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4.5/5Excellent23 Reviews
Madrid City Center
The location is very close to the Royal Palace of Madrid, within 5 minutes' walk. It's also close to the Opera metro station. The breakfast is also delicious. A nearby Spanish century-old shop had people waiting in line at even 10 pm. You can have a try.
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4.5/5Excellent21 Reviews
Very general, it is purely a hotel that needs to be transferred. The parking lot is good. Airport Hotel recommends Hilton
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4.4/5Excellent323 Reviews
near airport and offers free shuttle bus, breakfast is also good, Wi-Fi is available at additional charge
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4.3/5Excellent25 Reviews
房间新并且干净整洁也不小. 非常适合转机.到店预订基本都是满房状态. 并且住两小时跟直接预订整晚的价格是一样的. 所以如果转机住宿建议直接预定.
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3.7/514 Reviews
The breakfast is rich and varied, suitable for vegetarians, corn porridge is good, the surrounding environment is good, the transportation is very convenient, in short, it is highly recommended, I hope everyone likes it and has the opportunity to come together.
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4.7/5Outstanding91 Reviews
Madrid City Center
A very dreamy hotel. Simple style! Clean and hygienic. Easy to travel, Puerta del Sol is right next to it!
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Madrid Hotel Guide

Madrid is the capital of Spain and its diverse culture attracts tourists from near and far. Within the city, visitors can find the Royal Palace as well as world-famous artwork and museums. The exciting football matches and live bullfighting are popular with tourists as well. Visitors can take a stroll through the lively squares of the city, or go shopping and sample the delicious local food.

Most of Madrid’s main attractions are concentrated in the central downtown area. When heading to nearby attractions such as stadiums and bullrings, the metro, light metro, and other means of public transportation are very convenient and easy to use. There are many good options for day trips around Madrid as well. The 16th century capital Toledo, and Segovia, a city famous for its ancient Roman aqueducts and delicious roasted suckling pig, are the best choices. In addition, Consuegra, Ávila, the birthplace of Mother Teresa, the town of cliffs, Cuenca, and the luxury palace Aranjuez also attract many travelers. Make sure you plan to stay at least three days in Madrid so you can visit almost all of the major sights. If you plan to stay a few days longer, some tourists use Madrid as a base from which to reach one or two surrounding cities per day.

Madrid is relatively cold in winter with occasional snowfall, though temperatures do not fall below zero. Summers are hot and dry with low amounts of rainfall. Temperatures are comfortable in the spring and autumn, the best seasons for tourism, although there is more rainfall than average. The average annual temperature in Madrid is 13.9°C. The average temperature in July is 24.3°C, with highs at around 37 °C at the hottest time and lows around 5.5°C in January. Madrid has a huge temperature difference between day and night, so don’t forget to bring a coat! In the spring and autumn, the sunlight is not as intense as in summer, and the weather is not as cold and damp as in winter. In the spring, you can participate in local festivals. In the fall, you can watch bullfighting performances and football matches. When traveling to Madrid in the spring and autumn, the weather is appropriate for wear short sleeves and a coat in the morning and evening.

There are a variety of hotels in Madrid to meet the needs of different types of tourists. Visitors can also choose accommodation areas according to their preferences. The vast majority of tourists choose to stay in the city center, where there are many gourmet restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and the atmosphere of the bustling downtown. The Salamanca area is very quiet and home to many luxury stores and high-end Madrid hotels, making it suitable for tourists who love shopping. In the quiet Retiro district which is close to the city center, there is the largest green space in the city – the Buen Retiro Park. Near the railway station there are mainly budget hotels in Madrid. Travelers catching early flights can choose accommodations near Barajas Airport.

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