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Hotels in Lake County Reviews

3.9/510 Reviews
A came in without a reservation. The price was double what I had wanted to spend. So I left. When I went to start my car it wouldn't start so I stayed in the parking praying it would start. I ended up giving up and going back inside to just back the price. I had my 2 month old with me and it was getting cold and she was getting cranky. Emily remembered me from earlier and was instantly concerned and wanted to help. She made a call and got me a great deal for 2 nights. At check out time my car still wouldn't start. So I asked the front desk if any one could give me a jump. No one had jumper cables but, a new emplyee, Everett actually called AAA for me for roadside assistance. Every member of the staff I came in contact with above and beyond to help my and my 2 months old. Not to mention the rooms!!! Free hot breakfast and a pool‼ Comfort Inn is my new favorite get away. Thanks for everything Emily and Everett! You guys rock‼‼‼
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