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Nagoya is home to many famous attractions that are worth visiting such as the Nagoya Castle, Ōsu Kannon, and Atsuta Shrine. The central area of Nagoya is known for its excellent urban planning, even within Japan. The streets of the city are wide, and it’s convenient to drive or take public transportation. The high-rise buildings stand upright, nestled among trees and grass. The clean downtown area and vibrant local people create an atmosphere that is unique to Nagoya.

The downtown area is divided into wards such as Naka-ku, Higashi-ku, Nakamura-ku, Atsuta-ku, Shōwa-ku, and Mizuho-ku. The Nagoya City Hall and Aichi Prefectural Office are located in Naka-ku. The downtown area is a commercial district, and the old city is where the administrative agencies are located. Higher education institutions such as Nagoya University and other cultural and educational facilities are concentrated in the eastern part of the city. There are many trunk railway and highways in the city, and the tourism industry is quite developed. In addition, the Sakae area, Ōsu, Kanayama, Higashi-Sakura of Higashi-ku, are great locations for business, travel, and entertainment.

The best seasons to visit spring and autumn, from April to June and from October to November. Because it is a city with four distinct seasons and a pleasant climate, it is hot in the summer and cold and windy in the winter. In the rainy season and during autumn, typhoons hit Nagoya for multiple times. It does not usually snow in the winter, but there are still a few times when traffic becomes congested due to the weather each year. Sometimes when snow on the highway is not cleared completely, the road will be shut down. So, if you want to visit Nagoya's attractions, select the appropriate season to visit. It's worthwhile to find a hotel in Nagoya to appreciate this great city.

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