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Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area Yulong
The last stop of Suixinfei was Lijiang. Because I didn’t want to take leave and wanted to go to the mountains for two days in a row, I chose a hotel at the foot of the snow-capped mountains. The experience was unexpectedly good. I'm very satisfied with what I said. 1. It takes 10 minutes to go to the place where the entrance fee is collected at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and it costs 30 yuan to take a taxi. Very close and convenient. 2. On the second floor of the hotel restaurant, you can watch the Rizhao Mountains. Especially now that it is cold in winter, you can have breakfast indoors with the air conditioner blowing on. After eating, you can finish watching the Rizhao Jinshan Mountains. Go back to your room and tidy up before heading to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Just in time for the 9 o'clock ropeway. The timing is just perfect. 3. The hotel is very beautiful, with an artificial lake and artificial rockery in the center, giving it a Jiangnan feel. There is a forest walk at the back where you can climb a small path. I didn’t see anyone talking about it when I looked at the guide before. I guess everyone just went straight to the snow-capped mountains without exploring the hotel. I was also recommended by Xiao Zhao that I could go for a walk and discovered a new world. There are 4 small pavilions at different heights as you go to the right along the promenade. I think it will be very happy in the summer. You can look down at the small lake from the top, and have a happy tea with your friends. It will be a happy life. If you walk to the left, you can see the snow-capped mountain tops, but they are mostly obscured by trees. Maybe you can make the trees shorter to see more scenery. 4. The room is large and there is a small balcony for me. I looked at the one next door. My balcony seems to be a little bigger than others. It can hold 3 chairs. It will be very happy to lie down after climbing the mountain. 5. The staff's service is very good. They mainly deal with A Ming and Xiao Zhao. They called me in advance that morning to tell me the location of the hotel so that I could not find it. When I arrived, they asked me if I wanted to eat at the hotel in the evening because I had to order food to avoid guests. After climbing the snow-capped mountains, I had no food to eat. On the first day, I climbed 4680 and came down the mountain too late and there was no car. A Ming was kind enough to ask me to take a taxi at the foot of the mountain and ask him to pick me up the mountain. As a result, I came back and found that I was the only one eating in the restaurant, and the kitchen uncle had been waiting for me to cook a cross-bridge rice noodle. It just makes me feel that it is in place in every aspect. When you get to the mountains, you really need a better hotel to live more comfortably. Finally, I was given a gift set from the hotel to take with me. I just think it’s worth it. This service, this facility, this location. 6. In summary, I think it will be very comfortable to stay for at least two days. On the first day, I climbed 4680 Blue Moon Valley and came back for massage and visited the hotel. On the second day, I saw Rizhao Jinshan Mountain, then Maoniuping Yunshanping, and then came back for massage. It is a plan that is very comfortable and allows you to play in various areas of the snow-capped mountains at a relatively suitable pace.
Anyin Private Courtyard (Lijiang Sunshine Courtyard)
4.9/52024 Reviews

Anyin Private Courtyard (Lijiang Sunshine Courtyard)

Inside Dayan Ancient Town Lijiang|1.94km from city center
Really nice designed hotel. The entry, the yard, the room are all decorated nicely. Tranditional style room but facilities are well-prepared & modern. Guest are totally secured to enjoy. (There is also washing machine & garment dryer in public area). Must try for whom prefer Chinese trandiational house/room. Staffs are extremely nice, funny, kind & helpful (especially Xiao Yuan, the guy with blond hair). They advise the good restaurants, good souvenir shop, introduce the tour. Even take us to the restaurant/shop/service shop they introduce, care abt our experience there. We were served welcome drinks (nice tea & flower cakes) so many times & many fresh fruits during 3 days there. Breakfast is simple but really good-taste. High-recomend for the noodle named mixian. Another plus point is the hand-some & friendly 🐶. Our xiao shuai ge😆 Location is also good. Only abt 100m fr the South gate of old town, convenience for taxi approaching. Abt 10’ walking to the center part of old town so you can both enjoy the quiet & peaceful atmosphere of old town as well as the exciting activies in the center. By the way the old town street is tidy, both local citizens & visitors keep it clean. The only thing wish them to improve is shampoo (a bit dry for hair) & water heater (a bit hard to adjust the temperature). Anyway these are just really small things, wont effect to your enjoying.

