Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the most popular 4 star hotel in Nantou?

    Xitou Forest Recreational Area is the most popular 4 star hotel in Nantou. A lot of visitors to Nantou is making a reservation for Xitou Forest Recreational Area hotel everyday.

  • How much is the average price of Nantou 4 star hotel tonight?

    Based on data, an average price of 4 star hotels in Nantou for tonight is 85 USD. Please use this price as a reference only as this price can be changed every minutes.

  • How much is the average price of Nantou 4 star hotels this weekend?

    Based on data, an average price of Nantou 4 star hotels in this weekend is 116 USD. Please check out our hotel promotion to reserve the hotels cheaper!

Nantou 4-Star Hotel Guide

Located in the geographical center of Taiwan Province, Nantou is the only county that does not border the ocean. Because of the good preservation, visitors often find that Nantou still maintains its traditional customs and habits, forming a unique cultural landscape. In Nantou, the scenery has been well protected and the air and water are of the highest quality, making it a great place to catch one’s breath and relax.

Nantou is known as the Switzerland in Taiwan by many people because 80% of it is made up of mountainous regions. Nantou is located in the central part of Taiwan. Nantou has always had a close connection with nature, and visitors may discover that most of the historical relics and natural resources in the county are associated with mountains and forests. The geographical center of Taiwan, as well as the highest mountain, Yushan Mountain, and the source of the longest river, the Zhuoshui River, are located in this county. Sun Moon Lake, a famous tourist attraction, is also located here.

Nantou County is the only county in Taiwan that does not border the ocean. The county’s fertile land and good climatic conditions also allow for the growing of many agricultural products such as wild vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, Gaoshan fish, tea and seasonal fruits which are not only the important economic crops in Nantou, but also the best ingredients in local the cuisine. The local cuisine can be tasted in the county’s thirteen villages and townships. The local cuisine of Nantou County has evolved and developed over a long period of time. It also has been diversified to include ingredients from different townships, such as bamboo shoots and tea from Lugu Township, bamboo shoots from Zhushan Township, indigenous cuisine from Ren’ai Township, Meican banquets from Xinyi Township, and the local cuisine in Puli Township, and more. Take a trip and stay at one of the hotels in Nantou, in addition to feeling the natural and cultural scenery of the thirteen townships and tasting the local cuisine.

It is suitable to travel to Nantou County for tourism throughout the year, though the period from December to April is the best. The annual average temperature of Nantou County is 19.2°C, and the average annual maximum temperature is 22.9°C in July. It is worth mentioning that throughout the year, tourists continually visit Sun Moon Lake, the scenery of which varies from season to season.

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