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Homewood Suites by Hilton St. Louis Westport
4.2/568 Reviews
We stayed in a 2 queens beds suites. The room is big. But the housekeeping is certainly not to Hilton homewood standard. The dishes were still in the dishwasher, even thought they seems to be cleaned. But there were only one fork, one spoon, 2 bowl. Many utensils are missing. No extra bedding for the sofa bed in the room and no hair dryer, we had to go downstairs to get it. The toilet seat is broken and the worst was the toilet wasn’t flushed when we came in! We only stayed here for one night and the next day we have a long drive to get home. I booked the hotel hoping to get a good night sleep. But they only did the curtain half way to save money I guess. So at night it was so bright due to the street light, and in the morning it was so bright when the sun is up. It’s a nice hotel with nice facilities but needs lots of improvement.
Fairfield Inn & Suites St. Louis Westport
4.5/5101 Reviews
The start of our stay went well. Jerry was very nice at the front desk. The next morning we were going to go to the zoo and a couple of other things in the STL area. WE almost forgot our phones and went back upstairs to retrieve them. When then found that our room keys were no longer working. We went to the front desk and they gave us new keys. Those also did not work. The hotel staff then tried a master key. This also did not work. They said that they would need to call maintenance in as they had no other way to get inside the room. We had to leave as we had to be at the zoo no later than 7 a.m. for a 5k race. We were assured that the maintenance team would work on our room and it would be ready for us when we can back that evening. We spent the day without our phones which proved to be an issue when we got separated at one point and no way to capture photos throughout our time on vacation this day. We come back to the hotel that evening to find that our keys still did not work. We went downstairs to find a maintenance staff member in the lobby. We explained the situation and he instantly said that it is a deadbolt issue and came upstairs and let us in. I asked how he did this and he said that he used an emergency key to get in. He said that the front desk has one and they could have used it prior to us having to leave for our race, but they don’t like to because they have to complete various paperwork to use it. He then showed us the deadbolt and how it was not working properly, he continued to say that this is a known issue with many of the rooms in the hotel. I asked why there was not any signage on the door or warning labels near the deadbolt explaining this as I am sure this happens often. He shrugged off the question saying he did not have an answer for us. I went downstairs and asked the front desk about a comp for one night based on everything that happened. They instructed me to speak with management in the morning. In the morning I spoke with a manager named Josh. I explained the situation and said that I am requesting a comp of one night since I had an inability to access my room for a full day. He firmly said no and that the best he can do was knock $30 off our bill. That is not even half of what we were paying. I said that is not acceptable as we are paying to be able to enter and exit the room of which we were denied based on known faulty equipment. He said that was not his problem and has offered a solution; of the $30. I then asked for a business card with his name and the corporate office number to escalate the complaint/request. He said his name was Josh (no last name) and that he doesn’t do business cards. He then wrote the corporate number down and I asked for his last name and position. He said he was a manager and then walked back into his room. Corporate asked for his last name as the GM for the location is not named Josh. That Josh may only be a Front Desk Manager. After being on the phone with their customer service team
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel St. Louis - Westport
3.8/592 Reviews
During the time of my stay, I to kill a roach, let’s start there. The roach cane from behind the dresser that the TV stands on. Also I wasn’t able to access the WiFi until the second day I was there. I only had 1 face towel, but I’m not sure if that’s policy or not, I was able to get more. Lastly, the sheet was supposed to be white. Instead, it was almost grey. I did take it off the bed and just used the comforter. The girl who checked me in at the front desk, was as helpful as she could be and was pleasant.
Extended Stay America Select Suites - St Louis - Westport - Craig Road
2.9/543 Reviews
Just finished a 3-month stay at this hotel during a work and home transition. The staff was always friendly and quick to answer questions or help with anything we needed. The room was comfortable and felt like home. While there is nothing like getting back into a permanent living situation, I was almost sad to leave! Location is close to grocery stores, restaurants, and other necessities for being home away from home for an extended time.
Hollywood Casino St. Louis
3.9/5102 Reviews
The rooms are very clean and roomy. The staff is very friendly from checking in to whatever you need. The Thai restaurant is very good and quite popular and Hopps 99 serves a nice breakfast in the morning. They make a great bloody mary at the bar and have nice televisions to watch a sports game.
Hampton Inn St. Louis/Westport
3.7/599 Reviews
The location of this hotel is excellent for many popular St. Louis attractions and activities. The AC worked great and they actually let you control it without any automated system to shut it off when you are sleeping and there's no movement or when the room is unoccupied (which is hard to find in Hamptons anymore). As of 2/23, the facility is undergoing a complete renovation and there were some distributions, but the staff made up for any issues. The rooms are going to be nice, comfortable and have modern amenities. As of 2/23, rooms on the 4th floor where still under renovation with small details here and there incomplete. This did not distract from our comfort in the least. What DID distract from our visit was the raucous ”music” booming out of the neighboring restaurant, Sybergs. The bass reverberated through the room with the window closed and AC fan on high to the point that I could feel it laying in bed and hear it through my pillow. It was extremely annoying. Management may want to consider improving the sound blocking windows and sound insulation on the side toward Sybergs. If you stay here, ask for a room in the parking lot side of the building if you want to sleep before 1am. You'll thank me! Due to the disruptive neighboring business I was unable to give a 5 star review. This was a difficult decision, but the neighboring business had a major impact on the overall quality of our stay.

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