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Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Princeton, WV
3.9/5100 Reviews
The hotel pool and lobby were clean and very enjoyable, as well as the breakfast area. The downside was that our room had a wad of linens from a previous visitor chucked into the master bedroom closet. The sofabed that we used for our kids had three broken springs and sagged; it also still had the mattress cover on it when we pulled it out apparently not washed and left there from a previous tenant. Despite these glaring housekeeping deficiencies we were not offered any recompense save only to get a full refund and try to find somewhere else. That was not possible at 11pm when everyone else is booked when we discovered the state of our room, so we just had to take it on the chin.
Sleep Inn & Suites Princeton I-77
3.9/599 Reviews
My husband and I stayed at the Sleep Inn on Sept. 18, 2021. I gave this hotel a 3 star for the fact the hotel was easy to find off I-77, it was clean and the staff member, Devon, at the desk when we checked in was very friendly. We stayed at the very end of the hallway which was very quiet. The first room we were given had a broken toilet, which happens, not a big deal because we were quickly assigned the room right next to it. The room was smaller than most Choice Hotels we have stayed in and for one night it was not an issue. But, what was very, very disappointing, was the practically non-existent breakfast. You see this spacious breakfast room online with everything you think your getting. Unfortunately, the only thing for breakfast was a breakfast sandwich you had to pick up at the front desk to warm in the microwave, either egg & cheese on a muffin, biscuit, wrap or sausage pizza, only ONE per person!. The coffee was available from we could see was strong, regular, decaf. The regular was empty, so we both had decaf. They did have tea and some other drinks. Banana muffins, only flavor, Rice Crispies only, no other choices I could see. No fruit, no yoghurt, no bacon, no other eggs. We walked into the breakfast room at 8:30 am, usually the busiest time, there was only one other couple there besides us. Once we saw the choices, we could understand why. We had the egg & cheese muffin and decaf coffee, and left hungry (if you like banana muffins you could fill up on those). We stopped a few miles out of town for a full breakfast. Had we thought of it, we would have gone to the Cracker Barrel across the street from the hotel. Sorry to say, had the breakfast been as substantial as the buffet breakfast we enjoyed at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Hillsville, Va the first night, I would have given this hotel a higher rating. The irony is we paid a little more for this room that the Comfort Inn in Hillsville.
Quality Inn Princeton
3.2/571 Reviews
On my way back from the Great Smoky Mountains, I planned to rush back to Cincinnati at night, but because of heavy snow, I stayed in Princeton for fear of insecurity. As a result, my unexpected trip became an unforgettable memory. I compared Booking.com and Ctrip when booking. Ctrip's price is much lower, and breakfast is included, so I choose Ctrip decisively. The town is next to the highway, but it's quiet, and it feels great. The hotel is easy to find. The building is very new. The bearded guy at the front desk is very efficient. He went in the middle of the night and gave him hot water. This is simply a snowy night in the United States. . . . The room is new and clean, the bed is very comfortable, there is a microwave, the bathroom is clean, the towels are new, I slept well all night, when I woke up in the morning, the town was quiet, with the snow scene last night, it felt too It’s hard to describe. Breakfast is a typical American style. You can eat enough. After breakfast, I reluctantly left the town. I don’t know when I have a chance to come to the town again next time.
Days Inn by Wyndham Princeton
3/599 Reviews
The staff at the desk were lovely, efficient and helpful, the hotel is an “old hen”. The beds are soft, the sheets are I’ll fitting, the carpets are dirty and the air/heating unit was so loud we couldn’t run it. We were freezing overnight as there were no sufficient blankets. The breakfast was so-so. Again not their fault, staff was lovely but they could only put out what they had, no fresh fruit or yougurt , sugary cereals, a too thick batter for the waffles, she had to water it down in the end. The bread for toast was so old it was stiff, gave that a pass also. Overall, do yourself a favour and book somewhere else, it has to be better without trying very hard,

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