45 Reviews
We stayed here for 2 nights. The staff at this hotel could not have been more helpful and friendly. The hotel was kept very clean. Hotel Kanazawa was a good prelude to this beautiful city called Kanazawa. The price we got was surprisingly great for the season. I would highly recommend this hotel.
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Kanazawa Hotel Guide

Kanazawa is the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture and the largest city in the Hokuriku region of Japan. Located by the sea, Kanazawa is popular with tourists and home to many attractions. Kanazawa began to gain development in the history from the beginning of the Shokuho period. Since then, Kanazawa has survived war destruction including the anti-shogunate movement and World War II. With its long history, there are still a large number of pre-war and even shogunate buildings in the city center, such as the Kanazawa Castle, Nagamachi Wuchia House, Dongchawu Street, and the historic garden Kenrokuen Garden. These attractions make Kanazawa an ideal place to get a feel for Japanese history and culture. After the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, it takes only two and a half hours to reach Kanazawa from Tokyo. For this reason, it’s a popular travel destination with Japanese people during the holidays.

January and February are the best times to experience the charm of Kanazawa in the snow. In the evening, special lanterns illuminate both the Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa Castle at night, both of which are open for free in the evening. Early April is Kanazawa's cherry blossom season, which is about one week later than that of Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. There are usually fewer people enjoying the cherry blossoms in Kanazawa when compared to other large cities, so it’s a good choice for visitors who are looking for an escape from the city. In September and October, the leaves turn red at Kenrokuen Garden.

There are many hotels in Kanazawa to choose from, including Japanese-style hotels, homestay, hot spring hotels, and youth hostels. Hotels are mainly concentrated in the area around Kanazawa Station, which is easily accessible, as well as in the areas of Korinbo and Kanke near the Nagamachi Samurai District. In addition, there are several homestays in the Higashichaya area where you can experience the traditional Japanese style. In the Yuwaku hot springs area in the suburbs, there are hot spring hotels in Kanazawa as well.

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