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Mufu Palace

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Sifang Street Square

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Qixing Street

Shanchi·Panoramic Intelligent Hotel
4.7/5970 Reviews

Shanchi·Panoramic Intelligent Hotel

Lijiang Urban Area Lijiang|0.09km from Qixing Street
After careful selection online, I booked two twin rooms in Shanchi. It felt great to stay there for three days, with the warmth and fragrance of the B&B and the configuration of the hotel. A family of six flew to Lijiang on the 18th, and the boss thoughtfully arranged a commercial vehicle to pick them up at the airport, starting a pleasant trip to Lijiang. The hardware and equipment in his home are in good condition, and the proprietress is considerate and gives practical and practical suggestions without any commercial promotion. 1. Lijiang is still cold at night in winter. The room not only has an independent air conditioner with good heating effect, but also a heated bath heater in the bathroom. You don’t have to worry about catching cold when you take a bath or sleep. I was worried about bathing the children before, but I gave them to them every day after moving in. He washes. 2. The whole room is smartly decorated, Xiaoou butler, the toilet is smart, induction flushing, and the seat cushion is automatically heated and warm. Smart projector, smart curtains, voice control switch, my son and daughter shout happily every day, and there is a button to turn on the shower in the bathroom. 3. The service staff are very meticulous in their work. In addition to glasses, there are also disposable cups on the sink for optional use. It is really thoughtful and I like it. His house has 6 floors of guest rooms, and there is an elevator to go up and down. However, we have a lot of luggage, and the front desk enthusiastically helped us with our luggage. During the few days I stayed, I encountered cleaning staff pushing a cleaning cart every day, waiting to change the bedding and do hygiene. The room had been cleaned when I came back. However, during the few days I stayed there, I was asked to do cleaning only without changing the bedding, which was too troublesome. 4. The hotel is in a good location and the transportation is very convenient. You can go to Qixing Street right out of the hotel. After crossing Qixing Street, you can reach the ancient city waterwheel in a few minutes. It only takes two minutes to walk to the bus station. There are buses that go directly to Shuhe Ancient Town. I want to complain about Lijiang’s 103 tourist line. I haven’t waited for it from beginning to end. It’s like it doesn’t exist. 101 to Xueshan is very good, and there is also No. 5B to Shuhe. The hotel is conveniently located by bus or taxi. 5. There are two night markets nearby, especially the Qixing Street Night Market close to the hotel. The flowers in it are delicious and the taste is very pure. I ate two portions in one go. 6. There is a public squat toilet on the seventh floor. Those who are not used to toilets can go to the seventh floor. I get up at night to go to the bathroom. In order not to affect my family’s rest, I go to the public squat toilet on the seventh floor. You can see the snow-capped mountains from the roof, and you can also dry your clothes. 7. The warm tips from the landlady are accurate and practical. I originally planned to rent a car to go to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, but the landlady told me that I don’t need to take the 101 line to Zhongyi Market. It costs 15 yuan per person. The bus leaves in 5-10 minutes and goes to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. On the way, various self-driving cars and chartered cars were stuck in a long queue, and then the bus 101 rushed all the way through the dedicated bus channel. It was simply not very satisfying. When we came back from the snow mountain, we were thoughtfully reminded that we should not take a shower or wash our hair if we have a little bit of fever, otherwise it will make us more uncomfortable. I have never seen this in any guide. I have written so much without knowing it. I just blame her family for having too many benefits. I won’t go into details. I don’t need to be selective when I go to Lijiang. Just choose her family.

