Hotels in Naha Reviews

4.8/5Outstanding1597 Reviews
My family enjoyed in this short trip to Okinawa. Hotel was amazing and service is top end.
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4.5/5Excellent238 Reviews
2nd time stayed in this hotel.good location, very close to Monorail station. Interior of the hotel room, very thing is clear and have enough spaces to open 2 luggage bags.
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4.6/5Outstanding559 Reviews
It was very bad room arrangement this time, hotel charge was high than before(I stayed few time) but this time no bf and no city view as back yard side.
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4.8/5Outstanding56 Reviews
Conveniently located in the center of Naha. Convenient for access to public transport. The rooms have all the possible amenities required for a comfortable stay. Staff is very helpful and gave us some useful \"\"local tips\"\" for dinner. Most of all the price was great. Good advice was provided on trips/transport.
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4.6/5Outstanding134 Reviews
The hotel is nice. The general manager of the hotel is very friendly. Hotel is just next to train station. The breakfast area was really nice. The shower head had great pressure. The hotel has a cafe which all customers can use for free. The facilities in the hotel are in excellent condition.
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4.7/5Outstanding125 Reviews
Such a great hotel. I loved the design of the room and the location. Very clean and the staff were very helpful.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Naha Hotel Guide

Naha is located on the west coast of southern Okinawa, near Naha Bay on the East Sea. It is the capital of Okinawa Prefecture and the site of the Shuri Castle, the capital of the ancient Ryukyu Kingdom. It is now the largest political, economic and cultural center in the Ryukyu Islands. About one-third of Okinawa Prefecture’s industry are concentrated here, mainly including small and medium-sized industries such as food processing, and the sale of products such as fabric, coral, leather products, lacquerware, and ceramics. Naha has many palm and betel nut trees. It is a subtropical tourist area unlike any other in Japan and has famous attractions such as Gyokusendo Cave and Fukushuen, which is adorned with blue sea and white clouds.

The area outside the urban area of Naha is also worth visiting. One of the most famous attractions there is the Gyokusendo Cave, which is 5 kilometers long and is the largest cave in the East. Hanging from the top of the cave are thousands of stalactites which were formed by coral about three million years ago. There is also the Ryukyu Culture Theme Park in the Gyokusendo Cave Kingdom Village area where many local crafts are displayed, such as blown glass, pottery, and an alcoholic beverage called awamori. There are also local dance performances.

The average temperature is about 23°C and the annual rainfall is over 2000 mm. Naha has high temperatures and a rainy subtropical climate. Because of the oceanic climate, winter temperatures rarely fall below 10°C. In summer, although there are many days where the temperature is over 30°C, however, it hardly ever surpasses 35 °C.

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