Popular Family friendly Hotels in Lijiang

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Lijiang Family friendly Hotel Guide

When traveling with family in Lijiang, you need to find the perfect hotel to satisfy all family members. Check Trip.com's recommended family friendly hotels and easily book the best hotel for your family trip! If you are looking to spend great time with your family member while traveling Lijiang, you can check out Trip.com's recommended family vacation hotels. Family vacation doesn't have to be stressful. As one of the most popular cities in China, Lijiang is always crowded with tourists from all around the world. If you are planning to travel to Lijiang, you don’t need to worry about finding the ideal accommodation for your visit as there are a lot of choices for hotels in Lijiang.

Many tourists from various countries visit Lijiang through Lijiang Sanyi Airport everyday. It is easy to reach to Lijiang by plane or train. If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the road, you can try a train trip to Lijiang.

Do you want a family trip that doesn't break the bank but still offer excitement? At Trip.com, you can check the list of hotels for family trip with wide range of price. Especially in Inside Dayan Ancient Town, there are many hotels that are suitable for family vacation.

There are a plenty of hotels that are perfect for a family trip to Lijiang. Check family hotels with a huge range of family friendly facilities like outdoor pool, tennis court, etc. At Trip.com, you can find a lot of family hotel deals with affordable rates in Lijiang. Don't forget to get extra discount by using hotel discount promotion code.

Visiting Lijiang's landmarks like Lijiang Ancient Town, Sifnag Street, Waterwheels is a great option for family vacation. You can stroll around the landmarks in Lijiang with your family members. Do you want to enjoy some peaceful time? Visit Lijiang Lashihai Wetland Park (Southeast Gate), Jinjia Park, Fenghuang Park and enjoy a delightful escape from the crowd!

If you enjoyed enough time in Lijiang, you can rent a car and drive out to the nearby cities like Yulong, Heqing, Yongsheng. The distance between Lijiang and Yulong is 3.85 km. Jianchuan is 47.75 km away from Lijiang. It is 106.16 km from Lijiang to Ninglang. Looking for the best hotel to take your family? See which family hotels our guests like the best in Yulong, Heqing, Yongsheng.

Enjoy exciting deals and offers at Trip.com and start your journey to Lijiang!

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