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The city of Nara is the capital of Nara Prefecture in Japan’s Kansai region. Located in close proximity to both Kyoto and Osaka, Nara is an ideal place to spend a weekend or even a few days. The city is accessible by railway, and stops within the city can be found on the Kansai Main Line and Sakurai Line of the West Japan Railway Company, as well as lines such as the Kyoto Line and Nara Line on the Kintetsu Railway. Nara is also in close proximity to both of the airports in Osaka.

Nara has a long history and is an ancient capital of Japan. For this reason, it has tons of historical sites and a lot to offer tourists who are visiting the area. The city has multiple Buddhist temples, including Todaiji, Saidaiji, and Yakushiji. There are also Shinto shrines, such as the Himuro Shrine and Kasuga Shrine. Many of the shrines and temples are surrounded by park areas, allowing visitors to take a step closer to nature while also learning about local religions and culture.

The Heijo Palace is also located in the city and was the imperial administrative area during the Nara period. The structures of the palace were built hundreds of years ago and fell to wayside when the capital was moved. Today, the remains of the palace make up a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Additionally, lovers of culture and art can head to the Nara National Museum, which among other things, has a Buddhist Art Gallery and Japanese tea ceremony house, which work to preserve art forms from centuries ago.

Nara’s most famous attraction is perhaps Nara Park, which is home to many deer. The deer in the park were once considered to be sacred based on local legends. Today, however, the deer are popular with tourists who often like to snap pictures with and feed them. The park also houses a Japanese teahouse which always proves to be a hit as well.

Walking streets in the city, such as Sanjo-doori Avenue and Higashimuki are popular with tourists and filled with souvenirs. Many hotels in Nara are located near these popular streets. Nara has hotels suitable for all types of tourists, so you're sure to find one that suits your trip regardless of your budget size.

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