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Narita is a historic city in Chiba Prefecture where Japanese people have lived since the Paleolithic Age. Stone artifacts that have been unearthed here date back about 30,000 years. Archaeologists have also discovered many ancient tombs in the area. Narita is very close to Tokyo and is also an important political and commercial center. The Chiba Prefectural Boso Fudoki-no-oka Museum has a large number of artifacts and is an ideal place to learn about the history and culture of Narita.

Narita Airport is an important international airport in Japan with famous duty-free shops. The Shiroi Koibito (white lover) cookies sold here are famous and always in short supply. For this reason, they’re a popular souvenir among travelers who may be surprised to find that they are sometimes sold out soon after making their way to the shelves.

Narita Airport was rebuilt in 1999. The central building has a full range of shops and restaurants, which can be used for relaxing prior to and after checking in. After the construction of this modern international airport in 1966, the service and commerce industries developed rapidly. From the airport, there are are highways and electrified railways directly running toward the capital of the country, Tokyo.

Shinshō-ji Temple in the city center is a famous temple in Japan that welcomes more than 7 million visitors each year. The Narita-san Shinshō-ji Temple which welcomes 13 million visitors each year was built in 940 AD. Shinshō -ji Temple has many believers, and there are many Buddhist statues in the towers with features of the mid-Edo period in the 18th century. When the crowded Narita Festival is held in the early summer each year. At the festival, visitors can admire shrines that can be carried on one’s shoulders, known in Japanese as “kago,” elaborate floats, and a variety of food and beverage stalls.

In addition, in the historic site park where the ancient burial mounds are stored, skeleton models of the Naomis and the Naman unearthed in the prefecture can be seen on display. Additionally, each spring, the biggest Narita Drum Festival in the Kanto region is held with over 200 drummers. When visiting the area, there are many Narita hotels to choose from.

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