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Lijiang Ancient City

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4.7/5110 Reviews
Lijiang Urban Area
The newly renovated hotel, the location is very good to find, and the surrounding travel is more convenient. The management is more professional, the service staff is very professional and intimate, even the aunts in the rooms will greet warmly, the whole hotel is relatively clean and tidy, the room space is better, and the room is clean and tidy. The newly opened hotel has no taste, it should have been professionally handled, and the whole is quite satisfactory. Special thanks; Thanks to the warm and humorous manager Zhang of the hotel, I left my important things in the hotel. After leaving the hotel, I called the front desk. Manager Zhang trotted to help deliver them to my hand as soon as possible. Thank you very much. I will come again next time.
Zhuyu Guancheng Panoramic Designer Garden Hydrogen and Oxygen Meisu (Lijiang Ancient City Branch)
4.8/5506 Reviews
Inside Dayan Ancient Town
My first impression is that this is a newly opened store with great decoration and a very poor environment. The key point is that every staff member is extremely enthusiastic. After chatting with the boss, I learned that their store had been opened in 2017 or 2018. Well, their home is only about 3 to 5 minutes away from the ancient city. We drove there, and Brother Dapeng was responsible for receiving us. He took us to the hotel in a small car. Although it's only less than two minutes away. The decoration of the room is in the style of logs, and all the equipment that the room should have is available. And you can soak your feet, which is really very comfortable for us who drove for a day and then went to the hotel to soak our feet at night. And it's very quiet at night, because I'm a light sleeper. Even though their store is in the ancient city, it's not in the noisiest place, which I think is very good. The most important thing is their home. The room I booked includes breakfast, and their breakfast has a variety of options, such as steamed buns, flower rolls, fried dough sticks, shredded potatoes, kimchi rice noodles, etc. Breakfast in the ancient city is very expensive if you go to a breakfast shop. I really think this is very good. Well, if I come to Lijiang again, I will definitely stay at their home. Crazy likes for the boss👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Story: Romantic sweet Yiqi Chi Meisu (Lijiang Ancient City Branch)
4.8/550 Reviews
Inside Dayan Ancient Town
When I came to Lijiang by myself, I decided to choose a homestay. Traveling alone is lonely. At least there will be someone chatting with you in the inn. This inn is very humane, the owner is a retired little brother, very handsome and caring, hesitating to the guests, he is responsive (of course, the requirements are reasonable) haha 😄 will accompany you to visit the ancient city, introduce some snacks, and show you some scripts* or something , Highly recommend this
Mu Shi Yuan Inn
4.9/523 Reviews
Inside Dayan Ancient Town
I went to Lijiang seven years ago and chose **. I still chose ** seven years later. I like the antique style and the big yard. It is very beautiful. You can see the tile roof and blue sky and white clouds in the corridor on the second floor. The location of the inn is very convenient for visiting the ancient city. Especially the inn Xiaobao, these days have given us a lot of help, thank you very much!
Huanxi Shiguang Inn (Lijiang Ancient City Dashuiche Branch)
4.9/535 Reviews
Inside Dayan Ancient Town
設施:馬桶是智能馬桶,新裝修的,非常新! 衞生:乾淨衞生,但不是每天打掃 環境:麗江古城大研花巷,旁邊小酒館啊咖啡店啊攝影啊非常方便 服務:老闆非常熱情,提前加微信聯繫,提供各種旅遊建議,麗江古城裡不能進車,首先可以聯繫老闆訂接機車,80一輛,然後到了後,老闆會帶着露營車來接我們,拉着行李,我們走的時候大年初一一大早,老闆也提前幫我們約了拉行李和送站的車。我們兩天包車去虎跳峽和玉龍雪山的也是老闆幫忙訂,還有看麗江千古情啊也是老闆幫忙買票,都會便宜些。玩的非常開心!
Snowy Sands Resort
4.7/591 Reviews
Shuhe Old Town
Advantages: Very close to Shuhe Ancient Town, not far from Yulong Snow Mountain. The surrounding environment is also relatively clean. The room as a whole is still relatively clean. Unpleasant experience: The hotel check-in is in a separate facade room, which is not connected to the hotel. On the day we checked in, we drove directly into the hotel. We couldn't find the check-in in the rain, and we could come out again. The mahjong table in the room had obvious dust and mildew, and we wiped it with a small square towel in the bathroom. The hotel asked for compensation for the square towel after cleaning the next day. Afterwards, we actively communicated with the hotel and the hotel finally reduced the fee.

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Lijiang Travel Recommendations and City Info

On, it's easy to search for hotels in Lijiang. Book hotels in Lijiang via the website or app, it's easy and hassle-free. Located in China, Lijiang is a well-known and vibrant city. Lijiang is a city with tons of tourist attractions. You'll never want to leave! Cities near Lijiang include Yulong, Heqing, Yongsheng, and so on.

Lijiang Sanyi Airport is the primary airport in Lijiang. It's easy to reach Lijiang. The city can be reached by plane, train, and car.

You don't have to worry about accommodations when traveling to Lijiang. Here, there are more than 934 hotels for you to choose from. Lijiang has high quality and low-priced hotels. You can spend one night at a nice hotel for only 39 USD. There are 47 five-star hotels in Lijiang at an average price of 94 USD per night. There are 273 four-star hotels in Lijiang at an average price of 50 USD per night. There are 319 three-star hotels in Lijiang at an average price of 43 USD per night. There are 226 two-star hotels in Lijiang at an average price of 27 USD per night. There are many well-known chain hotels in Lijiang. Pullman is the most popular brand among tourists. If the comfort level of your trip is important, there are many choices in Lijiang, such as hotels under the Pullman brand. A popular hotel in Lijiang, 2046 Inn is also one of the highest rated. Many tourists also stay at Yue Gu Lou Inn.

If you stay at a hotel in downtown Lijiang, nearby attractions like Lion Mountain Park, Lijiang Ancient Town can be your first stop. You can choose attractions in Lijiang that are perfect for a weekend getaway, such as Hutiao Gorge. The most popular attractions for tourists in Lijiang are Lashi Lake, Waterwheels, Sifnag Street. For those interested in the outdoors, attractions like Fenghuang Park, Jinjia Park, Lijiang Lashihai Wetland Park (Southeast Gate) are excellent options.

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• January to March: 12.26°C during the day, 5.91°C at night

• April to June: 19.64°C during the day, 14.13°C at night

• July to September: 20.33°C during the day, 15.94°C at night

• October to December: 14.05°C during the day, 7.55°C at night

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• Spring: 8.17 cm

• Summer: 84.0 cm

• Autumn: 207.5 cm

• Winter: 27.1 cm

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