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Orlando is a small town in central Florida with an urban population of 180,000. Although it may not have a large population, the city receives more than 25 million tourists each year. The large amount of tourists to the area has a lot to do with its tourist attractions. For one, the world's largest Disney theme park, Walt Disney World, is located here. In addition, visitors can find the US Space Science Center that launches spacecraft, the largest Sea World in the United States, Future World with lots of hi-tech amusement facilities, as well as the Window of The World, which displays the architecture and social culture of countries like the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Norway, Canada, China, Mexico, Morocco, and the United States.

Orlando’s Walt Disney World is a large-scale amusement park with the latest rides that welcomes a total of 13.5 million visitors throughout the year. Within the park, tourists take a luxury tour train, pass through the pristine west wasteland, rush through mysterious caves, go through a gold mining town from 1849, and enter a gold mine tunnel. After experiencing lifelike earthquakes and landslides, the tourists are still shocked when a geyser suddenly erupts into the air. There’s so much to do! The amusement park also has classic trains and carriages, the Swiss Family Treehouse, Haunted Houses, the Hall of Presidents, Mickey Mouse World, Snow White, submarine wonders, 360-degree stereoscopic movies, space capsule moon landing, a General Electric appliances exhibition hall, and so on.

Future World, a science and fantasy-themed amusement center covering 105 hectares can be found within the park. It is divided into future world and the world showcase at Epcot. In the future world, there are six buildings and eight galleries, including Planet Express, Energy Pavilion, Land Pavilion, Power World, Fantasy World, Undersea Tour, Computer Wonders, and Future World. Tourists take a sightseeing train to enter the 21st century from prehistoric times and fly through tunnels of time to enter outer space as if they have become electron beams. Visitors can also take the stage train to reach the prehistoric world and see how fossil fuels form. They can also listen to the rumbling of volcanic eruptions and find out what magma smells like, in addition to seeing what dinosaurs were like with lifelike sounds. Fantasy World uses technology to display a world of infinite light and show different kinds of optical presentations.

When in Orlando, don't forget to visit the famous Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. Whether a spacecraft is about to be launched or not, there are usually hundreds of thousands of tourists entering the area and camping out near the launch base waiting for launch time. NASA has opened a visitor center here, as well as the Air Force Space Museum that displays many historical data on space flights. During the tour, visitors can see landed moon carriages, spacecraft and rocket exhibition sites, rocket assembly plants, rocket launchers, shuttle launch platforms, and rocket lift simulation rooms. When met with these miraculous inventions, there’s a lot to get excited about.

The scenery in Orlando is quite interesting. While walking on the city streets, you can see the enormous light box signs in the shapes of Uncle Sam, as well as mermaids and cellos. Luxurious tourist hotels can be found all throughout Orlando. Orlando is beautiful and colorful in its beauty, novelty, movement and also its pleasant warmth. Although Orlando is small, there is a big world in this small town.

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